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Blog 6/27


Our day was pretty good today, went to the church and played sports with the other elders and sisters which was fun.   This evening we were supposed to have a lesson but it flaked out on us so we went and knocked doors for a while and didn't have any luck for like an hour, then we found Juan.  He's from Peru and speaks Spanish better than English so we’re gonna pass him off to the Spanish Elders.  We found him as he was outside watering his grass and so we trapped him lol.  He had talked to missionaries before a little bit and was pretty open to talking with us even though he said he's a strong Seventh Day Adventist and was going to stay that way.  Well we just told him about the Book of Mormon and what it was then gave him one in Spanish which he really liked. 


Today was slow teaching wise, but it was so tiring.  We had a list of like 30 potential investigators that had been found but never taught and we stopped by them to see if they were home this morning but we didn't talk to anyone.  Not a soul.  Well we got back home and ate lunch, but just as we finished we got a text from Sister Gerber and we were trying to figure out stuff so her daughter Brooklyn could go to activity days.  Well at the same time she was outside doing yard work and said she needed help so we put on our jeans and ran up there to help.  Man her grass was long lol.  We mowed for about 3 hours and finally finished and then it started raining so it was good that we did that for her.  Love helping people with service. 


Our day after dinner was pretty slow also, we went out and finished the list we made of potential investigators to see and really the only guy we talked to didn't seem very interested in changing at all.  His name is Darrel and he was an old dude that was kinda loud and grizzly.  He had worked as a tank mechanic in the marines for 30 years and then got out and retired and now owns a lawn care company.  His job working on tanks was really cool and he described it to us, and stuff, how they would do it.  They could fix anything and even in the heat of battle if one of the engines broke they would just take it all out and put a whole new one in and off it went.  He had studied with missionaries for a while and was really just a general Christian believer, cool old guy.  After that we went over and saw Del, he's getting ready to go to the temple tomorrow so we just talked to him for a bit and he enjoyed it.  Excited for him to go to the temple. 


This morning we had our last zone conference with President and Sister Wilson.  It was really good and the trainings and question and answer session were awesome.  Really got spiritually fed.  we all gave them a tie that they're gonna make into a blanket so that was cool. 

I really loved President Wilson and it was awesome serving with him.  He was a great mission president and put his whole heart into it.  Really inspiring.  Today was awesome and definitely a good send off from our zone. 

After the meeting I went on exchanges with Elder Sundh again! Man I love him haha so tight.  He's one of the Zone Leaders and I got to go to Aquia this time.  We had a pretty good day, it was short cause our meetings took so long but still good.  We were able to have a member come out with us and had a couple lessons.  One with a lady who really wasn't interested at first but me and Elder Sundh worked so well together and she started to get intersted, we didn't have too much of a talk with her because she was busy, but still good.  Then we taught a guy who is Buddhist that they've been teaching for about a year.  He's really interested, but really thorough too.  He knows a ton.  Well his wife's dad just passed away so we talked about the plan of salvation with him and he really liked it, super cool guy.  After that the member dropped us off at the car and we went out to teach one more person and just knocked doors, well the lady we talked to was really rude haha and didn't really want to hear about anything we had to say but we actually got her to talk for a sec, it was interesting. 

 Elder Larson (back) & Elder Sundh (front)

Elder Larson (back) & Elder Sundh (front)


We switched back to our normal companionship a at like 10 and then went out and went tracting.  Didn't have any real luck this morning but it was ok.  For lunch we went and hung out with Danny and ate over there.  The rest of our afternoon was taken up by weekly planning, gotta love that haha.  This evening before dinner we went and saw Fred.  He's doing good and we had a really good talk about the sacrament and how it's a great way to start anew each week.  Love that guy. 

After that we went and had a killer lesson with Dominic.  He's the kinda nerdy kid we met last week.  Yeah it was such a good lesson.  We taught him the Plan of Salvation last time and he had a lot of great questions about it so we talked about that for like 20 min then talked about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon.  He's really interested and is way cool.  Well at the end of the lesson his mom drove up....  She's a pastor of the church...  He failed to mention that...  Well we had to talk her down and explain everything and she wanted to make sure we weren't like a devil worship clan or something and that was a mess.  But Dominic seems interested still we just have to work with his mom. 

