Slow Week - Small Miracles

2 quick notes from the editor:

  • Elder Larson & Elder Edwards could use all the extra prayers they can get in this area.
  • If you know of a great way to teach the difference between the Trinity and the Godhead Tyson would love to hear from you!

Blog 5/16


So tonight we went out with Josh, a priest in our ward that's putting in his mission papers pretty soon.  The first lesson we had canceled on us but it was pretty funny.  We went up and knocked on the door and a little girl answered the door and looked kinda suspicious so we asked for Eric (the kid were teaching) and she looked back inside and said "He's not here right now" so I said "Ok do you know when he's going to be back?" And she looked back inside again and said "I don't know..."  So I asked her "Well can you run inside and ask Eric?" And she turned around to go in and as soon as she did she realized that I caught her and got super embarrassed.  So, she went and yelled at Eric to come to the door, but he never did so we ended up leaving.

After that we went and saw the Gerber family.  They're great and it was a fun visit.  We talked about service again and showed the “LIFT” video.  It was really cool because they had had a similar experience a while ago.  They're a great family and it was a good lesson.

After that we went to an apartment complex and tried a couple of our potentials that were there.  While we were walking around Josh remembered a couple that lives there that the missionaries used to teach, so we went over there and knocked on the door and they were home! Tracy and Keith are their names and they are a super nice couple that has a strong religious faith.  They even served missions for their church just like we do.  We talked to them for a while and answered some of their questions and talked about the Plan of Salvation.  Hopefully we can teach them and the can start to progress again.


So this morning we went to district meeting.  It was pretty good and I gave a training on working with members to find investigators.  Then after that we had exchanges with the King George Elders.  I went to KG and Elder Miller came to Hartwood.  It was a great exchange and I was in a threesome so it was a lot of fun.  We went to a couple of their investigators and taught them.  One of them we almost committed on date for baptism, his name was Otis.  It was a good lesson but the timing just didn't feel quite right.  I don't really remember what happened the rest of the exchange but we went tracting for a while and then went home.

One cool miracle that happened between today and yesterday was I got an email from my aunt about someone they knew that lives in my zone, but they weren't really sure if it was in my area.  Well come to find out it was in the area I went on exchanges to so we made it a point to go see them.  So fast forward to Wednesday morning we went and saw her before we exchanged back and she loved it.  It was a really cool surprise and even better because the missionaries have been over there quite a bit helping her with service.  Exchanges are great.

 Elder Larson & Marti (his aunt's friend)

Elder Larson & Marti (his aunt's friend)


So we switched back after we made that visit in King George.  Went home and dropped my stuff off, then went back out to work.  We had 2 lessons that fell through so we went and tried to see some people that were potential investigators.  No dice.  So after dinner we went back out and tracted and found a really great guy named Nick.  He's a former marine and was super nice to us.  He grew up Baptist but listened to us and was pretty interested in what we said.  We talked for like 30 min and he said he would read the Book of Mormon and he would like us to talk to us wife too.  It was a really great tender mercy after not talking to anyone today.


This morning we had 2 more lessons fall through so we tracted for like 2 hours and didn't really talk to anyone, it was kind of a slow morning.  After lunch we had our weekly planning so that took up a good chunk of our day, but it was good to talk about our investigators and hopefully we can help some more people start to progress.  Then after the planning session we had another lesson cancel on us.  But, God blessed us after that, we ran into Katie.  She's about our age and the missionaries taught her before but she couldn't get baptized because of her parents.  Well she's still been reading her Book of Mormon and is still very interested in the gospel.  So we're going to start teaching her and I really think she's going to be baptized.

After dinner we went to the same complex that Nick lives in and tracted a bit.  About an hour in I had to use the bathroom so using my sneaky missionary brain we went over to Nick’s and asked if I could pop in his bathroom real quick.  Well while I was in there Edwards was obviously starting to talk about the gospel with him and then I came out and joined in, we talked about the Book of Mormon and showed him the video on it from, he was still interested and was all over the Book of Mormon.  It was a great lesson!

That's pretty much all that happened today, we did run into a Muslim family that talked to us and wanted to visit our church so we’ll see where that goes.


This morning started out kinda fun.  We went to the Gessel’s, and helped them with some service.  They're building a barn for a horse and are working on the foundation and needed help filling it with dirt up to the top of the footings.  So we had to get dirt from outside the foundation and put it in around the footings, aka lots of shoveling, and it rained the whole time we were doing this so it was muddy.  But I loved it, it was refreshing and it was fun to go out and sweat and get dirty.  PS Virginia soil is nothing like Utah soil!

So the rest of our day until dinner was kinda slow.  We didn't really talk to anyone and nobody was opening their doors.  We had 2 lessons with splits tonight which was great.  The lesson I went to was with Keith and Tracy and I went with Bro Dudenhefer.  The lesson went pretty well, they are pretty open to learning the gospel but they just aren't trying to feel the spirit so it makes it hard to commit them to anything.


We had a lesson with Danny scheduled for this morning so we went over and tracted in his complex for a while.  We couldn't find anyone to talk to us in the whole hour, but we did end up running into John who’s a member in our ward so we talked to him for a bit.  Then when we went to knock on Danny's door he wasn't there! So we went tracting a bit more and then had lunch.  During lunch we got a text from Danny saying he was sorry he had to run somewhere and we could come back this afternoon.

The lesson with Danny went kinda like the one last night, he's a great guy and loves religion.  He knows tons about our religion and we read 2 Nephi 31 with him, but he wouldn't commit to anything because the spirit wasn’t really there because it was mostly just facts.  Hopefully we can find a way to help invite the spirit more.

After that we knocked some townhomes and nobody really answered, the townhomes are tough sometimes because the people upstairs can't hear if we're downstairs haha.  And that was kinda the same after dinner we went and knocked doors and knocked but nobody opened.  Just a guy with a weenie dog that thought we were going to rob him haha.  We did help some members carry their stuff down some stairs because they were moving so that was great, service heals the soul.


Church was pretty good today, it was the same day that Joseph Smith got the Aaronic priesthood so they had a lot of talks and stuff on that which was really cool.  Besides that church was pretty normal.

After church we had a really cool miracle happen.  We were trying to talk to people and as I was driving I had one ladies name come into my head so I went straight there.  We caught her just as they were leaving and she said we could talk to her for a min.  The lesson was so great, the spirit was definitely there.  We told her about the Book of Mormon and went through the Restoration with her, then I asked her how she felt and she said calm.  Well, I pointed out that was the spirit and invited her to be baptized and she said she would! It was amazing.

After that we had dinner with the Altorfer’s and they were great.  Then we went and finished tracting part of the townhomes we've been working on but nobody answered.

This week has been kind of slow but that's just how it is sometimes.  Prayers are always needed and hopefully we can find “the one” this week.

Love y'all

Elder Larson