The Prince of Peace

Blog 4/16/17

Man, Easter week is an awesome time to be a missionary.  We were able to show the #princeofpeace video a lot of times this week and really feel the Easter spirit through out the week.  It did seem that we had a trend of canceled lessons with Easter and spring break happening this week, but still had a lot of highlights.  

We were able to teach Aiden Monday and also Wednesday.  Monday was a really great lesson with him and his family about the Liahona and the Holy Ghost.  We read 1 Nephi 16 about the Liahona and I drew pictures as we read the story to describe with Aiden what was happening as we read which seemed to help him understand it.  We had a really great talk with him about baptism and the Holy Ghost and it seems like he is really warming up the idea of it, that was the purpose of our lesson Wednesday.   On Wednesday we were able to take Aiden and Kody to the church and show them the baptismal font.  Aiden has been a little nervous of the water and the physical aspect of the baptism so this really helped him out a lot.  He was able to get in the font (empty of course) and then they stayed after and played basketball with the young men.  They're doing great!

We also got to do an exchange with the Hopewell elders this week and I got to spend time with both Elder Rhinehart and Elder Whitlock.  We didn’t have a ton of teaching opportunities this exchange but it was good to be out with these elders talking and learning from them.  Towards the end of the week we did an exchange with Appomattox A elders and they were also doing good, but the exchange was pretty short because they had to get back to their area for some lessons and stuff.  

It felt like this week was a week of cancelations though which seems to happen every once in a while.  It was spring break here and Easter which means everyone was really preoccupied with their own things and didn’t want to talk to us.  We have still been teaching Shawn though and he is doing really well.  We had a skype lesson with him and Elder Baer and you could really tell that he is pretty serious about this.  He skyped us in his bathroom because he had family over, but did read the scriptures this week and made a real effort to talk to us even if it was hard.  He's a really sweet guy.  I think he will get baptized here pretty soon, as soon as he doesn’t have to work anymore.  

It was an amazing Easter week though and I’m getting really ADD so I have to finish quick haha.  We had a zone conference this week and Elder Knight and I led a portion of it talking about chapter 10 of Preach my Gospel.  That went really well and it was fun.  We had a lot of participation and one of the little role plays we did was this little game where you have to talk about a subject for a minute straight.  It’s a little challenging but we have been doing it other times and we can go for 5 minutes haha.  One elder talked about buckets for 5 minutes straight! But, the conference was really great and one of my favorite parts was when President Smith got up and talked about his trip to the Holy Lands.  They went a bit before they came out here and saw all of the places of the last week of Christ’s life and then showed us a bunch of pictures.  That was amazing!  

Then Easter Sunday we had 2 really good sacrament meetings.  There were 2 great talks about the Atonement and I can’t even do them justice.  They were so personal and it really helped me to solidify my testimony of Christ and the experiences I’ve had with the Atonement.  I know it’s real and I know that it works miracles in our lives.  It wasn't just an all encompassing moment but a personal suffering for each one of us.  He knows each one of us and is there with us through all the good and the bad.  I know that this gospel is true and that without him that amazing act by the perfect one we wouldn't be able to return to our Father again.  

I’ll update y'all again next week! Hopefully there are some miracles this week! 

Love yall!