The Real Message: The Atonement

Weekly update  3/28/16


Last night doesn't deserve a full section, but we were out for most of the night helping brother Edgell rearrange some things between his cargo trailer and his storage unit.  So this morning we went back over and helped him finish parking the trailer and getting everything all situated the way he wanted it.  That was most of our morning which was a good way to start the day.  After lunch, in the afternoon, we had like 3 lessons with some people we just met as we were driving and walking around.  One of them was a really cool firefighter that likes talking to us.  He believes that everyone needs to find what they believe and is pretty religious in his faith.  We shared the Easter video with him in his yard and he really enjoyed it.  It's funny how much people have in common with us and then just one thing is different and they look at us like we're crazy.   

That night we had an amazing lesson with Jackie, Chloe, and Bucky.  Brother Henshaw came with us and we read the story of the Brother of Jared and talked about prayer and faith.  It was one of the most spiritual lessons I've had so far and it was cool for me to go back over that story and study it a little.  But, they had so many good insights and really took the story to heart and applied it their own lives and at the end Jackie set herself and Bucky on date for April 20th!  They are so ready to be baptized and I am so excited for them.   


Today we spent the morning in Kenbridge.  It’s a little town south of us and we have a couple investigators there.  We tried seeing a bunch of people but nobody was really there, we only had 1 lesson.  But, then from like 2-3ish we helped set up for a dinner for a family that was having a funeral service.   

That night we had a lesson with Thomas and Crystal.  They are awesome and we talked about Easter coming up and then had a lesson on forgiveness and the Atonement.  They are so close to baptism, they know all the stuff, they've been to church, they just have a hard time knowing if it's true and they love their church so much.  Ugh, it's hard.  But, I just told them they have to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it, there's no other way you can do it.  They said they would and it ended really great.   

After that we went and saw the Farmers.  They're doing good and our visit was pretty short because it was almost time to go home.  We just talked about Easter and about getting the kids to mutual and how they were doing.  It was a good visit.   


So this morning was good, we had zone workshops.  So we met the Farmville Elders in Crewe to ride up there.  Zone workshops is when our mission president and the AP's(assistants to the president) come and give us a bunch of training and we have meetings.  It was a really good meeting and we learned a lot about how to teach our investigators, how to gain a testimony of prayer, and also how to give people church tours and have a lesson on the church.  It was really good.   

When we got home tonight we had a lesson with David Wilson who is a preacher but likes to talk to us.  He's a really cool guy and has some interesting beliefs and it was cool to talk to him about Easter.  But we had a good short talk because we had to run off to another lesson.  So after that we went to see Jackie and the kids and just like we learned in our meeting we had a lesson on prayer with them.  It was a good lesson and the branch president came with us.  It sounds like she's doing really good and I am so sure that she will be baptized.  The lesson was really good, but she pretty much already knew everything we were talking about because we taught it already.  She's grown so much it's crazy, every time I go over there the spirit is so strong.  It's amazing to see what the Lord can do in just the short time I've been here. 


So, like I said today was long.  We drove a lot which was awesome and we got to see some people that we never ever get to see because they’re so far away.  So, we started off our day in Blackstone and drove over Spainville, then up to Amelia, then to Jetersville, then home.  On our route we knocked like 25 houses of less active people, and we didn't get to see all of them, obviously, but we talked to a couple cool people.  The first one was an older couple that are members but don't come.  They own a miniature horse farm!  They only have like 3 right now but it was cool, haha.  So they were super nice and we talked to them and they were awesome.  After that we were just trying to see people and found this one solid potential investigator out of the blue.  It's goanna be tough because she's like 30 min from our place, but I think if we start teaching them they can be baptized.  The rest of the night we tried seeing people after people but nobody was talking, it stunk but that's how it goes some nights.


Today was a huge day of service.  We woke up and had our studies then went straight to Big T's.  He wasn't feeling that great today so it was good to help him.  The first thing we did was load one of his little tractors onto a trailer and take it into town, one of the tires had a blown out sidewall so they changed it real quick and we took it back.  After that we went back and me, Elder T, and Brother Case's son, Dylan, dug 8, 2' deep holes so we could put big posts in them and make a grape harbor for the garden.  We also took his feed trailer and got all of the old wet hay from last year off of it so he could use it again.  It was a good day and we didn't leave there until just before dinner time.  The rest of the night we tracted a couple streets and found a couple people that said we could come back.   


Today was Easter, so for my studies I read about Christ’s last three days which was so cool, it's awesome how every time you read, something different stands out to you.  Our sacrament was great also and we had a lot of people there, the chapel was like 3/4 full!  For priesthood we got assigned to teach last minute because the branch president had some business to take care of, but the lesson went really well.  We read a talk from Elder Christopherson called "Why the Church" that talks about why Christ decided to choose this church and the organization we use to build his kingdom on the earth.  It was a really good talk.   

After church we went and saw a referral with Brother Edgell that was close to the chapel.  They were really nice and we shared a message about the Book of Mormon with them so that we could give them a Book of Mormon with the Bible they ordered.  I love to see people's reactions to the Book of Mormon and how there really is more to it than the Bible.   
Then we had another day in Amelia so we went around and knocked all of the potential investigators in Amelia, yeah all of them haha it's a little place.  Nobody answered but I think a lot of people weren't home because of Easter.   

Then we ate dinner with the McKinleys.  They're a cool family and we got to hang out with one of their kids who is graduating this year and is thinking about missions and school and stuff.  It seems like years ago when I was doing all that!  But, they also had a Brother McKinley’s parents there who are serving a mission in DC North and they have been having a lot of cool experiences, and there was another senior couple who had just got back from serving a mission in Switzerland and told us a lot of cool stories.   

Tonight we had a lesson with Hymesha.  She is one of our investigators, but before this we hadn't really got to sit down and teach a lesson with her.  Tonight we taught her about the Plan of Salvation and she really liked it, she kinda lit up when we started talking about how It doesn't end here and how we can live forever with our families.  It was a good lesson to end the week with.   

I loved Easter this year and I think that because of my mission I have really come to appreciate it a lot more because of the people that I have seen change their lives through the Atonement.  The Atonement is so real and it works for each and every one of us for anything we're going through.  Christ covered it all and I couldn't be more grateful for that knowledge I have. 

 Love you all

Elder Larson