"Out there spreadin' the Word"

Week 2/22/16 


Today we tracted a little in the morning, then went and saw Earnest.  He's seriously like the happiest guy ever and he just loves having us over and learning.  We taught him the Restoration which was really interesting to him.  It was a little hard because he kept getting off track, but it gave us good practice on keeping the lesson simple and to the point which is hard to do sometimes.   

Tonight we had a lesson with Chloe and her mom and brother.  It was our last one before her interview and so we had a lot of stuff to go over.  We finished the Plan of Salvation and talked about the commandments.  It was a really good lesson because they all have such a good desire to learn.  The kids are both super good at reading their scriptures and in lessons they have some of the best questions.   


Today we went out and contacted some of our potential investigators.  We got to have lessons with a couple of them and they are all super awesome people.  One of them was Doc.  We met him like 3 weeks ago while we were walking out of a restaurant and he said we could come see him sometime and visit.  He is a super nice older guy and has a strong belief in Christ.  We talked for about an hour and introduced the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith to him which he had never heard of and really liked.  He said we could come over again and that he would try to make it to church sometime.   

The rest of the night we just tracted around a couple streets and went up to mutual for a little bit.  It was a good day and we also got to help the Relief Society set up for the branch activity this Saturday night.   


This morning we had a district meeting in Farmville again so we drove up there for that.  I like our district, they're all good missionaries.  Then after that we went to lunch which was a good time.   

Tonight we got to have a lesson with a couple members in the branch that are less active.  One of them was Reagan who is the coolest guy.  We were walking up to his door and he opened it as we were walking up the steps and was like “Hey come in!” Haha  I wasn't sure what to think at first but he is so great.  We talked to him for a while and found out that they had just had someone in their family pass away and so he was super glad we had showed up.  Then we shared the First Presidency message which was perfect for him.  It was a really good lesson and I know that God put us in that place at that time for a reason.   

One of the other lessons we had tonight was with David and Ida.  They have been members for a good couple of years and have just been struggling to come lately.  They have really strong testimonies though and it was really cool to hear it right off the bat.  When we first got there they had a friend there that wasn't a member and so they introduced us.  Then somehow we got on the topic of the Book of Mormon right away.  So, David gave this friend the whole introduction to the Book of Mormon and explained it all and we didn't even really have to do anything, it was so cool!  She loved it and is said she would check it out and give us a call.  It's crazy how much more open people are to the gospel when they have a friend that is by their side instead of two weird missionaries.   


Today we had lessons with Floyd and with Henry.  First was Floyd.  We've been talking to his wife a little and he has sat in on a couple lessons and had been around a little.  So we got there today and asked if we could have a lesson with them and he said she wasn't there, so we were like, “Oh, perfect we'll just talk to you” haha.  But, he was actually really good.  He comes from a family of preachers, even though he isn't one himself, and understands the importance of the basics of the gospel.  So we read 2 Nephi 32 with him on prayer and he said a really good prayer at the end.   

Then a little later we went and had a lesson with Henry.  I think I already talked about him a little but he's a super nice guy that has been talking to the missionaries for a while and just loves that we are "out there spreadin’ the word".  The first time we met him he was just chillin outside and called us over and gave us some drinks and we talked.  He is really one of the most humble guys and recognizes God’s hand in everything.  Well today we talked to him about the Restoration.  It went pretty normal until we got to the part about Joseph Smith and the actual Restoration.  He got all quiet and really deep in thought, I could tell he was feeling the spirit even though he kind of deflected it and acted like he wasn't.   

Tonight we also had a baptismal interview for Chloe at the church so that she could be baptized tomorrow.   


Well today we had a baptism.  Chloe got baptized and it was the coolest thing ever. 

The baptism went really great and the spirit was there so strong.  I had the opportunity of performing the baptism and just being down in that font and helping her with that next step was such a blessing for me.   I think my favorite part though were the talks and how everyone was talking about her being a pioneer for her family and future generations to come and how her example would bless them so much.  I thought that was so cool!  But it was a great day and I'm so happy for her.   

After the baptism we were tracting an apartment complex and ran into Sherry.  Sherry has been meeting with the missionaries for a couple of years and knows a lot about the Mormons.  She had a lot of good questions and we talked for about an hour.  It was so weird though because she said that she has read the Book of Mormon, every question she asked us lined up very well with her beliefs, and she said that God can have prophets still and continue revelation.  But, then she would say that she doesn't believe the Book of Mormon and says all we need is the bible....  So contradicting, ugh.  But we gave her a Restoration DVD to watch and we will follow up.  I think she's felt the spirit she just isn't ready to change.  After that we finished tracting the complex and had a branch activity at the church which was fun.   


So this morning we had Chloe's confirmation in sacrament meeting which was really great.  I also got to help bless the sacrament which was really great since I haven't done it in a while.  Church was really good and I love our branch more every time I'm around all of them.   

After church we came home and ate then went out and tried contacting some people that said we could come back another time.  Well nobody was home which was kind of a bummer.  Even after dinner we went up to Crewe and our lesson forgot we were coming and had to reschedule.  And then all the other people we knocked on or contacted were busy or didn't want to talk or were already in bed.  So it was a little bit of a slow night but it happens sometimes.   

This week has been really great with the baptism and all the teaching we have been doing, I love this area and all of the people here.  I hope y'all are doing good back home and staying safe, I love you all.   

Elder Larson