Training Again

Blog 6/26

Wow this week was awesome!  To start off I’m back in Chesterfield zone in the Petersburg Ward.  I love it here, the members are great and will give you the shirt off their back.  Reminds me a lot of Hopewell.  Have a good portion of the hood mixed with the country, it’s the best.  I’m training a missionary named Elder Jaren Brown.  He’s a Montana native but nothing like you would expect haha  He likes the outdoors but his real passions lie elsewhere.  He is so smart just like Elder Maedgen was which is great because now all we have to do is help him learn the missionary work part.  It’s going to be a great 6-12 weeks with him.  Last amazing thing is we are going to be working with the Baers again!  They have been reassigned from Hopewell to Petersburg which made me super happy.  We are already working hard and getting the ward involved and I see things really picking up as we go along.  

So a short update on the week.  Man it’s getting harder writing these.  Well Monday and Tuesday were spent packing and stuff.  Tuesday was a super busy last day with Elder Pennington who is actually now called as an Assistant.  (Couldn't tell you last week sorry)  We taught Nita and talked about what goals she has to reach for her baptism.  It was an amazing lesson and as we went over the baptismal interview questions with her you could really feel the level of gravity she felt as she felt the spirit testify to her of the truth.  She is going to be baptized someday I know it.  Elder Knight is actually now in Fredericksburg so she’s in good hands.  

 Elder Pennington, Nita and Elder Larson

Elder Pennington, Nita and Elder Larson

Tuesday we also said goodbye to the Jett's and then went and taught Monica and Dominic, the family Elder Jensen and I found.  They were unreal.  Dominic read the introduction and they were both really feeling the spirt so strong.  They are going through a lot of personal trials and we were able to testify about how Christ can help us through those and the Book of Mormon will help us to know more about him.  They're awesome.  After that we helped a family in the ward move, it was hot and humid and sweaty but still great.  Then still had to finish packing that night.  Haha yep I procrastinated a bit.  

Wednesday was transfer meeting and I picked up Elder Brown.  We had a coordination meeting with our ward mission leader who is a great guy and has a lot of ambitions for the ward.  Really the whole ward is great.  But Thursday and Friday we spent a lot of time packing up our house to move apartments.  We live with the Swift Creek Elders now(we used to live in a house).  The new place we live is a little smaller but still nice and fits us all perfectly.  

Sunday for church President and Sister Smith actually came and spoke at our sacrament meeting and it was awesome.  All the members here love the Smiths and you could feel the spirit of missionary work there.  We also did a little 3rd house demonstration like we did in Hopewell a while back.  

A couple lesson highlights from this week were also on Sunday.  We first taught Sister Mountford who has been coming to church for a couple months now with Brother Davis.  She is sooooo ready and wants to be baptized and we basically talked about the Restoration and what it means to her.  She is a smart lady and I know she is on the path.  We also saw Devonte who is a stoner kid but really wants to know God and change his life.  It’s amazing how many people we meet that just want to change and he really feels the need to follow God.  He is 25 and it’s really cool teaching him the gospel and why faith in God and Christ is important and how it will help him overcome his trials.  

Overall I love this ward so far and I love training, it should be an awesome transfer and I’m really looking forward to the next few weeks.  

I’d love to hear from yall!  

Also apologies for lack of pictures.  Wasn't on the forefront of my thoughts this week.  

Love ya!  

Elder Tys Larson