Shingling the Barn

Update for 1/4/2016

Thanks for the emails, cards, boxes, testimonies and especially your prayers.  I'm so grateful for the love and support each of you give me!  It keeps me working even when I'm missing home a bit.  Thanks!!


Tonight we had a really cool lesson with the Johnsons, the family we met last Tuesday.  They are awesome, and every time we go teach them they just want to know more and come to church.  We taught them the Restoration and they understood it pretty well which was cool.  They all want to get baptized together and I know they can be.   


Today Elder Bronson and I knocked doors for most of the morning and afternoon.  We are almost done transferring our area book from the papers to our iPads, so we have a ton of potentials on our maps that we can go see.  We had a couple people slam doors on us and a couple cool people talk to us, nobody that was really interested, just nice people.   

Tonight we had a lesson with Danny set up at the church.  She is a lady that the Spanish Elders referred to us.  They taught her once and she said that she wants to learn more and get baptized!  So we got up to the church and waited and waited and she ended up not coming, something came up...  So that was kind of a bummer.  The rest of the night we just tracted while we were biking home.   


Today we did exchanges with the Innsbrook Elders.  I stayed here in Gayton and Elder Ghering came with me.  It rained and rained the whole day.  We did a lot of work though and knocked on a lot of doors.   Tonight we had an fantastic lesson with a potential named Adam that we had met one time before.  Adam is awesome.  He is super smart and just wants to know the truth.  We taught him the Restoration and he believes that all of it could be true.  He has read a little bit of the Book of Mormon and he said one of the best prayers that I have ever heard.  Adam was definitely prepared for us.  He is so ready for the gospel.   

Thursday(New Year’s Eve)

Today was kind of an off day.  It was weird because we weren’t allowed to go out and visit "new" people, but we didn't have any lessons set up or anything.  I don't really remember the specific things that happened, but it was a weird day.   


This morning we had studies like normal.  I've been reading a chapter of "The Infinite Atonement" every day, then a chapter or 2 from the Book of Mormon, and a chapter or so out of the 4 Gospels, and doing whatever else I need to work on or whatever else I wanna study.   After that we had a zone meeting at the church, then we went and ate with the Spanish Elders.  After that we went back to our place and did some planning and other stuff.   


This morning we had a lesson with Latashia and her kids.  We ended up talking about baptism and agency and consequences.  It was a really good lesson and reminded me of something my dad has always told me, "good choices have good consequences and bad choices have bad consequences".   

After that we went out to Goochland to Brother Maldonado’s and helped him put some shingles on a barn he has.  It was great to go and do some work outside and get our hands dirty.  I think he sent my dad a picture so you can see.  But it was a great way to relax haha.   

After we got back we had a lesson with Tammy.  She is still doing awesome and wants to be baptized!  I can't wait for her.  We talked about all the blessings that will come from her being baptized and all of the great things that can happen.  One of the things I love is her desire to go to the temple.  She is so excited about eternal families.   

After Tammy’s lesson we went down the street to a guy we had met about a week ago, Jonny.  He's a super humble guy that loves to talk to us.  So a week ago we gave him a Book of Mormon and today we went back to check up on him.  He couldn't talk long, but we talked to him on his doorstep.  It was great.  He said that he has read like 1/4 of the book and he told us all about how it relates to our day.  We invited him to finish it and if pray and if it's true to be baptized.  He said "I'm never to old to be baptized".  Super cool miracle. 


Our church starts at 12:30 now which I don't like.  It was hard because it took away a lot of our time to go teach.  But today was a good day.  We went out with a member and tried to contact people which didn't go very well, nobody was home.   

I hope you all had a good New Year and are staying warm back there in Utah (editor’s note: or Colorado, or Alaska, or Spain, or wherever you’re reading this!).   

Love y'all 

Elder Larson