Cutting Down the Tree, Building Up the Foundation

Blog 5/23


Tonight we had a couple lessons.  First we went and saw the Gerbers.  They were just outside in their yard and so we pulled over and stopped to talk with them.  It was fun and we were going to go cut down a tree for them on Wednesday so we were working that all out.  After that we had a lesson with sister Hodgson, she's really neat and is from Nicaragua originally, we had a good lesson and talked about charity and love and how that helps build our testimonies.

Lastly, tonight we were supposed to meet with Eric and Jill.  They were 2 of our progressing investigators, but they ended up dropping us, which was kinda out of the blue.  We got a call from Eric that said he wasn't sure if he wanted us to come over and that if we didn't get his message that he would just tell us when we got there.  Well we got there and he was just chilling outside waiting for us and told us some of his concerns, he prayed with us but isn't interested anymore so hopefully they can find the gospel again someday.


Today was great because we got to go on exchanges, I stayed in Hartwood and had Elder Sundh (silent H) come with me.  He has been out like 18 months, is from Bountiful, UT, and we got along really well.  It was just a lot of fun.  Today was also pouring rain so that was awesome... (editors note: To date they have received 6.64" of rain in the first 23 days of May, one of the wettest on record.  To put that in perspective, Utah gets an average of 12 inches a YEAR)

We started off and went tracting in the rain for like 2 hours haha it really was kinda fun and we just talked and walked around and yeah.  We met a couple of people but nobody that was like really great.  After that we went and tried to see a couple of potentials and investigators that lived around there and found two 15 year old kids, Avery and Xavier.  Elder Edwards and I had taught their mom a while back, but not them and so they were actually really open to meeting with us.  We taught them the Restoration and they wanted to be baptized and were pretty interested, we set them on date so we will see how it goes.

Tonight after dinner we went out in the country and tried to see some less actives and knocked on a door and this Hispanic lady answered the door and explained she didn't have time because her son was studying for a test for Catholic school.  Well the test was on the New Testament so we told her we were like experts in religion and wanted to help her son, so she let us in.  This kid knew like tons of stuff about the New Testament, but the one thing he was struggling on was the parables, specifically the Prodigal Son.  Well we thought about this video "The Other Prodigal Son" by Elder Holland, so we wanted to show it to them to try and explain it....  Well turns out the video has nothing to do with the actual parable hahaha but it was a good lesson and I think we're going to send the Spanish missionaries over later.


This morning we switched back companions at like 9:30 and then we went to district meeting.  It was a good meeting and afterward we went to lunch with the Elders which was great.

After that we went and talked to Norma, she was meeting with the missionaries before us but wasn't able to talk with us cause she got sick.  It was a good lesson and she asked a lot of good questions.  We talked about the Plan of Salvation and she liked it, she just had to look up everything we told her in the bible which was fine, she just needs to have faith also.  After that we went and had a really quick lesson with the Leonards.  They're doing great and we talked about gratitude.

We helped cut a tree down for Sister Gerber tonight which was pretty fun, it was interesting because it was kinda close to the house but we ended up not hurting anyone or anything so I'd call it a success.  It looks way better now and she was really happy we could help.  After that we rushed to the Weed’s and had a lesson with them.  Connor is preparing to serve a mission in like a year so it was good to go talk to him.  Really busy day and it was great.


Today is gonna be short cause nothing really happened, we didn't really teach in morning and then we had weekly planning.  This evening though we had 2 lessons, one was with Kim, she's one of our newer investigators and it was great.  We taught her the gospel of Jesus Christ and she really felt the spirit.  She is still working towards finding her answer for baptism, but I think she will get it soon enough.

Tonight we had a lesson with Angie and Crystal and we took the Altorfers with us because they live in the same neighborhood.  It was a really good lesson and they got along really well.  It was sad though because at the end they told us they were just having us over for knowledge to learn and weren't actually interested in having us come back again.  Crystal, the daughter, seemed more interested than her mom though and I think she will find the gospel one day.


So we found this girl named Katie, she's like our age and is in college but still living at home.  The missionaries taught her a while ago before she was 18 and her dad wouldn't let her get baptized so she had to wait till she was old enough.  Well now she's old enough and we caught up with her again and she is sooo ready to do it.  She's still been reading her Book of Mormon and still has the desire.  So we had a lesson with her just sitting out on her porch and went over pretty much everything.  We started with the Restoration and reintroduced the Book of Mormon to her, then talked about baptism and she was pumped.  Then I was like, ok let's just go over the things you need to do before you can be baptized, so we did that and went over all the baptism interview questions and everything and SET HER ON DATE!  So the only bummer is that she's college age, so she will be going to the YSA ward and the Elders there will be teaching and baptizing her.  It's really not a big deal but she is so ready for baptism it's amazing.

After that we did a bunch of service.  We went to the Gessels and helped them dig some more dirt.  It was pretty warm and we almost got it all done so that was a good time.  Then we went to the Leonard's and helped them move some things to their attic and then shared a lesson with them, they're so great and it was nice to talk to them.  This evening we weren't able to talk to anyone again, but that's how it goes, just put your shoulder to the wheel.


So this morning was alright, we went and saw Cecilia who is a recent convert In our ward.  She has a son who's 13 and we also took Josh with us, who gets his call soon.  After we saw them we took Josh and tried seeing a couple other people but had no luck so we went and got Chipotle for lunch haha.

This afternoon that we went and talked with Richard, he's great and very sincere, but he’s trying to build his testimony backwards.  He's really interested in the things that don't make sense and things that we can't answer and the deep things, but he needs to build his foundation first then grow from there.  (Example he asked us what happened to the 3 Nephites after they were translated?) so we had a long talk with him and I kinda told him, we needa build your foundation first, so I asked him the baptismal interview questions.  1 Do you believe God is our eternal father and loves us? 2 Do you believe Jesus Christ is the Savior and Redeemer and performed the atonement for us 3 Do you believe in prophets in the scriptures and Joseph Smith, and Thomas Monson is the prophet today? 4 Do you believe the Bible to be the word of God, and the Book of Mormon too?  And it helped a lot because then we can work from there.

Sunday was good and it kinda was a blur so there's not a ton to talk about.  We had a lesson with Kim again and started to introduce the Plan of Salvation to her, she didn't have a lot of time so we were quick but hopefully we can get with her this week and finish it.  She really likes what we teach her and how it's the things she knows but explained in a better way.

This week was good and I can't believe the transfer is almost over, it's flying by.


Elder Larson