The AMAZING Change

7/11 Blog


Today was the 4th of July! Whoo! Haha it was a little different than any 4th I've ever had but it was still great.  It was pretty cloudy and actually rained for most of the day so there really wasn't a lot of fireworks and barbecuing going on.  We did our normal p-day stuff in the morning and then at lunch time we went and hung out at Danny's and played with the kids.  It was actually pretty chill and there wasn't a lot going on, we really just emailed and talked to Danny it was good.  Then for the rest of our p-day we went and had dinner at the Putman's.  They made a ton of great food and then afterwards we went and looked at all of Brother Putmans swords and stuff, he has a ton of it haha!  For real, he's gonna have us over some time and we're going to practice sword fighting and stuff but I've never seen so many sharp things in one place before.  So cool.

Our evening was pretty slow.  It seemed like by the time we finished dinner everyone was already getting ready and going to parties and watch fireworks.  We saw Del for a little bit and tried stopping by a couple other people's houses and then went home at our normal time.  Great day and I really love the people here.  So grateful to live in this great country.


Our morning was pretty slow, we went and had a lesson with Danny and then for lunch went and ate with Del.  Our afternoon was really good.  First we went and saw Brother Redmond.  We talked to his wife a while ago and so we decided on going back.  She didn't talk to us, but he did and he was really nice.  They had something happen so they didn't want to come to church anymore.  But, because of that we didn't really talk about the gospel that much, just tons of other stuff.  He's government and has had a bunch of adventures.  After that we went and saw Sister Critz.  Thomas was asleep but it's ok.  We talked with her for a while and just gave her some company, she's doing well.

After dinner we had an awesome lesson.  There's a less active family, the Taddeos that we got pretty tight with and they invited a lady to their house that's not a member to have a lesson, that never happens and it's awesome.  We had a great little Restoration lesson and focused on the priesthood a lot.  I still don't think she really got it all.  The main reason she was there though is she wanted a blessing because she's sick so we gave her the blessing.  It was great and she's really interested.


We went over in the morning again and hung out with Danny a little bit.  It was actually really awesome because his wife who's not a member was sick and we were like "do you want a priesthood blessing?" Then we got to teach her all about the Restoration and the priesthood and it was awesome.  She didn't end up wanting a blessing but at least now she knows.

After that we had our first zone conference with President Smith and it was awesome.  We talked about obedience, being a successful missionary, and the Book of Mormon and they were all really awesome trainings.  President Smith is a great guy and super fun, we played lightning at lunch with him and then after lunch we had a question and answer session with him and Sister Smith.

After the conference we went and saw the Leonards for a minute, we had a quick lesson with them and then set up a lesson with them for later in the week.  Our night wasn't super eventful, we went to the trailer park and then checked on some of our potentials in Old Forge.  We ended up talking to Sister Demby who now has her mom living with her and it's been a big change.  We shared the "Lift" video with them and talked about it, the spirit was really strong and it was a great little boost for her.  Hopefully they can come to church.


This morning was kinda lame haha.  It was sooo hot and we tracted for 2 hours straight and only talked to a couple people but not for lessons...  Just to got rejected.  So yeah it was slow.  The last house we knocked was a lady named Mary and she was nice.  Her husband is a pastor and we just talked about church and Jesus and stuff, she was really nice.

We had lunch after that and had apartment inspections which we did great on, they said it was the cleanest bathroom they'd ever seen lol.  Then the rest of our afternoon was weekly planning which was kinda meh haha gotta love it.

Before dinner we went and helped Sister Stuckey who is homebound pack up a couple boxes of old magazines and took them to the library for her.

Our night was good, we stopped by a less active dudes house and talked with his nonmember wife for a sec, then just then he pulled in from work.  They have 2 little girls and were super friendly so we just talked for a second but I think they have a lot of potential.  Then we had our weekly meeting at Brother Boyd's which was good.

So story for the night.  The White Oak elders ended up staying at our apartment, it was a long night.  Their carbon monoxide in their apartment is acting up and leaking and so Salt Lake is getting them a new apartment some time this week but till then they're staying at our place.  We got an extra mattress and one sleeps on the couch.  So we were up late setting all that up and stuff so we're gonna have 4 elders staying in our little apartment now haha.


So this morning I woke up and made everyone breakfast because it's something I love to do.  We had sausage and eggs and toast.  After that we went and tracted a big cul de sac for like 90 min and not a single person opened the door! Haha, yeah that was kinda lame for real.  Our afternoon was kinda the same, we just tried seeing a bunch of people and making phone calls and nobody was answering or wanting to talk to us.  Towards dinner though we went and got one of our priests, Kyle who is new in the ward.  We taught Shawn McGee who is a really cool and sincere and we just read the introduction to the Book of Mormon with him and he really enjoyed it, I think he could have potential, he even wants to come to church! The rest of the day was kinda meh, nothing really happened.


This morning was good, we tracted and got some apartments for the morning and then right before lunch we went to the Leonards and had a lesson.  We watched the children's baptism video and talked about the Holy Ghost and the sacrament.  It was a good lesson and they're really awesome I love that family.

After lunch we went and picked up Danny and went tracting in a complex.  The first door we knocked on was this guy named Sidney.  He was really great and he said he was more spiritual instead of religious.  He believes in a lot of different things and kinda makes his own beliefs based on that.  It was really interesting talking to him and we just told him about the Book of Mormon, he was interested in it and said he would maybe check out the church too.

We had dinner with the Weeds.  He's not a member but he comes to church with his wife every week.  We read 2 Nephi chapter 2 and talked about agency.  It was a really good lesson and it's so important to know that we are all free to choose.

We saw Jessica tonight who was a referral from the Sister Missionaries.  She is pretty interested and we just talked about who we are and what we do.  It was good, hopefully we can catch her another time.


Today was a really great day at church, we had a couple of investigators there and had a really great lesson in gospel principles.  I love this ward and it's starting to feel like home again and it's great.

After church we had a lesson with Sister Gerber and just talked with her, she's awesome and hopefully we can see them a lot this week.  Love that family.

This week was awesome, just another week in the Hartwood! Transfer calls this week.

Love Elder Larson