Trainer, Return & Report

Update 8/8


So this morning we helped Sharron and Derek move from their apartment in our area to their new apartment in Accokeeks area.  She works with one of our priests Josh and he's actually the one that helped us start teaching her.  We got his van and loaded it up and sent them on their way and then the Keek Elders met them at their new place and taught them as soon as they unloaded their stuff.  They're going to be baptized up there, I'm sure of it, it's sad that I won't be able to baptize them but I know that they really truly have the desire and that they will make it happen.

We had lunch with Del, he made us chicken.  Then we went over to Danny’s and had a lesson with him since he's been feeling a little down.  He also pulled his shoulder out of place so I popped it back in for him again which was an adventure.

Tonight after dinner we were tracting this little street in the southern part of our area.  The street really reminded me of Burkeville with the smaller, older houses and the back roads feel.  We knocked down this street and then met this lady, Nicole, and her daughter Taylor.  They were just outside talking and we started talking to them (Elder Maedgen did, ‘cause I made him lol).  But they were awesome and are actually really interested.  We taught them the whole Restoration lesson and they said they would read the Book of Mormon and if it's true they would be baptized.  They really understood what we were saying and it just felt like everything was clicking.


Today was pretty grand.  We were supposed to do service at the Critz' but they had to cancel on us because they had to go to their daughters and help them with something last minute.  I think we're going to go and help them next week, I hope so.  After that we went to Danny’s to help him set up a TV since he hurt his shoulder again and can't really do it.

After that we tracted for like an hour.  We talked to one really cranky dude who didn't wanna have any of it and then moved on.  The last house we knocked on was interesting.  This older lady came out and sat right in her chair on the porch and started talking to us.  That never happens so it shocked me for a sec haha.  But she just started asking us questions and we answered them the best we could.  She is the pastor’s wife of this church somewhere and is really into their church.  Their views were a bit different than ours and so she was sincerely interested in learning what we believe and why, but not really interested in changing at all.  It was really good for Elder Maedgen to talk to her since we haven't really talked to many people with that deep of beliefs.

We had a sweet Restoration lesson with Jessica tonight.  We just sat outside and it was the best lesson we've had with her yet.  She's really sincere and wants to read the Book of Mormon and hopefully come to church soon.  She knew what the spirit felt like and recognized it when we were talking and especially about the First Vision which was great.  She can definitely be baptized soon.


We did some service this morning with Danny and that was fine.  He was helping this older lady move into a new house and needed us to come and arrange the furniture in her house because his arm is still hurting.  It was fun and I feel like I have an eye for that kind of thing.  We had lunch and then did some weekly planning which was fine, kinda normal.

This evening was supposed to be awesome, we were going to have a church tour with Angela and her kids but she canceled on us this morning and that really bummed us out.  She really needs to make up her mind on coming to our church and if it's true or not.

So the rest of our night we were kinda winging it but it was good.  We saw Cecilia and Kareem and taught them the Plan of Salvation, they're active but she learns at a slower pace, so it was good.  We also saw the Taddeos and that was good, they're starting to be more active which is awesome.  We tried tracting a little also but nobody really answered.


This morning was district meeting.  We had a leadership meeting with the DLs(district leaders) and ZLs(zone leaders) before hand and that was good, then in zone meeting my district did a musical number.  After that we went to lunch and it was a good time.

Traffic was horrible coming back home and then we got a referral and set up a lesson with them to go and have a visit.  Well we took one of our priests who was supposed to make dinner for his family but decided to come anyways.  Well it took us like 2 hours to drive 5ish miles down our area, it was soooo stupid, haha!  Drove me nuts!!  So Kyle was late for dinner. 

Once we got there they weren't home so I called them and they were at Dunkin Donuts.  We walked down there and had a really great lesson with them on the Restoration, it was so good.  They really felt the spirit and recognized the need for the authority.  They want to come to church so hopefully we can get them there soon!


Today was pretty good.  We went down to Richmond today for our Return and Report meeting.  That's where all of the new elders and their trainers have a meeting with the president and talk about our training.  It was really fun to be with all the elders and to hear from President Smith.  He talked a lot about priesthood authority and power. 

Then we had group sessions and talked about our training.  After lunch they put all of us with a new companion and we hit the streets of Richmond.  It was really fun to contact people on the streets and talk to all sorts of people.  I had five or six lessons, one of them with a group of 7 Southern Baptist girls who are preparing to go on missions of their own.  They're really interested in our missionary work and we got to share the Restoration with them on the sidewalk.  It was a great lesson.

We took the van back to our area with the other elders.  Traffic was pretty bad but we made it.  Tonight was also pretty good.  We went and saw the Leonards and had a really great lesson with them on the Word of Wisdom.  We read D&C 89 and talked about it.  They had a lot of great insights and I love how everybody has different takeaways from the scriptures. 

After that we had a lesson with Jessica on her back porch.  This is the first real lesson we had with her and we taught the Restoration.  She was really interested and love the analogy we used to explain our doctrine.  She's going to try to get work off and come to church one Sunday.  We also caught Kim and were able to set up a lesson with her in a couple weeks when she gets back from a trip.  Hopefully that goes well.

It was a pretty normal Sunday, church was good though.  Seth, Caleb's brother, got home from his mission in Japan this week and shared his testimony.  We hung out with him for most of the day, it was weird to be with a missionary who just got home, I can't even imagine how that feels.

We caught up with Angela and her girls after church and had a little lesson with them about the will of God.  She’s still searching for the answer but believes the church is true and just needs to start reading her Book of Mormon and coming to church.  I know she will find it. 

After that we had dinner with the Scotto's which was really fun.  We saw Sister Gerber this evening and caught up with her.  She's really great and I love her kids.  Then we finish the night off at Danny's and had a little lesson with them.  The kids have started coming to church with him and love it which is really awesome.  It was a great week and time is flying by since Elder Maedgen got here.

Love ya!

Elder Larson