Celebrating New Year's at 5:30

Note: Videos added to bottom of post on 1/9/2017

Blog 1/2/17

Ok so first let me say that its sooo weird to be writing 2017 down on things, can’t believe it’s a new year already.  I guess from what people have been telling me this is also the year I go home but that doesn't feel real either....  I hope yall had a great New Year’s though and have made some resolutions that you’ll keep.  Our mission president shared some stats with us that I thought were interesting: "about 49% of people make a New Year’s resolution and only about 8% of those people actually keep it".  That's not very good odds haha but I’m going to work on some of mine and see if I can do it. 

Monday was a pretty chill day.  It was the day after Christmas and I swear I woke up and I was still full from the day before.  We wrote some emails and got stuff done in the morning and then we went to the church with the rest of our zone to play sports.  It was awesome and we had a couple of the priests from our ward there too which made it even better.  This evening we went and saw Bruce and talked to him a little.  He is having his surgery Thursday and is pretty excited for it.  We have also been going over the Melchedizek priesthood manual with him to help him prepare to get it and we talked about the Restoration of the priesthood in the latter days. 

Tuesday we had our normal meeting with President Mullins which was really good.  He is an awesome stake president and loves the missionaries.  After that we did some finding since we are still working on growing our teaching pool.  We were able to find this one guy in our potentials who had actually talked to the missionaries a while ago.  We talked some about the Restoration and then he asked us a question about marijuana.  He was just trying to trip us up a little but we handled it well and are going to talk about it next time with him.

We also had dinner with the WIlliams who are super cool.  He just graduated in something that’s way too smart for me to know what it is haha.  But they're from Idaho and he just got a job offer back home in Rexburg which is super nice.  They made Hawaiian hay stacks and they were great but I have a hard time with normal human stuff, so while we were eating I ended up biting the inside of my lip and making myself bleed haha  The rest of the week has been killer since it’s always in the way and I’ve been biting it even more.  Ugh sooo dumb.  We also saw Paul that night and talked about the Plan of Salvation.  We drew it on the whiteboard and then made him wear my name tag and teach it back to me with Elder Gordon. 

Wednesday was a day of miracles.  In the morning we raked a bunch of leaves with the sisters in Sister Duncan's yard and helped her clean up a little.  That was way fun and we made a huge pile in the back to jump in after haha.  (Videos to come) then we went and had a lesson with Brenda who is a former that we started teaching again.  She is an older lady who is Baptist but has met with missionaries for a long, long time.  We went over the Restoration and talked about the basics of how she can find out if the Book of Mormon is true.  That was a good lesson. 

Then we went and we're going to knock on this one former/potentials house that we have been trying to contact the whole time I’ve been here.  Biggest miracle ever.  They were home and opened the door and let us right in!  She was super nice and had talked to missionaries in California for a while and even came to church a ton, they love the elders.  We went in and just kinda introduced ourselves and had a little talk about what they know already.  Her husband was super cool too and is way interested.  They didn't have time right then and tried to set up a time we could come back that night.  Well we had another lesson and couldn't.  So, she was like "no worries, what about breakfast and a lesson tomorrow morning before we leave on our trip?" 

ARE YOU KIDDING ME! Coolest family ever. 

Ok so I’ll just finish the story.  So we were supposed to have district meeting but since we had this lesson we bumped it back and were still late lol.  But we got there and they let us in and were making a huge breakfast.  We sat down and the husband started asking us questions about the church.  His big thing is that it’s really family oriented, that they have activities for everyone, and he loved all the other stuff we talked about and was even ok with paying tithing! Man it was perfect.  So we go and eat and have breakfast and his wife just talks up the church and the missionaries.  At one point she was like "you have to learn from the missionaries before you’re baptized." We taught them the Restoration and the spirit was so strong.  It was the best lesson I’ve had in a while and they were sooo down to read the scriptures and had the best questions.  So yeah they're going to be baptized in January I have no doubts. 

So Wednesday night we went to the church and the elders quorum were playing dodgeball.  We can’t play because of rules but it was perfect because we were going to have a skype lesson with Kathy, soooo we went in the gym and grabbed Brother Most and he came and was in our skype lesson with us and Kathy, it was awesome.  This skype thing is changing the game everyone.  But we taught repentance and it was awesome.  Super strong spirit. 

The rest of the week was kinda average.  Nothing super amazing.  We had church and we had one of our members bring an investigator! They live upstairs in their house and we are going to start teaching them. 

Besides that we had to be inside for New Years at 5:30.  Annnndddd we got calls.  I’m going to be transferred which is kind of a bummer.  Me and Elder Gordon had a great transfer but I know God has a place for me and that I’m needed somewhere else.  Should be fun!  Anyways I’ll talk to y'all later from wherever I go to next! Love yall! 

Elder Larson