A Slower Week

Blog 12/12

I should start with saying thanks to everyone who sent me a card or email this week.  Love hearing from yall but sometimes I'm just too busy on p-day to write you back, but I still love it haha  Thank you!

So this week was not the fastest week for missionary work here in Mechanicsville.  Not sure what was up, but it just seemed like all of our investigators dropped off and we were having the hardest time finding people too.  So, this email might be a little shorter but I’ll write about some of the highlights for the week. 

Tuesday we had exchanges with the Chickahominy Elders.  Elder Wilkinson came here with me and it was great.  This is his second transfer and he’s been growing a lot, it’s so cool to see the new missionaries come in and learn everything.  We tried people all day and were only able to talk to a couple of them.  Like I said we have been doing a lot of finding.  One guy we talked to was Keith.  We talked to him a while ago and he said he would read the Book of Mormon.  Well this time he said he hadn't read and was super passive aggressive with us.  Everything he was saying was contradicting.   He was talking about how we all believed the same things, then would bash the Book of Mormon.  So we probably won’t see him again but it was a good experience with Elder Wilkinson.  We also saw Norman and Bruce and they're doing good. 

Wednesday was pretty cool.  We had district meeting in the morning and it was great.  We have been talking about planning a ton in our mission lately and so we had a discussion about planning and why it’s so important.  After that our whole zone and the other Richmond zone attended the funeral of Faye Mullins.  She was our stake president’s mother and one of the best member missionaries ever.  It was a really touching funeral.  We got to sing and all the missionaries were front and center which was a huge honor for us to be a part of that. 

So, Kathy has been in the hospital this week so we haven't really gotten to teach her, but we have been to visit a couple times.  Thursday morning we went and gave her a blessing and chatted for a minute.  Then Sunday after church we made like 20 paper snowflakes with the sister missionaries and then took them over and hung them up around her room.  She should be out this week and has been feeling better every day. 

This week we have been able to start teaching Thomas.  He is an unbaptized youth that lives with sister white and is 8 years old.  He is the coolest little kid and immediately started reading the Book of Mormon when we gave it to him.  His mom is a member but has really fallen away and doesn't really have a testimony of the gospel, but we are hoping to teach her as we teach Thomas.  It’s kinda fun teaching kids, but challenging at the same time. 

So we had our ward christmas party this week and they did karaoke for the entertainment. They had 2 cups, one with a group of people, and one with songs. Well the elders got called up and we were the only elders that would go up! I know there were others there. We got the slowest song, white Christmas and had to sing like 6 verses of it hahahahahahha it was soo bad. But oh well whadya do?

We also saw the Harrelsons finally! They are a part-member family and Sister Harrelsons has been pretty sick lately.  We went over and just asked for a minute and shared the #LIGHTtheWORLD video.  Brother Harrelsons is really excited for 1 o’clock church because he will be able to come more consistently. 

Like I said this week was kinda slow cause that’s all I can really think to report on.  We had interviews with President Smith this week and that was awesome.  He really is the best and I had a good chat with him.  It’s been cold and rainy here just like Virginia usually is, haha, but just like everyone says, you beg for winter in the summer and beg for summer in the winter.  Definitely wish we had some snow and mountains haha. 

Ok well I’m just dragging this on haha.  I’m loving it here in Mechanicsville, me and Elder Gordon are doing great and hoping to really pick it up this week. 

Love yall

Elder Larson