Oompa Loompa

Weekly Update 11/30/15  


Today was an Elder's Zone P-day.  That’s where all the elders in our zone get together at the church and hang out and play sports and stuff.  It was pretty fun.  We play basketball and stuff, but we love a game called Oompa Loompa (no, I didn’t name it).  But it's the rules of ultimate Frisbee, played with a football, and you try and score in the basketball hoops.  It's pretty crazy and I’m pretty sure missionaries made it up haha.   

Tonight we had a great lesson with Jaquan also.   I don’t know if I’ve told you about Jaquan, but he is an awesome kid we have been teaching.  He is living with a couple in our ward and getting lessons from us and coming to church.  He loves it!  We have been teaching him for about 3 or 4 weeks, I think, and he is growing every time.  He is in kind of a tricky situation, and has some pretty big things in his life he is working out, but every time he is learning about the gospel he sees the light of Christ and how the things he is learning can help him.  Anyway, we taught him that night.  President Anderson (one of President Wilson's councilors that lives in our ward) also came with us which was great.  We taught Jaquan about the Plan of Salvation.  He really liked knowing about all of the reasons why we are here and the purpose of the plan.  He is so sincere and even wants to be baptized.  He is such a great kid and always brings a smile to my face. 

 2nd Haircut

2nd Haircut


Today we had a lesson in the morning that canceled on us.  After lunch though we had our lesson with Latashia.  She is great like usual and we had a great talk about God's purpose for us.  We also read 2 Nephi 12, which is about the Second Coming.   

That night Brother Maldonado needed help at his daughter Terra's apartment moving some couches.  She got a new one and he was giving the old one to us, which is awesome.  We helped with that, and also had a little lesson with Terra and Gus.   


Today after our studies we had a lunch lesson with a new investigator that we are starting to teach.  Her name is Jessica.  She just moved here for work and works with one of our members, Brother Bernal.  Brother Bernal is awesome and is doing a great job of being a member missionary.  It's so nice when people can spread the gospel to their friends.  Anyway, Jessica is friends with a few of the younger couples in the ward and so we all went and had lunch at a Mediterranean place they love.  The food was really good and we had a really spiritual lesson at the table after we ate.  It was really cool because it was one of the better lessons we’ve had, but it was also really different.  We were all sitting around the table (Elders, Bernals, Brownings, and Jessica) and it was all loud in the restaurant.  We shared about the Plan of Salvation again, but using scriptures to highlight parts of it.  (in order: Moses 1:39, Genesis 1:26, Alma 34:32, Alma 7:11-13, Alma 40:21-23) It was a great lesson and we all talked about how God's perfect plan helps each of us and our families, and how we see the blessings from it.   I felt the spirit super strongly, even though we were in this loud restaurant, because of the scripture and the testimony that was being born. 

Tonight we had a lesson with Chris, a kid that is in our ward.  He is such a great kid.  He golfs and is really smart.  He is super mature for his age and has gone through some tough stuff.  We shared with him the video "The Will of God" which is by Elder Christofferson.  It is a great video, go look it up. 

But, we had a really good talk with him about it and some other things and it was awesome how much the spirit was there and how much I was learning from Chris too.  Really good day.   

Thursday (Thanksgiving) 

Today was great, I would just like to say.  We got picked up by Terra and Gus (brother Maldonado's daughter) and went out to his house in Goochland.  We had dinner with them and there were tons of people we knew there.  Brother Maldonado is so great, he invites everyone to come over and eat and he cooks a ton of food.  So we had his family there and a few other people that we knew.  The food was great and it was really nice to sit around and talk to everyone.  This was my first real holiday I guess and it turned out a lot better than I thought it would, pretty great day.   

Elder Larson & Elder Bronson at Bro. Maldonado's house for Thanksgiving dinner.  No idea who the girl is.

After we left Brother Maldonados we went to have a lesson with Jaquan.  We taught him about God's plan and how we can get to live with God again.  It was really tender to see him light up when we told him that God gave us all of this and the plan because He loves us.  At the end he said a prayer and it was awesome, the Spirit was definitely there.   


This morning we had district meeting.  It went really well and Elder Bronson gave a training on how listening and asking the right questions can help us as missionaries.   I think it's really important, even though I'm very selective in my listening and I need to work on that haha.  The meeting was pretty normal though.  One thing we did talk about a little was beta.mormon.org.  It's a really cool site and you guys should all go look it up.  They have some really cool videos on there.   

After the meeting we went home and ate then went to an apartment complex and tracted and looked for potentials from the area book.  We were there for about an hour and then got kicked out.  We found a couple people that we're going back to talk to again though which is good.  On our way home we talked to a lot of people.  Today was great to contact because people were all off work and were out and about.   


Today we had a lot of service with Brother Maldonado which was great.  We helped him get out all of his Christmas stuff from storage, picked up and moved a desk for one of his friends, and picked up a Christmas tree for him and set it up.  It was great.   I wish we could do service all the time.   

After we got home we had a lesson with Latashia.  We talked about Enoch and his people.  We read Moses chapter 7 and it was awesome.  I've never really heard that story and I was just thinking how crazy it would be if Highland got lifted up, not that that would happen, but just thinking about it.  But, the lesson was good.   

That night we met a guy named Iyaz.  He studies lots of religions and believes in a lot of different things.  We talked to him a lot and ended up giving him a Book of Mormon.  In exchange he gave us a Holy Quran.  I have started to catch bits and pieces of different religions and think it's really interesting to see what everyone else believes.  It builds my testimony each time I talk to someone like that because I get to tell them what I know to be true.   


Today was fast and testimony meeting because we have stake conference next week.  After that we taught the Gospel Principles lesson.  It was on the Second Coming and I really liked it.  The lesson went really well and it really kinda hit me how close it is coming.  Elder Bronson thinks he knows when it's gonna be haha, but, I think we should all just be ready no matter what.   

This week was a pretty good week.  It was my first major holiday away from home.  Pretty different but still good.  Plus, we taught quite a few lessons and I am feeling the spirit more and more every day.   

Everyone should go look up the Church's new Christmas website (christmas.mormon.org) and watch and share the video, it's great.   

Lots of love,

Elder Larson