Teaching the Basics

Blog 6/20


Today was pretty great.  This morning we woke up and I went to a meeting in Richmond for all the district leaders in our mission.  One of our priests drove me, and 2 other elders from our zone down for the meeting while Elder Edwards stayed in Hartwood.  The meeting was really good and President Wilson and the assistants gave us a lot of training on how to be good Christlike leaders through love and example.  After the meeting we ran by Cafe Rio and grabbed some food to go which was unreal because it's been forever since I had that.  Then we got home at about 3pm.

This afternoon Elder Edwards and I were supposed to have an appointment to teach someone but they canceled on us so we went tracting around the place they lived.  We taught one lady who was already being taught by missionaries in a different mission and she was just visiting here for a while; mostly just answering some of her questions.  It's really cool to see outside my Richmond VA mission bubble and hear about her missionary experiences, testimony that the gospel true everywhere you go.

We also had a lesson with Angela today and her kids.  We were telling Sister Flitton about it at dinner and she wanted to come along which was great.  We talked about lots of different things but basically just talked about the Restoration again and helped her one daughter with some of the questions she's having.  They're really sweet and already know so much so it's way easier to teach them.

We finished off our night teaching the Gerbers and they were great.  We're still helping the kids learn the very basics and tonight we talked about Jesus and who he is, why he's important, and what he did for us.


We had our first district meeting with me as district leader this morning and I thought it went well.  Our district is really hard working and I gave a training on how we can think outside the box in our missionary work and how that can help our investigators and help us reach our goals.  Then we had another training on how we can help people make and keep commitments.  Afterwards we went to our regular spot and grabbed some cheap pizza haha

After lunch we were supposed to have a lesson but we got there and nobody was home, so we went.  To check on our referrals.  We didn't have any referrals home, but we talked to a really cool guy named Shawn.  He's Christian and knows the bible, but was really open to the message we shared and agreed with a lot of the points on why we needed a restoration of the gospel.  He was super into it and we gave him a BoM and he said he would like to read it and have us come back in a couple weeks so we can talk.  It was a really good lesson and I hope it goes somewhere.

After dinner we had a lesson with Cecilia and Kareem, they're members but are kinda recent converts and still like us to go over.  Well the last 2 times we've been there Kareem's had a friend over and we got to teach his friend.  It happened again! It was unreal haha I think they're doing it on purpose but I don't care cause the kids are always into it.  Well we taught them about the Book of Mormon first and did a short Restoration lesson for the kid that wasn't a member, then we read the story of the brother of Jared and they really liked it.


We did our weekly planning this morning and that went well, not a ton to report on that haha but it was good.  We went tracting for a while after lunch but it wasn't very successful haha nobody is ever home during the day time.  We went over to teach Danny at like 3 and talked about the Articles of Faith and it was good, I love taking it back to the basics.

Tonight we had our coordination meeting with Brother Boyd.  It was good and we just talked about all the people were trying to reactivate and baptize and stuff.

After out meeting we were driving down a road and had a couple minutes so we decided to stop by and try talking to an older less active lady.  We knocked on the door and her son was there and said she couldn't talk but he would.  He studies religion so he's kinda smart about everything like that.  We had a good talk with him, he's actually really smart in Mormonism and has read the Book of Mormon a couple times.  We just talked about his views and some other things and then it started to rain so we had a prayer and left (we were outside).  Really interesting dude.

After that we went to have a lesson with the Leonards.  They're great and it was one of the more calm lessons we had with the little kids.  We talked about the restoration and they were really great, the spirit is always really strong while we talk about the Restoration and you can't get any better than that.  While we were there another storm came in (it hailed earlier today) and was super strong.  It rained a ton! We walked from their door to our car, like 25 ft, and got soaked!  Then driving home there was like almost 1/4 inch of water on the ground haha so cool! But we made it safe and all was well.


We went tracting this morning and went to a couple different places.  Some houses and then finished off in some townhomes.  We were able to teach one lady who was from the Philippines and was pretty interested.  She had some Mormon friends in Utah so, like a lot of other people, she asked if we knew them...  Haha it always makes me laugh because people think Utah is like 20 polygamist families and we all know each other or something.  But we talked for about 15 min with her and had a really good lesson.

After lunch we went and picked up Brother Banyon and went out and knocked a couple doors.  We met a kid named Dominic, he's a super tall nerdy kid that was kinda awkward at first but then as we talked to him he opened up.  He didn't really like his church that much and he hates driving so far to get to it so he said he would try ours out, then we told him about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon and he was really interested.  He said he would check it out and that we could come back another time!

After dinner we rushed home and Caleb picked us up and then we went to a lesson with Angela and her kids.  Man it was good, but it was tough too.  Angela has a hard time focusing sometimes, so sometimes she's all over the place, then her 2 girls are like the same way cause they're kids.  We went over the first part of the Plan of Salvation with them and they liked it, they're really open to the gospel but aren't really taking action on the things we tell them, that's the hardest part about missionary work.  But they're awesome and hopefully Angela can progress because her girls are leaving for a month to see their dad.

Lastly that night we had a lesson with a lady named Chandler.  She was found by the sister missionaries, but they're YSA so we've been trying to see her and this is the first time.  She didn't have a ton of time and had already been taught and loved the Restoration...  So we taught her the gospel of Jesus Christ (4th article of faith) and then went home.  It was a pretty good day and it was fun having Caleb with us cause he's going on a mission in August.


This morning was pretty meh TBH.  Tracted this neighborhood for like 2 straight hours and only talked to one lady.  She was pretty into it and was open to reading the Book of Mormon and everything, she really liked the idea of prophets on the earth today and pretty much everything about the Restoration she was really interested in.  But when we invited her to be baptized she got really hesitant so that was fun to recover from haha.  She did say we could come back though to read with her so hopefully something can come out of it.

We had a couple of other lessons the rest of the day, one of them was with a lady from South Africa which was really neat.  She's been here for a good couple of years and has a little son who is super cute.  We talked to her about the sacrament and showed the children's bible video on it which she loved.

After that we had dinner and then went to teach Danny.  He's the guy that knows a lot about our church but we're having a hard time with him because he's so based in the trinity.  We aren't really sure what to do because he's felt the spirit, he knows the stuff, and he just won't accept it...  We read part of 3 Nephi 11 with him and talked about it and it was a good lesson.


So today was pretty good even though we weren't able to teach anyone.  We did give our talks in sacrament meeting though and that seemed to go really well.  Our topic was 2 Nephi 5:27 "and it came to pass that we lived after the manner of happiness." It was a good topic and I liked it because I got to talk about service.  Service is one of the ways I feel the spirit the most and something that makes me really happy.  It was also a good topic because after I wrote my talk, I realized exactly how much my dad had made in impact on my and my life, without meaning to almost every part of my talk included something my dad had taught me.  The talks were good and it was a good Father's Day.

Lastly I wanna just give a shout out to my Dad! Really don't know where I would be without him and he's one of the main reasons that I'm out here in the first place.  He always tells me there's not a day that goes by that isn't influenced by something from his mission, and at least right now, there's not a day that goes by that isn't influenced by my dad.  I couldn't be more grateful to have his example of worthy priesthood holder and someone that I can really look up to.  Love ya Dad!