Robbers, Robbers!

Blog 8/29


Tonight was pretty good, we went with Joe, one of our priests, and saw Angela and her kids.  They're doing great and we went over the baptism interview questions and qualifications for baptism and talked about the Law Chastity and Word of Wisdom.  It was a really good lesson and they said that they would still like to be baptized.  The only struggle we are having with them is getting them to come to our church and that is because their church has so many activities to be involved in.  It’s one thing I think our church may lack…


This morning was district meeting, it was really good.  We started off with a couple moments to just ponder the scriptures while I played music from my iPod and it brought the spirit very strong.  After that we had some trainings by Elder Maedgen and Elder Bair and they were great.  Our district is pretty close and it's really fun to have spiritual moments then also have fun times, where we go play ball or whatever.

We spent a little bit of time in the White Oaks area doing a blitz because Elder Burila was going to his mid-mission at 4:00 in Richmond.  We didn't have much happen but found some good potentials and stuff.  For the rest of the day Elder Bair came with us in a trio and it was great, I love being in a trio.  We had a great lesson with the Leonards and read Ether 2 & 3 with them and they loved it.  It's so awesome to see people light up when they start understanding the scriptures.  After that we helped Fred change a tire on his car and got a little dirty which I loved.

Our evening was also pretty good and we went and saw Sister Gerber.  She's doing great and said that she would be able to bring the kids to church this week!  We read 3 Nephi 18:1-12 with them.  They're really one of my favorite families and I really, really hope they start getting more into it because they need to be in the gospel.

After that we went over to teach Jessica.  She's been dodging us for a while and we found out why...  Come to find out they had read some anti[-Mormon] and had a huge misconception that we don't like black people.  They had it stuck in their heads and she was really weird about it and her black husband was really put off.  We had a long talk with them but they had already made up their mind and there was nothing we could do about it.  These type of things really suck.


Our studies this morning were unreal.  I've been reading in Acts lately and just blowing through it.  I don't even remember what I read but it was awesome.  I'm also starting over in the Book of Mormon and I’m in like 1 Nephi 14.  But comp study and training was super good with Elder Bair because we could do role plays better, it was good.  After that we went and tried seeing a dude we contacted but he wasn't home so we taught Brittany's brother instead, Malik.  We had a pretty ok lesson, but he's not crazy interested, kind of a bad attitude.

Our afternoon was awesome.  Honestly one of the best.  We went back over to the Furness' to teach Mike, who is Colin's friend that we taught last Sunday.  We had lunch and then went over the Plan of Salvation with him and it was one of the best lessons I've had on that in a while.  Mike is super prepared and knows a ton of people in our ward.  He's so ready.  We set him on date for the 10th of September which would be so cool if he can make it.  He's ready!  After that we went and picked up Elder Burila and switched Elder Bair back.

We had dinner with the Weeds and that was great.  Connor is cool to hang out with and I love Brother and Sister Weed.  We talked about how not being of the natural man has helped them in their lives.  They had some great insights, especially Brother Weed.


Today we did a lot of sitting inside.  We did our studies in the morning (normal 3 hours ‘cause of training) and then had lunch at Del’s.  Then we came home and did weekly planning.  It was good but…like always…long haha.  We had a couple people to go see then had dinner with this family who were pretty cool.  The rest of our night was tracting and man it was eventful.

So first off we had some pretty good lessons with two Hispanic people that we will pass off to the Spanish missionaries.  After that we met Jean Pierre.  He's a really interesting dude from Italy and we just talked to him on his doorstep since he was in his boxers and had just finished painting his fingernails.......  After that we were walking back to the car, since it was almost time to do number calls, and a guy from a house we had knocked earlier, but didn't get an answer, told us to come over.  He said he just got home and his wife was freaking out and had called the cops on us ‘cause she thought we were robbers!  He told us to start ringing doorbells instead of knocking haha!  Well, we usually knock after like 7:45 so we don't wake up kids, you know, being polite and all.  But we talked to the cop and he was pretty cool about it.  Just a misunderstanding, haha


Today was good.  We did a lot of tracting and went out and tried contacting people we haven’t seen in a while.  We dropped quite a few people which was actually really good.  That was most of our day.  Tonight though was good.  We taught John, our recent convert, about home teaching since he just got a calling for that.  He's really, really excited and loves the Church.  We got his membership number and set up his account and he loved that he could mark all the scriptures on his phone and stuff.  After that we went out and knocked some doors and got some return appointments with people.


This morning was awesome.  So, we've been teaching Mike and he's doing great.  Well, today the Spanish Elders had a baptism and we were able to bring Mike along with us to watch.  Man it was so spiritual.  For Mike we had someone there to translate but I was just listening and watching in Spanish.  This is one of the reasons I know the spirit is real, because even when I can't understand a lick of what they're saying I still know the feelings I’m feeling.  After the baptism we went home and did some studies and had lunch then did some tracting for our afternoon.  We taught Yarida, a girl we found a while ago and she had read part of her Book of Mormon, she really liked it and we are going to start going over there and teaching her.

We had dinner with the Putmans tonight which was awesome and then Brother Putman came out with us.  We went and saw the Ackerts and the Leonards and had really good lessons with them on prayer.  Brother Putman has a really strong testimony and we had a really good night.

Tonight was also transfer calls, but we are staying in Hartwood! Elder Burila is training in White Oak and the King George Elders are staying too.


Today was a great Sunday.  So at church we had Mike come, the Leonards come, Sister Bonga come, and then some other people we haven't seen there in a while.  It was awesome!  We went to the class with the priests and it was a really good class.  They start school soon so they talked about being in the world but not of the world.  After church we went home and then went and saw Del and gave him a little spiritual message since he wasn't feeling well enough to come to church today.

We had dinner at the Gessels but we had to eat quick because there was a youth fireside by some army guy who was really up there in the ranks.  Well Mike is interested in that kind of stuff and originally wasn't going to be able to make it, but last minute he switched his plans, so we did too so we could go with him.  It was an awesome fireside and the speaker talked about the Holy Ghost a lot.

The rest of our night was pretty good.  We didn't have a lot of time after the fireside but we were able to teach Malik, Brittany's brother, and he was pretty receptive.  We talked about the Restoration again and the Book of Mormon and he said an awesome prayer at the end.  That's one thing I love about being in the South is when people pray!

This week was really good and a good way to end the transfer.  Guess I'll be in Hartwood for 6 months which is gonna be great!