3/4 Done but Who's Counting?

Blog 3/12/17

Hey yall! So I don’t know if any of you noticed but last week there was no blog post haha I don’t know what happened but I was just not feeling it.  But I’ll summarize a little of what happened the previous 2 weeks for the handful of you that still read this thing.  This one may be a little longer so if you skip it I won’t be hurt lol. 

So, by date, we taught the Archers on 2/27 which was really awesome.  We got there and they were talking about the story of Joseph Smith and the First Vision which was great.  We caught on and were prompted to read the first part of the Joseph Smith History about the First Vision.  We were able to really get deep and describe it to Aiden who is the 10 year old and it was cool to talk with Kody (16) about it and he really got into it.  Every time I hear about the First Vision and read the Book of Mormon I know it’s more and more true. 

Besides that for the previous week we had MLC and talked about a lot of things for the mission then took that to zone meeting.  I trained on the mission culture which is Obedience, Diligence, Consecration, and Charity. 

One cool experience we had towards the end of the week was while tracting which was funny.  I’ve been kinda anti-tracting lately and try to avoid it and work more with the ward but we still do some of it every day as the spirit directs and contact people as we walk around.  One guy who we knocked on was named Abraham and he’s a youth pastor at a church.  He was actually really close on some things that he was saying and it was fun to talk to him for a minute even though he didn’t want to have a lesson or anything.  He was also really concerned for Elder Knight and wondering if he was saved.  Well we went away down the street but had to walk past his place to get back to the car.  The great part was when he ran out of his house in his PJ's and grabbed our hands and said a prayer for us.  It was really spiritual and he had a sincere heart for us to come closer to Christ and to be safe and well on our way.  I’m sure that if he ever does listen to missionaries he will come a long way.  Maybe one of those moments that you had to be there for... 

Over all, the week we had a couple weeks ago was good, there were 3 people at church and we set up a lot of lessons for the next week. 

The next week(this last week) was also really good.  We started out on p-day going to City Point with the Meadowbrook and Belmont elders because they hadn't been there and were interested in the historical sites.  That was a lot of fun and we ended up skipping rocks on the Appomattox river for like 45 minutes.  The rest of the day we played sports. 

 Reinactment of Some Picture We Saw

Reinactment of Some Picture We Saw

We had a really good lesson with the Archers Tuesday night and we were also on exchanges with the Appomattox A elders Tuesday and Wednesday.  I got to be with Elder Nichols.  We talked to Aiden and the Archers about the gospel of Jesus Christ but mainly focused on baptism which we are trying to prepare him for.  It was really a good lesson and we did a little "science experiment" that showed how the Atonement and baptism work with pepper and soap in a bowl.  He really loved it and the spirit was there really strong.  It was also really cool because we are also helping to prepare his older brother for becoming a priest so that possibly Aiden can be baptized by his older brother. 

We had district meeting Wednesday which was really good then that night had another really good lesson with a part member family the Shaws.  They are mostly active and have a couple members of the family that are living with them that haven’t been baptized.  We had a really good introduction lesson and got to know each of them a little bit, then we talked about the prophets and scriptures and where they came from.  It’s always fun teaching someone for the first time and one of the girls we are teaching has some special needs which reminds me a lot of my little sister. 

Thursday we went out with one of our priests, Parker, and saw a referral that we had received from mormon.org.  His name is Randy and he met missionaries recently at his dad’s house and was interested.  We had a really good lesson with him about the Restoration.  He really was interested and had seen all the apostasy that happened and really understood why we believe the things we do.  He said he would read the Book of Mormon and you could tell he was really excited about it and I am sure that he will read and eventually find his answer. 

Friday was kinda slow during the day, at least for me.  We left about 10 and drove to Richmond with Brother Hopkins because Elder Knight had to take a test for a school he is applying to and needed a proctor.  Well we got to the proctor center and they weren't ready and didn’t know how to deliver the test so it took about 40 minutes for the guy to start it, then 2.5 hours to finish so I was stuck there and had a really good amount of study time haha.  I did get to talk to one lady while I was waiting who's a Christian physical fitness instructor which was kinda interesting.  I didn’t have anything to give her though so hopefully she goes online. 

Friday we went out with Elder and Sister Baer and had a really good lesson with Sister Bajana.  It was really just another introduction lesson and we wereable to find out her desires and what she already knows.  I think she really had a pure heart and wants to come back to church. 

Saturday was fun for me because we got to actually go do service for one of our investigators, Shawn, who Elder Knight found.  He and his wife are probably in their 20s and are super cool and have a lot of great questions.  We helped him to build a little walk way up to his house and level the dirt out a little bit and then raked some leaves for him then after we sat down and talked about the gospel and some of the things that they were wondering about, which ended up being a lot about the Plan of Salvation. 

After service we had another really good lesson with the Archers and talked about the plan of salvation with them as well.  We had some cut outs that we used and got them involved and you could tell that it was really interesting for her husband who is also not a member yet.  I really think they have a lot of potential.   

Overall these last 2 weeks were pretty good and we have been involving the ward a lot more in the missionary work.  They have been giving us referrals and helping us to be introduced to people who can be taught.  There are always the days where nothing goes right or like Sunday night where we met 3 people who said they aren't a part of the church anymore and want their records removed, but I think the blessings outweigh the trials.  This transfer is flying by and it seems like it will be over in no time.  Oh yeah and I guess I hit my 18 month mark this week, crazy that I only have 6 months left.  Anyways talk to you next week! Love yall!