The Blessing

Week 10/26/15


So Monday was really discouraging.  All we did that night was tract, and nobody at all would let us even talk to them.  Plus, it's starting to get cold here and it sucks.  I don't like the cold, so with both of those things, that night was tough!


Tuesday was a little better.  The first thing we did was go see a lady that has been asking to get a Book of Mormon.  She knows a few of the ladies in the ward and she is interested in finding out more about what we believe.  So, we went over to her house with a couple in our ward, the Watson's, and had a little lesson with her.  It was awesome!  She definitely was feeling the spirit and she said she had read the Book of Mormon!  After that we went with the Watson's to Arbys and talked.  They are great.  They just got back from a mission to Africa doing family history work with the people there.  Pretty cool mission!  The lesson with that lady was so awesome, though, and I'm sure she is going to love the Book of Mormon.  

The rest of the day was kinda boring.  We got doors slammed in our faces and the usual, except one house.  We went over to a part member family's home(the wife is a member, but the husband and kids aren't).  Our appointment was to go see the wife but she wasn't home. So, we ended up giving a lesson to the husband who is Catholic.  He was super nice, and it was  a little tender mercy because we hadn't had ANY success that night until then.


Today was pretty cool. We went and saw Mama Mary again and did some family history work. I also have been looking on my family genealogy lines, and i found out that one of my lines goes from me all the way to Adam and Eve!  Like, duh!  We are all related to Adam and Eve, but, I know who all the people in between are, which kinda blew me away!

There were a couple of miracles that day.  So, first, we went to another assisted living home visiting a member.  As we were sitting down in one of the lounges with the member, another guy, who was one of his neighbors, asked if he could sit in on our lesson and just listen.  Of course we wanted him too, so we said okay and started to teach both of them. Well as time went on I started talking to the member, who was really nice and Elder Bronson started talking to the other guy.  Well it turns out that he has talked to missionaries a ton before, but it was like 20 years ago!  He was actually almost baptized and he knows a ton about the church.  So, he has a ton of knowledge and faith already.  He does get crazy, bad headaches though and so he asked me if I would give him a priesthood blessing!  Obviously I said yes, but the cool part was that I hadn't been the one talking to him and I had never even met this guy before, but as soon as I started to give the blessing I could feel all the thoughts and blessings from Heavenly Father just come to me and everything I was saying was through the spirit.  It's really cool to be the Lord's hands and be able to help bless people like that.

Later that night we visited a few families in Goochland.  Nothing super exciting, but we are working with this one family out there who is kinda newish converts and they're trying to go to the temple.  It's so freaking awesome.  I love the teachings of eternal families and temples and stuff so much lately and I don't know why. (editors note: Maybe he should think about this part for about 3-5 seconds and he might figure out why, LOL!)


Today was a really interesting day. We had a thing called "Return and Report". What that is, is all the "new missionaries" (the ones that came out to Virginia at the same time as me) all go to downtown Richmond for a day for meetings and stuff.  We start and have a ton of meetings with the mission president.  We talk about how our training is going and then they give us Book of Mormons and tracting materials and they have us go out on the streets in downtown Richmond and talk to people.  The meetings were just kind of, whatever; just normal meetings.  But, when we went on the street, ugh that was tough!

So, usually when we knock a door or whatever we get people to talk to us a little at least.  Like it's their house and it's less weird I guess.  But, downtown it's just people on the street.  So, we have to like walk with them to wherever they're going and give a lesson as they walk.  Either that or they just walk away or whatever.  It's a lot harder to get people to stop.  For that part I was with my MTC companion Elder Tanner.  We talked to like 6 or 7 people in an hour or so and got like 3 people's info to contact later.

After that we went to a baptism! Elder Bronson used to serve in the downtown area and one of the people he taught was getting baptized so the mission president lets the missionary go back to the area if that happens.  The baptism was cool.  We got to be there for the whole thing then Brother Maldanado came and picked us up and took us to get shakes at Sonic.  He really is the best and does so much for the missionaries.

So, that was most of my week.  Thank you all for writing and your support and letters and packages and stuff.  It really makes my week when I hear from you!  Thanks so much!  Love you all!