Return and Report

Blog 7/17

Alright the motivation level to write this week is diminishing so I better get this over with while I still can lol.  

So Monday after p-day we had a pretty awesome night with Elder Baer.  I think I told you but they've been reassigned to our ward and they're doing work here.  It’s so inspiring to be around Elder Baer.  We saw the Mace family who are really awesome.  We were supposed to teach the kids but they weren't there so we ended up just teaching brother Mace about the Restoration and why that's important and what he can do to help his kids with the progression of their testimonies.  

We also saw Alyse and Stephen who have been taught by missionaries in the past but it’s been a while so it was a really good introduction lesson and hopefully we can make it a consistent thing.  

Tuesday we had exchanges with Elder Shirley and Elder Croft that was pretty good.  I went with Elder Shirley and he’s a really good missionary.  It’s always fun for me to see missionaries that I served around a year ago and now see their growth.  One awesome thing that night was when we went on splits.  Elder Shirley went with the bishop and I went with Brother Sandgren who’s great.  We taught Hilary and went over prayer and repentance and the best part was when Brother Sandgren was able to testify.  The spirit was there so strong and they loved him.  Splits inside of exchanges bring miracles.  

Wednesday was a wicked busy evening going out with Elder Baer.  We had 4 lessons, first with the Maces who were great.  We taught the kids about Heavenly Father and Jesus and how we can learn about them from the scriptures.  The little girl could be baptized soon which would be lit.  After that we had an introduction lesson with a less active named Victoria.  She wants us to teach her kids but they weren't there but it was good to get to know her too.  We also saw the McRae family and talked about the Plan of Salvation.  They're already so awesome so it was a good lesson and Elder Brown was able to lead the lesson.  We also had another lesson with the Fitzsimmons about the Book of Mormon and the temple.  

Thursday was sweet because of our lesson with Gloria.  She finally set a date!  She's going to be baptized on August 26th which is a while away but gives us a good amount of time to help her keep growing.  After that we saw Malik and had a sweet lesson with him and Brother Miles.  Malik has a real desire to change and wants to keep coming to church, hopefully we can teach him and help him change.  

Last big highlight of the week was return and report with Elder Brown up in Richmond.  We had some training from 9-10:30 the went out on the streets of Richmond for 2 hours to talk to people!  So fun!  Elder Brown is growing so much and it was a lot of fun to be with some of my old homies that are also training.  

The rest of the week was awesome too but I don’t have time to write about it.  

Love yall!  Literally rushing so I can get to dinner but I’ll talk to you later!  


Elder Tys Larson - VRM