The Small and Simple Things

Blog 11/14

Monday night was pretty good.  We had dinner with a family and also had Kathy over for the dinner.  It was really great and they got along really well then afterwards we had a lesson on the 10 commandments that was pretty good.  We also were walking around an apartment complex later and were able to bump into Raul, one of our investigators who we hadn't been able to see in a while.  He was still into it and we had a little talk before he went home.  

Same tree with pictures taken 5 days apart

Tuesday we went to Lewis Ginter and did some service.  Lately we've been helping them prepare for their Christmas lights show which is pretty fun.  So today we unwrapped all the lights off of a 25 foot garland and then wrapped them back up again with a different color.  Actually a lot harder than you think it would be haha.  

The rest of the day was alright.  We were able to go out with Norman a little bit and see some people.  One of them was a guy named Keith who we just met.  He is a "born again" and was actually pretty interested in the things we were telling him because they went along with a lot of his beliefs.  He was pretty cool.  Then after dinner we went and saw Bruce again! He’s awesome, I’ll have to get a picture with him this next week sometime so yall can see.  

Wednesday was zone conference, man it was so great.  We got to hear a lot from President and Sister Smith and they told us about how we can better help people understand repentance and baptism and how we can work with our ward council better.  Elder Day and I also gave a little training in one of the breakout sessions for our zone, role playing a ward council.  We are going to start doing a new model of teaching part member and unbaptized youth families and working with the ward council coming up next year and it's going to be really awesome.  

Wednesday night we also had a lesson with Kathy.  President and Sister Smith were able to be there and that was pretty cool.  She's been having some doctrinal problems lately and we are going to have to push her baptismal date back a little bit.  Not a big deal because all of us, even Kathy, understand that it's more important for her to understand being converted, not just baptized.

Thursday morning we went to the botanical gardens again and helped them make "clouds" out of this ribbon stuff that they're going to have in one of the exhibits for the light show.  It was crafty.  After that we met Sister Deca at Frieda's and she bought us lunch.  It was awesome.  

Tonight was pretty sweet.  We picked up Norman and went and had a lesson with Brother Cranney.  We talked a lot about how we can use God to get over our trials and that if we live the small and simple parts of the gospel we can gain huge blessings.  I’ve really seen that to be true in my life, that’s pretty much how I gained my testimony.  I never saw an angel or vision, but through a lot of little things I built my foundation.  

After that we went and had a lesson with Genita and it went great.  Bruce hasn't been too interested lately but Genita loves reading and listening to her scriptures.  We showed her how to use her phone to listen to them and she loves it.  We listened to Enos and talked about prayer and how God will answer us.  We challenged her to pray for herself, and then for others just like Enos.  Then at the end she said a prayer and it was one of the most heartfelt prayers ever.  The spirit was so thick and I know she was feeling it.  As soon as the prayer was over I just asked her how she felt and if she would follow that feeling.  We set her on date for Christmas eve!  Not sure how solid that is but it was a great experience.

Friday morning Elder Day had his exit interview with President Smith while I went to a stake coordination meeting with the other missionaries who are in our stake.  It’s so crazy to think about Elder Day going home already.  This transfer has flown by.  After that we went to Chipotle which was fabulous.  

We saw Bo and Iris who are some of our new investigators.  It’s was super weird cause when we went over there they expected us to like help them with their relationship issues and stuff but we just taught the Restoration haha.  They actually got a lot out of it, at least Bo did and is going to read the Book of Mormon.  Crazy kids these days.  

We saw Kathy this afternoon with Norman and were able to talk a bit about her doctrinal problems.  She is really putting her trust in God and working hard to find her answers so that she can know if this is the path she wants to follow or not.  

We went out with Brother Murrell who is in the HPGL [high priest group leadership] and were able to see a bunch of people who aren't active and aren't really even interested in the church.  A lot of them didn't live at the places and it was good to do so that we can find them later and they can have a ward where ever they are.  

Saturday was coooolllllddd.  First time this year I’ve had to wear my thermals.  We contacted a bunch of potentials today and were able to talk to a couple of them.  It was good and hopefully we can get some new investigators out of it.  We didn't have too much going on the rest of the day.  It was weird for a Saturday because Mechanicsville felt super empty.  

Sunday I spoke in sacrament meeting with a missionary who was returning from the Provo Utah mission haha.  It was kinda funny because that is so close to home.  I guess he spent a good bit of time in Vernal lol....  

After church we had lunch with the Nelsons and then went to Pony Farms to contact people.  We ran into this one guy named Lamont who was really interested and we were able to teach him the Restoration.  He asked allllll the right questions and was just loving it.  Only problem is he doesn't live in our area.  Lame, but we will send his info the missionaries where he lives.  

We haven't been able to see Jennifer all week and it’s been a bummer.  Talked to her boyfriend and he said she would catch up with us this week.  Tonight we knocked like 60 doors and everyone was kinda grumpy haha but that’s ok.  Still a great week.  So crazy to think I only have like 9 days with Elder Day.  This transfer has been sooo fast.  

Love yall

Elder Larson