Read it EVERY day!

Blog 4/24/2017

This week felt soooo busy and just flew by!  We had lots of teaching this week and also did 2 exchanges which was a ton of fun.  

Monday was pretty sweet because we got a new car!  I feel kinda weird as a missionary driving these cars that they give us when like half the people we teach might not even have a car, we are definitely blessed.  But it’s pretty sweet to say the least and I’m really grateful to have it.  

Then Monday night we had a really cool miracle with some lessons.  We had a sweet lesson with Brother Doss who we are working with a little lately.  He is such a humble guy and the spirit was there so strong as we talked about some of his challenges.  We have been reading President Monson’s talk from conference with people because it’s really short and powerful about the Book of Mormon.  In there he gives us a commandment to read the Book of Mormon and gain a testimony of it but not just that, to read it EVERY day!  

I implore each of us to prayerfully study and ponder the Book of Mormon each day. As we do so, we will be in a position to hear the voice of the Spirit, to resist temptation, to overcome doubt and fear, and to receive heaven’s help in our lives.
— President Thomas S. Monson - The Power of The Book of Mormon - April 2017 General Conference

I didn’t catch that the first time I listened to that, but I’ve been making it a goal to read specifically from the Book of Mormon every day like the prophet said and that's what we have been challenging people to do and I also challenge y’all to do.

Monday night we also had a sweet lesson with this referral we got.  His name is Edward and he said he had been up reading his bible on his phone at 3am and this random Book of Mormon add popped up and he felt prompted to type in his information even though it’s not something he normally does.  We had a sweet lesson with him talking about the Book of Mormon and the importance of it.  He was really interested but later in the week Elder Knight had a lesson with him and he seems to be slowly fading.  He seems to be a normal Baptist guy who has a lot of different thoughts about the Bible that we will have to work with.  

Monday night after all that and then Tuesday we went on exchanges with the assistants to the president which was awesome because Elder Lamarr is serving there now and I got to be with him again!  It was a sweet exchange with them and we got to teach a few lessons.  We did a bit of contacting on VCU throughout the day which was fun.  I love stopping people and talking to them as you walk around, you meet so many new people and everyone has a different story, it’s pretty cool.  We also taught this member who they are working with to start teaching some of her friends which was awesome, she is thinking about going on a mission!  Then I got to go out with Elder Lamarr and we had a skype lesson with one of their investigators who is progressing towards baptism.  He is super solid and the spirit was there so strong.  He doesn’t know exactly if the Book of Mormon is true yet, but he has a huge desire.  

Then Monday night we had a sweet lesson on skype with Shawn at Brother Abrams house!  We reviewed the Plan of Salvation and talked about all the things that he needs to do so that he can get back to live with God again.  It was pretty amazing to see him connect all the dots and to have Brother Abrams there for his first skype lesson.  Funny story about Shawn too...  he finally was able to come to church Sunday and during sacrament meeting he looked a little lost.  Well when we got into Sunday School Elder Knight and I had to leave to go teach another lesson and left Shawn about 5 minutes into class.  Well we get back with about 5 min left and Shawn raises his hand to say the closing prayer and everyone is like cheering him on and telling him to do it!  We were soo lost wondering how everyone knew his name and just acted like they had known him for their whole lives haha!  But he said an amazing prayer and I guess had been really good in the lesson helping Brother Nase teach about prophets.  

Another miracle during church was that Colton and his dad came to church.  His dad is a longtime member but less active and Colton is 13 and not baptized.  He’s the one we went to the baseball game for.  Well he is doing awesome and during Sunday School we taught them a lesson about the Book of Mormon and baptism and Colton and his dad are both working on being ready for Colton to be baptized in 3 weeks!  They really have the desire and the spirit was so strong there just prompting his dad to start remembering his testimony and sharing it with his son so that they could have the same thing.  

Man there were so many good things that happened this week!  Sorry if this is a long email....  we went on exchanges with the Spanish Elders Thursday and Friday and taught one of their investigators who lives in Hopewell.  It was fun for me to be with Elder Slivers again since I hadn't served around him since Gayton and he goes home in a transfer.  

Then we had a great lesson with Sister Futrell Friday morning and she is really progressing.  We talked about the Plan of Salvation and she really has a lot of questions which makes it fun for us to teach her.  Then finally Friday afternoon we went to the Belmont Sisters area with 7 other companionships and did a blitz there because they are struggling finding people to teach.  It was a lot of fun and seemed to help boost their spirits plus Elder Knight and I found this one lady who is sooo prepared!  

Saturday was a day of service.  First we were supposed to help mow a lawn for a member’s mother who is really sick...  but when we got there at 8am it was already done!  So we went home and changed then went to the ward fundraiser to help the Young Women for girl’s camp.  They had a yard sale and sold BBQ that Brother Tucker made for them which is designated as the best in Hopewell.  We asked him about it on Wednesday and he told us "I’m gonna put some south in your mouth!" Definitely true...  the best I’ve ever had.  

Then Saturday we had service at the Fishers, who is a less active family we are working with.  We helped them to lay out 70 4x4x6 posts and then in between those about the same amount of fence panels so they can put up a fence.  Tons of work and tons of fun!  

Man there are definitely more miracles I could share but I think yall get the point.  I’m loving Hopewell and it seems like there will be baptisms coming up soon.  Hopefully while I’m here.  This week we have interviews with President Smith, which I’m excited for.  Hopefully we can have a good week this week as well!  Love you all and I’d love to hear from yall if you have a minute to email me!