Small Things Add Up

Blog 12/19

This week was better than last week.  Lots busier and it seemed like we were just back on a roll again.  We have been doing a lot of finding which is good but slow since we aren't finding people that want to meet consistently. 

Monday was pretty normal.  That night we saw Bruce and Paul.  We talked to Bruce about the priesthood and explained to him what it is and stuff so he can get ready to receive it.  It was a pretty cool lesson because Bruce is just sooo humble.  He really does understand God and his power and anything new we teach him just puts him in awe.  Paul's lesson was pretty good too.  We are helping to prepare him to go to the temple in January with the youth, it’s hard though because of his family situation that he can’t always come to church.   

Tuesday was a pretty cool day.  Last week we were driving and saw Raul walking down the road.  He’s a guy I had taught a while ago who supposedly moved to NY.  We texted him and he said he's still here and that we can come over!  We had one of the coolest Restoration lessons with him, wow it was so powerful.   He's not the smartest but he knows just enough and is really sensitive to the spirit.  I pulled the "how do you feel right now?", and we taught him how to recognize the Holy Ghost, which he was like going insane.  We challenged him to pray and ask God and he was embarrassed to do it with us there (his vocal cords are messed up so he sounds kinda funny) but said he would pray that night if we text him....  such a great lesson oh man.  OH, and we were able to set him on date for January 7th, we just need to figure out how to get him to church. 

We also met this guy named Jeffrey that was a referral.  He’s interesting cause he's really involved in his church, but also attends a lot of different churches, and is really interested in the Book of Mormon now.  It’s kinda tough to teach some people what the Book of Mormon is because they just think it's another bible, and that was how he was.  It was more of an analytical lesson than a spiritual one. 

Wednesday we went on exchanges and I stayed here in Mechanicsville.  Elder Scott came here and he was pretty cool.  We got along well and were able to teach a couple people.  Nobody super awesome though.  We did meet this one guy though that bashed with us and we were bringing him back around but he was just soo ignorant and stubborn ugh.  I think one of the things that drives me the most crazy is when people won’t even give anything a shot or listen, they just think they have it all already.    

This member had told us to meet them at "Don Pedro's 2" a Mexican place. Well we got there and were waiting, eating the free salsa... and they never showed up... So, we called the member and they were confused and said they had dinner at their house all ready for us! Soooo we got up and left and went to their house for dinner 😂 it was a good appetizer of salsa though... ;)

Friday was great because of Raul again.  We texted him Tuesday night and he said he prayed which was great!  So, I went over and the first question I asked was "How did you feel when you prayed?" And he said "Good".  And I said "Where does it come from?" and he said "God" and then we talked about the Holy Ghost again!  He recognized it so well!  So, we talked about the Book of Mormon with him this time and it was so good.  I think he really wants to find and answer and that he will.  So that was super cool. 

Saturday was pretty average.  But we were able to teach some people.  Sunday was crazy though.  We have had a couple slow weeks so I have just been praying that something big was coming.  Well Sunday at church was slow, it was good though.  Then after church nothing was really happening.  We were supposed to have a lesson with Kathy but she bailed on us last minute. 

So, after dinner we go knocking some doors, just for like 30 min and it was only like 6:40.  Well the first 2 doors we knocked told us to not solicit and we were like whatever.  Then one guy was nice and actually knew the lady that we went to the funeral for last week and that was cool meeting him.  Then we met this guy who was really just slamming us.  He was upset at us for knocking on his door, then for soliciting, then said he'd call the cops, then was all trying to tell us how to do our job and stuff.  But yeah we got pretty bummed about that.  Well....  we went to another place and tried to talk to this guy Trey who came to church a while ago.  Pretty sure he was high but he said we could come back and talk and it was good.  After that I made a phone call to this random, lady who had been taught before and she was super cool and wanted us to come by later this week!  Then we had to drop off something at the Mead family so we swung by there and it was great!  Well they wanted us to play one round of Apples to Apples so we did.  That was a blast.  Then as we were driving home I had this impression to go see this random former investigator, BJ. 

This was the miracle of the day.  So, we go see BJ, and we had had a pretty slow day besides the Meads, we were a little down on ourselves.  Well the first thing when he opens the door he said "Come on in!"  I didn't even argue haha!  So, we talk to him for a sec cause they were leaving and he was sooo tight!  He said we could come back tomorrow and we talked about his faith a bit.  Sooo he's a big southern dude that has a little Filipino wife.  Well the Whiteheads in our ward are a partial Filipino family so we called Brother Whitehead right away to see if he can come tomorrow.  He was out of town, but come to find out they know BJ and his wife already!  Sister Whitehead’s sister works for him!  So, we called Sister Whitehead and they were super pumped and stuff and so were we cause it's just lining up soo perfect.  So hopefully we have a great lesson with them tonight.  It’s sooo cool. 

This week should be really good.  Christmas is right around the corner and it's really cool that it’s on a Sunday.  I think with all the Christian influence around here everyone is kinda seeing the real meaning of Christmas and celebrating his birth on his day.  We also have our Mission Christmas Conference which is going to be fun. 

Anyways thanks for the letters and cards, it’s fun to see everyone from back home! 

Love yall & Merry Christmas 

Elder Larson