Tornados, bunny catching and a lot of teaching

Weekly 2/29/16 

Editor's note: a special adventure video from Tyson at the bottom of this email


Today was a good p-day.  We just hung around our little town of Blackstone most of the day. 

Tonight we were in Blackstone and we're looking for a street to tract, because we had a lesson cancel on us, when we saw this house that looked really good to knock on.  So we go and knock on it and a younger guy answered the door and got really happy and let us in, he said if we were about Jesus he would love to hear what we have to say!  So we taught Bryant and his wife Shakara and their 3 little kids about the Restoration and it was so great, they're an awesome family.   


Today we went on exchanges with the zone leaders and I went to Clover Hill which is in Midlothian with Elder Clarkson.  He’s on his last transfer and we had a lot of fun. 

For most of the afternoon we were out trying to find old investigators and track other people down.  It was cool to be back in the city like my old area and knock on doors back to back to back.  But we met some cool people and had some good lessons.  One of them was Jeremy.  He's a teenager that they're teaching who is just trying to figure it all out.  He is really searching for what's right and we had a really good lesson with him.   He has a powerful spirit.   

Another lady we taught was Gloria who is a less active member.  We talked about being ready for anything and always being worthy of God’s blessings.  Her grandson is wanting to get baptized and is almost ready to do it.   They’re a really cool family.   

We ended the night at a FHE(family home evening) with a recent convert family in their ward and we actually ended up sharing the First Presidency message that I had been using all month.  It's a really good message for anyone with struggles in their life...  AKA: all of us.   


This morning Brother Thompson and Elder Leavitt came and picked me up and we switched companions back, then Brother Thompson took us to lunch and took us home.  We had a pretty good day today too.   


Today we were walking around and taught Melvin.  He was just walking down the street and we just asked if we could share a message with him and he said sure.  So we said a prayer on the street right there and talked with him for a little bit.  Those are my favorite lessons sometimes because of the quick strong spirit that we get from teaching simply.  We've been teaching a lot on the sidewalk or doorstep lately and it's super cool.  We also taught William like that.  He was just outside cleaning up and he had talked to missionaries before and we stopped and talked to him and he was super nice.  Tonight we had talked to Tommy and Crystal.  They've been talking to the "Jesus boys" for about 3 years and know the missionaries pretty well.  We talked about the Plan of Salvation and what exactly it is.  We showed them a video off of which has probably the greatest little videos ever.  They teach whole missionary lessons in like 60 seconds which are super cool, so check them out and spread them on your social media or whatever you kids do these days.  


Adding this little bit at the last minute ‘cause I left it out: I think it was it all blends together.  But we had a pretty good storm today too and there was a ton of rain and wind and a couple tornados in the surrounding counties so that was fun.  We're all safe and sound here but there was some damage in one area that got hit pretty good.  We're not in Utah anymore Toto...   (editor's note: Tyson was under tornado watches all day and received about 3" of rain in 6 hours.  1 tornado touched down in Appomattox about 50 miles west of Tyson and another in Wakely (killing 4 people), about 50 miles east of him.  It was a nail biter watching from Utah!)


We had district meeting in Farmville again this morning, then did our weekly planning after that.  On our way home from Burkeville we contacted some referrals that we had received from and they turned out to be really interested.  We gave them a Bible and a Book of Mormon and they said they would love to have us over again for a lesson! 

That night we had a lesson with Bryant and Shakara.  We were supposed to sit down but they only had a couple minutes so we just read a little out of the Book of Mormon then helped them bring in their groceries.  They're way cool.   


So today we had like 4 or 5 lessons planned between 12 and 2 and all of them ended up canceling on us or being a no-show.  That was kind of a bummer but the rest of the day was kind of fun.  For the rest of the day we went to McKenney which is the farthest east of our area and a little south of where we live.  It's a tiny little place and we tracted pretty much the whole "city" area in a couple of hours.  It was fun to be down there and walk some new streets.  There were lots of houses that didn't answer or looked empty but there was one lady that was really grateful and excited that we had stopped.  We told her about the Restoration and gave her a Book of Mormon and she looked at it like it was gold.  It was super cool and she said she would read it all so hopefully we get to go back and check on her.  The rest of our time there we contacted a couple referrals that were in that area, then we went back home around dinner time.   

Tonight we met Tyrone.  He's probably in his 30s and has had a couple experiences that have brought him closer to God.  He has talked to the missionaries here and there for the last couple years and loves talking to us.  We met him on the street outside his house and shared Jacob 2:8 with him.   


This morning we went out with our ward mission leader Brother Edgell for a couple of hours and saw some people.  One of the guys we talked to was Mr. Hodges.  He was a potential and we decided to go see him out of the blue.  His family has been going through some trials and we shared the First Presidency message with him because of their recent turbulence.  He is a way cool guy though that loves having us over.  He loves everything to do with families.   

The rest of the afternoon we tried contacting a bunch of people but everyone was gone or didn't want to talk but that's how it goes some days.   

But at like 8:45 the last house we tried was David who is a guy we met a while ago that loves talking and is actually a minister.  We talked to him for a good 30 minutes and read the scripture Mosiah 2:21-22 and talked about the be-attitudes in Matthew 5.  He knows so much and it was so cool to talk to him and just see what he knows and testify to him of what we know.   


Today was great, church was really good and especially sacrament meeting.  Our branch has such a special spirit and the speakers are so good.  The topic today was becoming fully converted.   

Right after we got home from church we had a lesson with Britteny who is a girl I had a prompting to knock on her apartment on like Thursday night.  So we knocked and she was super nice so we set up an appointment for today.  Well we taught her the Restoration and it went pretty well.  Then at the end we were talking about the Book of Mormon and I asked her if she could ask God one question what would it be.  She said how can she make her life better and so she flipped open to a random BoM page and verse and read Alma 40:22 which says "Yea, this bringeth about the restoration of those things of which has been spoken by the mouths of the prophets" which was exactly what we had just taught her and she thought it was kind of crazy.  So we have a lesson with her again next week.   

Then we had a lesson later that afternoon with Doc.  Doc is way cool and I think I talked about him before but we met him a while ago and he said we could stop by.  We already had one lesson with him that went well and so did this one.  We taught him about the Plan of Salvation, but it was a little tricky because he started off with the question that he had heard that we believe that we can all become Gods.  So we kind of had to teach the Plan of Salvation backwards but it all worked out.  He is super nice and has a lot of really cool antiques and things that I love.   

This week has been really great, we taught a ton and have got to meet a lot of really cool people.  I love Burkeville and I love being a missionary.  Hope it's going good back home, love you all, until next week.   

Elder Larson

Here's a little video that Tyson sent us at the end of the day today.  Just something to remind you that he still has his fun: