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Editors Note: The story about the fire in his apartment is at the end, after the update.  

Weekly Update 12/21/2015

I love getting all the cards you guys send and hearing about all of you back home.  Thank you for the support and love!


We started our day off by tracting a street up by the church. (were doing a new thing where we try and tract for an hour a day)  The weather was beautiful by the way. But we can go out earlier now because I'm done with training so that's nice. So we knocked this whole street but either nobody was there or didn't want to talk, that's how day time tracting goes sometimes. 

After that we went to the church.  We were called to help with baggage at transfer meeting because the church is in our area (and no neither of us were getting transfers just in case you forgot). So while the meeting was going on, us and a few other sets of missionaries stay out in the parking lot and organize all the bags.  We have a list that tells us all the missionaries who are getting transferred, so we have to move the bags from the place they were previously to the place they are going to be.  It's kinda confusing but it all went smooth.  After that we had our usual lesson with Latashia.  She is still doing just dandy. 

That night we tracted an apartment complex and talked to a bunch of people!  It was awesome.  We talked to this lady who was deaf, but we just used our iPads and typed it all up and she responded the same way!  Haha technology is awesome!  But who would have thought that we would teach the deaf lady?  We told her about what we do and the Book of Mormon. She was super nice and we are going to go back again next week.  We contacted a couple other people that night, and then went home. 


We tracted again this morning.  We met a couple people.  The first lady that talked to us was super nice.  She had actually talked to missionaries before, a long time ago, and we shared the Christmas message with her. She really like it but is really involved in her church so she didn't want us to come teach her.  The next guy that opened the door was really atheist.  He didn't believe in God at all and said that we were stupid for thinking there could be one.  He said he wanted evidence of God, so we started talking about the plan of salvation and the Book of Mormon, but he just cussed at us and left haha.  It was funny, but sad at the same time.  He really doesn't have any belief in God at all and I don't know if I could live like that.  The last guy we talked to was named Boris.  The missionaries had talked to him before and so we were going to see if he was still interested.  Boris is straight outta Russia or the Ukraine.  He was super nice and let us in, but then shot down everything we had to say.  He was super funny and said he made his own religion that has one law.  The Boomerang Law: "Do good and be good and good will come back to you". haha  We were like "ok that's good, but you still need all this other stuff"... He wouldn't listen, but we will go back eventually. 

That afternoon we went and helped a couple set up their Christmas tree.  They are super old (editor's note: I am 46 and am often called old, so super old might be around 55 or so, lol) and really loved it, and we had a lot of fun.  She has had missionaries coming for years and years.  They are awesome and we'll probably go back and take it down for them. We also read Luke 2 with them which was awesome. 

We also talked to Tammy today, she is still excited for her baptism and is super happy about it. They are awesome and I can't wait for her. It was a quick visit, but they also came to church and we're having an FHE (family home evening) with them this week. 


Today it poured rain.... It was wet. We had a good day though. We did our studies and planning and everything, then at 2 we went out. We biked to Bingo in the rain haha everything that wasn't under my jacket was soaked. When me and Elder Bronson got there we just looked at each other like what the heck are we doing. But it was super fun to go and play bingo with them, even though we were wet. 

That night we went out to Goochland.  We had dinner at Brother Maldonado’s then had a lesson with Brother Wright, a less active member in our ward.  He is super nice and we had a good lesson.  He has gone through a lot of stuff in his life, but is starting to come back and just needs to keep his chin up. We shared a Christmas message with him thought and he had a lot of cool stories to tell us. 


This morning we had a lesson with James.  He had been meeting with the missionaries years ago, and we decided to call him and see if he was interested. He is a super nice guy and we talked about all of his issues with the Church.  We had a great talk about the restoration and about the Book of Mormon and he was awesome.  

I honestly don't remember what else happened today haha it was a long day. 


Today was long... We started off helping our Elder's Quorum President move from one house on a street to another one like 6 houses down haha. But it was great, I love doing service and there were so many members there helping it was so fun. 

 After that we went home and showered and went out to work. We had a list of a bunch of part member families and potentials we wanted to go visit.  It was freezing today and biking around made it even more cold haha.  Super not fun!  But we talked to a couple people and had an ok day.  We ended up getting a ride home from the Spanish missionaries which was super nice. 


Today was great. It was the Sunday before Christmas so there were tons of people there. We had a couple of investigators there and it was awesome. We ended up teaching the elder’s quorum lesson because it was on missionary work.  It was really fun.  After church we went and had a lesson with Sister Beaty.  She went up to the temple visitor center on Saturday and had a great time.  We talked about the other ordinances you do in the temple and setting a goal to go there.  It was awesome, but it makes me wanna go to the temple so bad haha. 

That night we tracted around some streets close to our place. It was cold, but we still got some lessons in. One family we talked to are members in the ward. The brother has had some bad health issues and is pretty sick. We shared Luke 2 and watched the Christmas video with them.  

 I think my favorite part about this season and talking about the Christmas video is seeing all of the different reasons that people have for knowing that Christ came personally for them.  It's awesome to see how many things the Atonement covers and how many people have such strong personal relationships with Christ.  

 I hope you all have a great Christmas season and everything goes well back home.

 Looks like it's a white Christmas there, I'm super jealous.

 I love you all,

 Elder Larson   

The Fire

Editor's Note: We were emailing Tyson about 11:30am our time and he sent an email saying "Possible fire in the heating unit in our apartment, I'll be back to update you"  We didn't hear from him again until 6:30pm our time when (after begging for details) he sent this story:

So funny thing that happened today.  We had a little fire in our apartment!  The story goes like this:

Elder Bronson and I were sitting in our apartment cleaning and emailing and doing other stuff we needed to do.  We had planned to go and get hair cuts at like 2.  At about 1:20 the Spanish missionaries came over to grab something from us and they left at like 1:40.  They were also going to get their own haircuts.  For some reason, we didn't end up going with them, it was like Elder Bronson and I just spaced out that we needed to leave and as soon as they were gone we both just sat down and started doing our thing again. 

Well it comes to about 2:35 and we were still in the apartment when we both heard a loud crackling, kind of like a firework being lit or a torch starting up.  We thought it was odd, but it stopped and we didn't think anything of it.  Well we heard it again a few minutes later and so we decided to check it out.  We took the vent cover off and looked inside, nothing.  But we could smell a slight hint of wires burning. 

So, we went to the heating unit and I grabbed my leather man and started to take it apart.  Once we got the outside off and could see the motor, we could see that the inside had a light and there were sparks coming from it.  We immediately called brother Maldonado for some reason and got out.  Talked to him and he called the apartment place.  We went back in with the fire extinguisher to check it out.  It looked like the convection coil of the heating unit was on fire and it was slowly melting and burning as it went around the outside of the motor.  So it was slowly getting closer to the lint trap.  Finally it hit the lint trap and bursts into flames.  I called 911 and Bronson hit it with extinguisher. 

Like 1000 firemen came and they were everywhere (editor's note: Tera and I still want to know if he handed out Books of Mormon at the door).  They put the rest of it out and made sure it was out.  We basically did their job before they got there. And, they made sure nothing else was wrong.  After that we left and got haircuts like nothing happened. 

The maintenance guys for the apartment came and used huge fans to air out our place, then they replaced our motor and coils while we were gone for the night.  The apartment smells like burnt wires and stuff, but our heat works again.  There is a layer of soot on everything from the smoke.  But overall it was contained and we are all good. 

No craziness here just a normal day in the neighborhood.  Haha I'm safe and nothing was damaged.