Service Plants the Seed

A few quick notes from the editor:
1 - Tyson sent all his pictures to Brooklyn, but Brooklyn is on a church history trip and couldn't be reached so pictures will be coming later
2 - I know Tyson's update sounds great, but he has had a harder week this week.  Please include him in your prayers, he could use the extra support.

Blog 6/6


Today was pretty fun, we had a lot of Memorial Day stuff going on in the ward so we got to go to 2 things and hang out.  The first one was in the morning at a big farm with the whole ward, they had breakfast and did a little presentation and just hung out.  It was cool because there are a lot of military and government workers around here so they get really patriotic when it's time, haha.  The second one was later in the afternoon at the bishop’s house and that was really fun too, our ward is great and it was a fun day.

After P-Day stuff we were supposed to have a lesson with Felicia tonight, the one in the trailer park, but she canceled on us, probably ‘cause it was Memorial Day.  But, we were able to go over and talk with the Gerbers for like an hour or so and share a message with them.  We're teaching them the basics and so we talked about God and prophets tonight then gave them all a Book of Mormon.  After that we just hung out and talked.  That was really the only lesson we had, but it was great to talk to the Gerbers, they're great.


This morning we went to see Brother LaBranche to help him with some stuff outside.  He was putting some sprinkler pipe in the ground and we had to dig a little trench to take the water out to his trees.  It was tough haha but, we got most of it done.  We had to stop only because both of his shovels broke on us.  I felt really bad but what we did get done was a big help.

We didn't have any luck today after lunch or dinner, nobody was really out and we weren't able to talk to any of our investigators.  We did find some other service to do later tonight though.  We were walking in a complex and saw a lady carrying a big box downstairs to a van, like she was moving.  Well, we asked if we could help and carried a couple of loads of their things with her and her husband.  They were super nice and we gave them our number.  They're not going to be in the area anymore so hopefully the missionaries find them wherever they go.


We went and saw Brother Banyon this morning and just had a little lesson with him.  It was good to talk and he is awesome.  After lunch we tracted an apartment complex and while we were there we knocked into this "Born Again" lady who preached to us for 30 min straight.  We start out knocking on the door, then she tells us she doesn't have time to talk, then we just tell her we’re sharing a message about Jesus Christ and how God has called prophets in the modern times to help us and gave her a pamphlet.  So she asked me who the prophet is and I told her Thomas S. Monson.  And she went off for the next 30 min telling us our beliefs were wrong and she literally looked me in the eye and told me what I believed in was false and wrong and I needed to go and ask God for help to get on the right path.  You know me, so I kept a straight face and usually stuff like that doesn't get me down, but it was still kinda hard.  I was in between laughing at her or being upset haha it was strange.

After that we went and talked to Brittany.  She's an investigator and we have only taught her like once.  Well we got there and she was trying to jump her car battery so we helped her with that and she was really grateful for it.  I'm so glad I'm good with my hands and stuff, one of the best gifts from God because I can help people so much.  But, then we shared a quick plan of salvation lesson with her and set up a time to go back.  It was good.

After that we only had like 20 min to knock doors so we hit this one street and the second door we knocked on we were able to teach a kid named Brian.  He's 16 and was actually kinda interested.  We just talked about the Restoration with him and he enjoyed it and said we could come back tomorrow if he's home.

We had dinner after that then went back out.  We were able to teach a lady who was really interested.  She was Christian but didn't really go to church and had a lot of good questions.  We told her about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon and she really like that and how there are prophets.  At the end she was like "I'm going to pray about it and see what's true" we didn't even have to tell her that! Then in a couple min after that she said she was going to fast about it too! So we're going to fast with her tomorrow.  There were a lot of cool miracles today and I know it was God helping us along.


We went and had a lesson this morning with the Leonard's.  We took Brother Banyon with us and it was really cool because he knows so much but is able to help people understand because he was in their shoes a little while ago before he became a member.  We talked about the Plan of Salvation, but especially the sacrament.  It was a good talk and it always helps me see how important the sacrament is.

We had weekly planning this afternoon so that was ok haha.

