Preaching Peace

Blog 4/10/17

Alright so yesterday I hit my 19 month mark and it’s really starting to hit me that I only have 5 months left.  I think it’s the fact that I only need one hand to count it, but also because it’s been in the 70's and 80's and I know at the peak of the summer here life as a missionary will be over.  If anyone has any tips on how to slow that down so I can just be a missionary forever those would be appreciated... ;)

This week flew by, I swear, like I don’t even remember what happened most of the days but thankfully there were tons of highlights. 

Tuesday was a good day of teaching.  We walked around and talked to a lot of people and showed them the #princeofpeace video which was really good. 

Talking about peace is such an easy way to introduce the gospel to people.  We met a guy named Shane we want to start teaching.  He had a pretty rough life and has a lot of problems right now but he is really looking for peace in his life.  We talked to him about how he can find it through the Book of Mormon and how he can find the truth.  He hasn't been able to meet again, but hopefully we can nail him down this week. 

Wednesday was MLC which was really good.  We talked a lot about the upcoming zone conferences and some policies but most of the time was focused on setting the new mission standards of excellence.  The standards of excellence kinda set a mission culture for us and give us goals to strive for every day and every lesson.  It was a great meeting and had so much good insight from President Smith. 

Thursday we went out with Elder Baer, like usual, and talked to a lot of people.  We saw 3 less actives we had been wanting to either find out if they lived there or start teaching and set things straight with them to start working with them.  Thursday night we had exchanges with the Wakefield elders again.  Out districts got changed so Wakefield is now a DL[district leader] spot.  I got to be with Elder Wilkinson and we had a blast.  His companion is Elder Galloway who is from Lehi but also lived in Highland/Alpine so we all know a lot of the same people, like Logan who is serving a mission in Spain right now! 

Friday was nonstop.  We had zone meeting which went really well.  We officially have the biggest zone with 15 companionships and a senior couple so meetings and stuff are always a ton of fun. 

After the meeting though we got to have a lesson with Sister Futrell again!  We haven’t seen her in like 2 months which is way too long, but they have had a ton of family stuff going on.  The lesson was amazing and she has such an amazing spirit.  We talked about finding peace and the Holy Ghost a ton because of some of her hectic trials and it was amazing.  I can’t wait till she comes to church. 

We also saw some other people and Elder Knight saw Rashad which was a miracle. 

Friday night was a huge miracle though.  So, we had Luke with us who's going on his mission in a month and we were supposed to have a Skype lesson with Shawn, who's also 20 and is doing really good.  Shawn’s skype wasn't working so we did the lesson over the phone and it was sooo good.  Shawn has been reading and he came to conference and has been doing really well the last couple weeks so we read Mosiah 18:8-10 with him and we interpreted it and we talked about it and he said he knows he needs to be baptized but just isn’t ready and wants more time to prepare.  He set his own goals to prepare and we are going to help him to grow his testimony till he’s ready.  I know Shawn will be baptized either here or at VCU when he goes there so I’m pumped about that. 

Saturday was a ton of fun because we got to help an investigator out with service.  He had surgery recently and needs to fix his house up so we have been helping him a bit.  We helped take out and put in 2 windows that needed to be replaced.  It wasn't the best job but he was happy with it and we worked with what we got since they bought the wrong windows to replace.  So that was a ton of fun. 

We had a bunch of other miracles running into less actives to start to teach and also finding new investigaors that are really sick[as in great!] but I don't have time to type it all up!  We have zone p-day today and will be going to the battlefield and bowling as a zone so it should be a blast.  Hope yall had a good week!  Love ya and miss ya! 

Elder Tys Larson - VRM