Slower Week

Blog 8/7

Alright this week is going to be shorter (possibly) because motivation is waning and I feel like this week there weren't a ton of huge events.  Transfers were this week and we both stayed here but I’ll be the district leader now over our district and they combined us with Wakefield and Lawrenceville so my district is huge geographically.  Should be fun.  

By way of lessons, things were a little more slow this week and we were kinda in the finding mode.  A lot of our appointments fell through.  Oh well it happens.  I’m really proud of Elder Brown though in his growth, he keeps me motivated and is doing amazing.  

Wednesday was pretty wild because of transfers.  We covered a lesson for the other Elders that were gone and Elder Baer was supposed to come out with us but his car was acting up so he couldn’t be there as much as he would have liked.  We did see some miracles that night for being diligent though.  At mutual we were able to have 2 lessons with people who had canceled earlier in the week.  Malik is now on date but it’s more of a goal for him to learn his answer than for exact baptism which is ok.  He is such a humble kid and came to church again! So good.  

We also found a less active to teach named Ben.  He’s been a member for a while because of his previous relationship but isn't really going now.  He is soooo fun to be with and just loves talking.  He told us some funny stories about his time being an airplane mechanic and I was rolling.  Hopefully we can teach him frequently.  

Gloria also came to church and is still working towards a date of 8/26, hopefully we can make it with her.  

Besides that everything is amazing, I love my mission to death.  The weather has been perfect and we even biked a little this week.  I can’t believe this is my last transfer and it’s kinda scary to think that I’ll be flying home in 6 weeks.  Were gonna go out with a bang though.  Hope to hear from yall soon! Love ya!