Staying in Hopewell

Blog 3/27/17

This week was pretty good, honestly sitting here writing this up I can’t even remember like most of it, haha.  We had transfer calls this week and both Elder Knight and I are staying here in Hopewell! Hopefully we can have some baptisms this transfer.  

So, a highlight from the week was Chris.  I told you a little about him last week.  We found him on Sunday night and then taught him Monday and Tuesday as well.  The lessons were really good and we were able to take our good friend Malik over to be his friend and show him the gospel in action.  Malik was baptized about 6 years ago and recently returned to activity, he’s sick[in the most cool kind of way!].  Well the lessons with Chris went well, Monday and Tuesday.  We were able to teach him the Restoration and about the Book of Mormon really well till he understood it.  He worked Wednesday and then we didn’t get to see him the rest of the week which was a bummer.  He also didn’t come to church but imp still not giving up on him.  We had a really cool experience with him those 2 lessons, he really recognized the spirit and understood that he needs to be baptized.  We set him on date for the 15th and everything but will have to move it back a bit.  

Wednesday we saw Josh and his wife Brittany, she is a member and he is not but we have slowly been working with them to start teaching them.  They're a really cool family in the army and have a good desire to learn more and become active.  We had a really good lesson with them on the Book of Mormon and the Restoration and they were definitely learning and interested.  Hopefully we can make their lessons a regular thing.  I think they have a lot of potential.  

We also went on exchanges with Wakefield Wednesday and Thursday.  I got to be with Elder Strong for the day which was kinda fun because he was my first exchange back when I was brand new.  We had some good lessons and also went to a court of honor for a kid getting his Eagle award in our ward.  Made me feel a little bad for not doing one[Tyson chose not to do a court of honor when he received his Eagle], because as much as I didn’t really care about the recognition, I’m sure it would have been special for my mom.  Just so everyone knows, she is the real reason I got my Eagle Scout haha.  

Thursday we went out with Elder Baer and saw some people.  We were able to teach Armine and talk to her about temples which was amazing.  She is a convert from Armenia and now lives here and has an amazing testimony.  We got to hear her conviction of temples and her testimony that she knows her family will be sealed one day.  

Saturday we went on exchanges with the Hopewell B elders and that was fun.  We have been helping them to get working with their less active and part member families so we went around and saw a ton of their families with them so they could get a little jump start.  That night we saw Lorenzo’s mom, Jamina, and had another good lesson with her on prophets.  She had a hard time with the concept of prophets on the earth today but I know that if she reads the Book of Mormon she will find out the truth.  

Sunday church was really good.  I love going to the branch and then going to the ward, especially being able to remember the sacrament twice.  Sunday afternoon we saw the Shaw family and taught them the Restoration and it was really powerful.  They are semi active but also have people that aren't baptized in their family.  I love teaching part member families so much.  

Besides those highlights this week was good, I’m just loving every minute I can because it seems like it’s coming to a close so fast.  Not sure how to feel about that but I know that as soon as summer hits its gonna fly by.  

Hope all is well back home! Love yall! 

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