The rest of our night was fine, we had our meeting and dinner at Brother Boyd's house, that was ok.  Love Brother Boyd, he's such a go getter and is really into the missionary work in our ward. 



We did have a really cool miracle this morning.  We were tracting this neighborhood and this truck pulled up next to us and was like "Hey, elders come here" so we did and the guy proceeded to explain that he was a member and told us about his friend who was in the next door shopping complex getting his hair cut.  His friend had been asking a lot of questions about the Church and he was having trouble answering them so he wanted us to talk with him.  So we got in his truck, drove over, and met his buddy.  These guys are super tight, they're both cops and had the day off because they were going to a training later in the afternoon.  So we went into this little Italian place and got appetizers and talked.  The lesson was so awesome and the guy had a lot of good really basic questions.  We basically ended up teaching him the Restoration and inviting him to read the Book of Mormon and he said he would, I feel like we helped him a lot and I know the spirit was there, super cool miracle. 

After that we went over and talked with Del for a little bit because he had gone to the temple yesterday to receive his endowments.  He loved it and it made me so grateful for the temple and so excited to go again. 

Our afternoon besides that was kinda slow.  We taught one guy, Shawn, who we taught about 10 days ago and he still hadn't read, but it was good that we checked up on him and he really loved it.  He is one of the most genuine guys you'll ever meet and has seen it all from the service to being homeless.  So nice. 

We took Danny over and had a lesson with Kim tonight.  She's doing great and we talked about the Plan of Salvation.  She really loved it and had a lot of amazing inspired questions about it.  It's interesting because she isn't ready to commit yet but she's reading and trying so hard to feel the spirit.  Hopefully we can keep it up with her. 


Woke up at normal time and then left at 7:30 to go help clean the church.  We went with Brother Holcombe who is awesome.  But cleaning the church was a good time, took us like 2 hours.  After that Brother Holcombe told us that he would make us biscuits and gravy so we went over to his house which is down the street from ours and he showed us how and we ate, sooo good, gonna have to make those some day. 

We knocked a lot of doors today, and it was hot, and nobody wanted to talk to us...  We knocked doors nonstop pretty much from 11:30 to 4.  Really nothing too exciting to report there haha just bleh.  Then at 4 we drove out and saw Richard.  He's the dude that has a hard time and makes everything more complicated than it needs to be.  Well he had some questions about the Plan of Salvation which was great.  This really was probably one of the best lessons we've had with him ever.  We talked about the pre-mortal world and the earth life and Atonement, really in depth, and then ran out of time.  I really think he's trying to progress and is getting a lot more sincere now so that was awesome

Our night wasn't the most awesome we've ever had, kinda slow actually.  We were supposed to help a lady move a washer and dryer tonight but they never called us and just worked it out on their own so that kinda messed us up.  We knocked some doors, checked on some potentials and referrals.  We had one really good lesson at the very end of our night though.  I had a prompting to go check back on a guy we had already tried earlier in the day and he was home this time! His name is Everette and was way cool.  He's into fishing and treasure hunting and adventurous stuff.  Well he had talked to the sisters about learning more so we went over and talked with him and taught him about the Restoration.  He was really interested and seemed to like the ideas we have about modern prophets and stuff.  He's awesome.  That was pretty much our day.... 


So church was good.  Something interesting was that we got a new bishop/bishopric.  I loved the old bishop but I think the new one is going to do a great job too, both really good guys.  We had another really really spiritual lesson in the class we teach.  The kids we have that are going on missions are learning how to teach like missionaries and they taught the Restoration to a guest we had who was an RM.  Super spiritual and I thought it was awesome. 

After church we got home and changed and stuff, then went tracting and found this kid that is 19 and an atheist, but also was really excited to listen to us.  So we talked and found that he believes in a higher power just not necessarily God and Christ.  We told him about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon because I knew it was something he had never heard before.  At the end of talking he told us he was leaving in 2 weeks for the Air Force! Ugh, so basically we can't talk to him again because he's busy getting ready to go.  Lame, but hopefully he takes his Book of Mormon with him. 

After dinner was kinda slow too, we were able to teach Sister Gerber which was great.  We had a really good talk with her about the spirit and about her kids.  Really good to talk to her and she is great. 

Besides that we had some people cuss us off a doorstep which was great haha it just makes me laugh now. 

This week was pretty good.  Interested to see what the new mission president is going to be like, I'll talk to y'all next week, love ya!