Weekly Update 11/16/2015


Today we decided to do a little tracting and potential investigator work.  We went to this apartment complex around our place that had some people to go visit.  It was kind of crazy haha.  One of the doors we knocked on the lady that opened her door was from Bosnia, and only spoke Bosnian.  So what do missionaries that are hungry to teach do? We pulled out our iPad and used Google translate to talk to her!  We had a 5 or 10 minute discussion.  She watched Because of Him, a short video the Church put out last Christmas time and talked to her about eternal families.  It was so wild to be talking to this lady about the gospel through broken language and our iPads and still feel the spirit.

Next thing around that complex that happened:  We were about to bike out to go to another lesson we had scheduled and we met Abigail.  She was waiting for a school bus to drop someone off and we asked if we could share our message with her.  She said "sure let’s hear it" which kind of caught us off guard haha nobody ever says that to us!  So we shared the restoration with her in about 7 minutes and she really liked it.  We got a return appointment with her and it was awesome to find her and teach her and it was just a miracle. 

After Abigail we had to rush over to teach Latashia.  We had a great lesson and read some chapters out of 2 Nephi.  She is growing and learning so well and she is so pumped to go do baptisms in the temple.  Man I wish I could take a day and go to the temple. 

 Washington DC Temple

Washington DC Temple



Today we had interviews with President Wilson.  He is awesome and I loved talking to him for a few minutes.  He has lots of good advice to give haha. 

After interviews Brother Maldonado and his daughter Terra took us out to lunch (well Terra was taking him to lunch for Veteran’s Day and we tagged along).  But, I love being with them and the lunch was awesome.

After that we did some more tracting.  We found a guy named Ricardo who was working in his garage.  He makes retainers and has a little shop in his garage that he does all his work in.  He explained to us how braces and retainers work and it was actually pretty interesting.  While we were talking to him though, we gave him the restoration lesson.  He is a good Christian guy and he was so great to talk to about the gospel.


This morning we had district meeting.  It was pretty normal.  Still really fun to get together with other missionaries and talk and stuff.  Brother Lawrence took us back and forth and so after our meeting he asked if we wanted to go to lunch, of course we said yes!  He told us about this Book of Mormon/church history tour that he just went on.  It was 2 weeks long and they hit all the church history sites (like Origination which is the best trip anyone could do) and also they did a lot of Book of Mormon history, meaning they went to the native american mounds and all that kind of stuff.  It seemed so interesting.

After that we had bingo and bible study.  Bingo was good like usual.  Bible study was also really good.  We went over Alma 4&5, which gets into some pretty rich stuff.  After that we got home and I crashed.  I wasn’t feeling too hot and I was freezing cold and so I was out like a light.


So like I said, I wasn’t feeling very good Thursday night at all.  This morning I woke up and felt so much worse.  Pounding headache, swollen throat, my eyes were puffy, my body was achy, I had cold sweats, all that jazz.  I tried to get up, but Elder Bronson said I looked horrible and made me sleep the rest of the day.  He said I wasn’t any use to him if I was sick.  So I ended up sleeping part of the day until we had a lesson with Latashia later on.  We walked up to the lesson and I felt like a zombie for lack of better words.  It was bad.  The lesson went really well though, we read some of the Isaiah chapters and it was so weird because I was actually starting to understand them a little haha. 

After dinner we went to help Brother Bernal, a member in the ward, at his office with some service.  He needed some big boxes carried down to the recycle bin because they had just changed offices.  He is way cool and we helped him a ton.  (actually on Wednesday we helped him move his piano across his house.  I forgot to put that up there) I can’t get enough service though, if I could do it all day I would. 

After service we went to talk to Jaquan.  He was having a hard day and he thought it would be good to talk to us.  It was so great to get to know him.  We had a little lesson on prayer after words and we talked about how God is our Father and loves to hear us talk.  It was a pretty good night in spite of feeling pretty terrible.


Woke up again and felt the same.  I hate being sick!  At about 8 I forced myself to call the mission doctor who referred me to a clinic to go get checked out.  We got a member, Brother Hall, to take us.  After all the waiting and everything we finally got through all the doctors and whatever they diagnosed me with tonsillitis.  Nothing too bad, I’ll get over it soon. 

Later that day as we were biking around some streets we were just asking people if we could help them rake leaves or whatever they were doing in their yards.  Most people said no to us, but we asked one guy and he said “Sure, come over.”  It was a little suspicious because nobody says that haha, but he ended up being a member in the ward that we just hadn’t met yet.  We pulled leaves and trimmed bushes for about a half hour, then he asked if he could give us a lift home.  It was great to get a little dirty.

That night we had dinner with the Lohr’s, it was awesome.  Afterwards we had a lesson with Jaquan on the gospel of Jesus Christ.  The lesson went really well and he is so eager to learn more.  I love it.


Today was the primary program in sacrament meeting.  The rest of church went pretty normal.  It’s so busy for us, but it is my favorite day still.  After church we went to give a brother in the ward a blessing which is always a spiritual experience that I love.

That night we had a lesson with Joseph in Arabic again.  He is still progressing slowly, and is always asking more questions.  He has a lot of questions about the Book of Mormon and it’s hard to answer them sometimes.  It’s a really good learning curve to teach me to teach others simply.  Over all I had a pretty good week.  It’s getting colder every day and I am not looking forward to winter.  Also sorry for the lack of pictures this week I was a little off on that. 

Love you all

Elder Larson