Then, tonight we went and saw Laura.  She's a recent convert and her mom was on bed rest and was the one wanting to be baptized but we weren't sure how to do it ‘cause she can't get in water.  Well her mom passed away like Tuesday, I think, so they're having the funeral Saturday.  We went over and talked with her and her sister and helped them make these little things for the funeral they're giving to people.  It was good just talking to her and it kinda reminded me of my Grandma B’s funeral because while we were all so sad, we also were all alright because we know that we will see her again.  Laura has an amazing testimony of the Plan of Salvation and it was great to just be there for her.


We had zone meeting this morning and it was fun, after that we went on exchanges with the King George elders.  I got to stay in Hartwood and Elder Miller came with me.  Elder Miller is an interesting kid, he's been out like 18ish months and is just really chill, not like lazy, but just like down for whatever, so we had a great time.

So we went and picked up Brother Banyon again and went to see an investigator of ours named Danny, it was just a random stop by and he wasn't there but his wife was.  It was the most amazing lesson with her.  Danny is really strong in his faith, but Sarah is still figuring hers out.  She had a lot of good questions and we and Brother Banyon were able to answer them so perfectly to her needs, I know it was the Holy Ghost talking through us.  It was there so strong and I know if she starts to read the Book of Mormon she will want to know more, she is amazing.

The rest of the day we tracted a little and then helped build Brother Banyons bed frame for him, it was like the one I have at home so it was pretty easy for me and it was fun to use my hands haha I love service its so great.


So our morning was kinda taken up with exchanging back companions so that was a bummer.  After I got Edwards back though we went out and the first person we went to see was Greg, that dude we saw a while ago who was like in the special forces and stuff.  We didn't really have a structured lesson with him, but it was really good talking to him.  He calls us his Mormon friends and is just such a happy dude.  We talked to him for like 30 min and I shared one of these new bible videos the church put out that have children narrating them and they're just super cute, you'll have to watch them.  It was good.

After that we went and saw the Critz.  She's a member and he's not.  They have health problems and I was going to just share the Restoration with them and talk about that stuff but they had questions and we ended up talking about the Plan of Salvation.  It was a good lesson and really personal for them because they've both seen the Lord bless their lives and have a testimony of the Plan of Salvation.  The plan really like explains all of our lives, yet all of us have such different lives, it's amazing.  I keep having like these little epiphanies about this stuff and the gospel is so true.

Then we went and met Colin who's a priest in the ward and went to see Cecilia.  She's a member and is preparing to go to the temple.  We were able to teach her, her son and his friend the story of Alma the Younger and it was so great because they were able to help Tyler (the friend) understand it.  I love that story and I could see that he thought it was really cool too.  We also helped her get a dresser from Good Will with Brother Putman and take it to her house then we went to dinner.

After that we went to Brother Banyon’s and he went out with us.  We've been hanging out with him a bit and it's fun, and really helpful for the people we teach.  We had a couple lessons with him, the first one was with a lady who's less active but it’s because of her kids health.  Her kids have sickle cell disease and are pretty sick.  We just talked to her and shared a quick lesson about the Atonement and how it's for that kind of stuff too.  It was really tender and she was so grateful.  After that we went and had a lesson with the lady named Sheba we taught like last week.  She was nice and pretty open and we shared a quick Plan of Salvation lesson just to introduce her to it.  She said she would come to church tomorrow which was cool, but idk if she will come, hopefully!  They were both good lessons, and Danny is a really good person to have because he knows what it's like to be on the other side of the fence.

So tonight was also transfer calls but President had to switch it up because he has meetings so it's over 2 days, Saturday and Sunday.  We didn't get a call tonight so me and elder Edwards are staying together for another transfer!


We went and tried a couple people and nobody answered and then as we were going to dinner I felt like we should go and see Kim.  We haven't seen her in a while and it was good to talk with her.  We just shared a quick scripture and said a prayer and set up a time to go back.  She's really nice but it's hard for her because she is super busy right now remodeling her house.  We went to dinner with the Archibalds and they're cool, we talked about tons of stuff but really just the West and skiing.

So backing up a little bit between Kim and dinner I got a call from President Wilson........  Well he only calls leadership so I knew this was biggish and he asked me to be a district leader!  I'm really excited to be able to serve even more and it helps me know that I'm ready to challenge myself to be even better by helping those other missionaries I serve with.

We went to try a couple people after dinner and ended up at the Gerbers, we taught them again and it was great.  Love that family so much.

It was a pretty good week and I'm excited for another transfer here in Hartwood!

Love you all!

Elder Larson