Tons of Teaching

Blog 8/14

First, let me say that it is so sad what happened up in Charlottesville.  All of us missionaries are praying for those who were hurt or killed and their families and hope you will too.  Christ's teachings could sure be put to good use in these circumstances!  Love your neighbor and none of this happens.

Well this week was really awesome for so many reasons! I feel like we were teaching a ton which is a blessing.  

I guess that was really the best part of the week was the teaching.  We taught Vince and Hilary a ton this week and they have been doing awesome at reading their scriptures every day.  Hopefully they can keep it up because they have seen it making a difference in their lives.  

We went out with Elder Baer Wednesday and it was a great day.  We were able to teach Ben again who is a less active member we have been working with.  He is a great guy and is super fun to teach.  We also had an unreal Plan of Salvation lesson with the Galloways and it’s soooo amazing to see the spirit work in people’s lives.  

Thursday we had an exchange with the Wakefield Elders and I was able to go with Elder Potts.  He’s a good kid and from Nevada so it was cool hearing about that.  We had the best lesson with Gloria about obedience and the blessings of the covenants of baptism.  She’s still on date for the 26th after a little bit of going back and forth and back again.  She has such a sweet spirit though and I’m soooo excited for her baptism! Literally can’t wait for that week.  

Besides that we pretty much had zone conference.  It was focused on commitments and I really really learned a ton about how to help people, not just Investigators but also people after the mission too.  

We blitzed Petersburg Saturday and I got to spend a little bit of time with Elder Nelson who is a new missionary in our district.  He’s a good kid and is learning fast so I’m excited to see him grow.  

Ran out of time today but I’ll try to email better next week! Love yall! 

Elder Tys Larson - VRM