Baptism Commitment & Ribs, Perfect!

Update 8/22


This morning was kind of slow to be honest.  We went and tried to see Nicole, Taylor and Alyssa, but they weren't home.  The rest the morning we just went tracting and it seems like every house we knocked on was empty.  After lunch we went and had a quick lesson with Danny and then went and knocked houses in the neighborhood and we were able to teach a kid named Xavier.  He was probably like 14 or 15 and said he and his family go to another church but he still listened to us.  After that we were supposed to have a lesson with Janis but we got there and they said she wasn't home.

We had dinner at the Weeds and on our way there we stopped and saw Sister Anderson who is the cool lady with the birds.  She's really nice and we are glad we were able to catch her.  It was really funny because she said she would come to church if she could bring her little white bird so we're going to have to ask the bishop about that.  At dinner tonight we were out at the Weeds who are really awesome and I had a lesson with John.  He's a really great guy but hasn't decided to be baptized yet.

Tonight we had a bunch of people that we tried to stop by and see but nobody was really home.  We kinda just drove around knocking doors and stuff, it was awesome.  I really didn't have a ton of motivation tonight for some reason, idk what was up.


This morning we had district meeting and it was pretty good.  Elders Shirley and Burila trained and our district is getting pretty close which is nice.  After the meeting we did exchanges with the King George elders.  I stayed at Heartwood with Elder Rhinehart and Elder Maedgen went to King George.  Our day started off pretty good and we went and saw Emily and Fred and read 1st Nephi 16 with them and talked about the Liahona and the things we have to guide our lives.  It was a great lesson and they are really starting to progress on coming to church.

After that I had a dentist appointment with Dr. Archibald who is in our ward.  It was just a check up because I thought I had something wrong with one of my teeth.  It all turned out fine and I'm glad I went.  Better safe than sorry.

We had dinner with the Flitton's tonight and that was awesome.  We also played a round of "Cover Your Assets" with them which is a card game that's really big in my mission.  Definitely want to look into, for y'all at home.

After dinner Brother Flitton came on splits with us and we went and saw the Demarees and had a really good lesson with them.  We also had a lesson with Alex who we talked with a couple weeks ago.  He's really nice and really smart and it was a good talk.  The first thing he asked us was if we could talk to his girlfriend, then we had a lesson on family history work and temples which she had lots of questions about.  Definitely a good exchange.


This morning we had interviews with President Smith for the first time.  He is really great and is from Idaho, which makes him even better.  We had a good talk and he had a lot of good advice for me.  After the interviews we switched back from our exchanges and me and Elder Maedgen went back to Hartwood.  We did some weekly planning and then went and did some service for an older lady that the missionaries had found a while ago.  She is very interested in learning more about the gospel, but we were just able to help her with her yard and hopefully that's a way she can start to feel the spirit.

Tonight after dinner we went over to the Brodies and had coordination with him.  We just talked about our investigators and it was a good little meeting.  On our way home we stopped and saw Angela and she's doing great.

We talked to her about the Book of Mormon and the Restoration and that she really needs to find out if it's true.  It was a pretty good day but it felt like we did a lot of sitting inside because of all of our meetings LOL.


Today was pretty good, it started off slow but ended really great! This morning we tried contacting some people but didn't have any luck.  Then after lunch we grab Kyle, one of our priests, and tried having a couple lessons.  We ended up helping Danny put together a bedframe since his shoulder is still hurt.  We had dinner with Dell and then had a really great night.

 Left to Right: Elder Maedgen, Dell, Elder Larson

Left to Right: Elder Maedgen, Dell, Elder Larson

The first thing that happened was we were looking through our area book for people to go see and saw the name of a member that we were familiar with.  We went over to see if they were less active and they greeted us with a big welcome.  Come to find out that they are active and had just been traveling for a couple months.  We had a good lesson with them and they ended up giving us like a whole rack of ribs and some corn on the cob.  Blessings! 

After that Elder Maedgen had a prompting that we should go see John, one of our recent converts.  As we drove up to his apartment he was walking right outside on the sidewalk and said he had a couple minutes for us come talk to him.  We had one of the best lessons on temples and on the Plan of Salvation and he's really excited go to the temple as soon as he can. 

The next thing that happened was after our lesson with John we asked him if he wanted to come try and see somebody with us and have a lesson.  He said yes and was really excited.  We went over and tried to see Britney who we've been teaching lately and it turns out that John and Britney actually went to high school together!  We found her outside of her apartment and she was really pumped to see us.  We taught her the Gospel of Jesus Christ invited her to be baptized.  It was really great to have John there to testified how the gospel has blessed his life.  She is really excited and hopefully we can get her to come to church this weekend.


This morning was pretty awesome, we talked to Britney last night and she also wanted to have another lesson with us today.  We saw her at like 10 AM and had a lesson with her brother, Holcomb.  We talked about the doctrine of Christ and the things she needs to do to be ready for her baptism.  She was really excited and is so ready to be baptized! After that we did exchanges with the White Oak elders since they won't be able to do it next week.  Elder Burila came to Hartwood with me and we had a good day.

We had a lesson with one of Danny's friends named Chris who just recently started coming closer to Jesus Christ.  He wanted to know what we believe and we had a good lesson with him about the Restoration and answered a lot of other questions that he had.  He is a really interesting guy and wanted to talk about the deep doctrines but we tried to dial it back and keep it simple for him.

After that we had dinner, then Colin, one of the priests, came out with us on splits.  We talked to one guy who is Rastafari that was really interesting.  I had never talked to anyone that believes that before and neither had Elder Burila but the guy said we could come back some time and talk to him.  After that we went tracted in an apartment complex and talked to Michael.  He had talked to the missionaries before.  We talked about the Restoration with him and he said it made a lot of sense.  He has a young kid and said that he would like to have us back.


Today was stake conference which was pretty cool.  They split our stake into two so there were two members of the 70 there to preside, Elder Kipischke was one of them and the other was Elder Calderwood.  So they did the reorganization which was cool, the stake boundary lines are basically where our zone lines are because there were already 2 zones in the stake.  The meeting was really good too.  Afterward I got to talk to Lauren who was someone I knew back at Lone Peak, I was friends with her brother, Preston.  They used to live here and are back visiting and it was really neat to see them.

On our way home we saw a guy at the 7-11 who was changing a tire in a white shirt and tie.  Who else could it be but someone from our church, right??  So I pulled over and helped him change it and put the donut on.  While we were doing that we had 3 other sets of missionaries and our mission president drive up and see if we needed help, haha!  This guy was definitely going to be taken care of.  But, that was a good service opportunity.

Today was another day full of miracles.  Colin had one of his friends come to stake conference and he really loved it.  So they called us up afterwards and said “Hey come over for lunch and a lesson”!  It was amazing and we really had a good time.  Mike is really into the gospel and loves his Bible.  He had a lot of good questions and we talked about the Restoration. 

After that we went over and said goodbye to Josh at his farewell.  He leaves for the Texas, Houston East Mission this week.  Tonight we saw Kim for just a minute and had a lesson with her on her porch.  Then we were contacting potentials and found David and Sara who are a really great family.  We didn't really get to teach them, but they said we could come back and they would love to have us over.

Really good week and we taught a lot!  Excited for this next week and starting another transfer soon, Elder Maedgen is doing great!

Love you all,

Elder Larson