A New Adventure

Ok family, here’s the news.  Saturday I got called by President Smith and I’m going to be transferred.  He also asked me to be a zone leader which is going to be a huge adventure for me.  I’m really excited and I know that Elder Maedgen will do awesome leading the area without me. 


We had district meeting in the morning.  We got there we had some good talks and discussions on missionary work and then I got up and we talked about our new mission vision which is...  "We will act to teach repentance and baptize converts to meet the potential the Lord has for us”.  It’s really cool because President Smith really believes that we can all do this and acting, repenting, converting, and potential are so important. 

After that we had exchanges with the King George elders.  They haven’t been doing too well lately and I’m trying to figure out how to help their companionship to be more unified.  We talked and just did normal missionary stuff.  It was a pretty good day and we were able to have some good lessons and set up some appointments with people for later in the week. 


This morning after studies we switched back and then me and Elder Maedgen did 12 week training lessons.  Then we went to Fu Kein and got some Chinese food with the White Oak elders and that was awesome. 

The rest of our afternoon we went with White Oak and helped the Dudenhefers get a desk and piano from somebody’s house and take it to their place.  So, we were picking up the piano and it was this old Mormon lady who owned it.  She had this huge box of Book of Mormons from like the 70’s and older and we all got one.  I got the coolest one it’s from 1952 and it’s the temple square hotel Book of Mormon! Its sooo cool, so that was like the highlight of my week. 

Tonight we went to the Leonard’s and had a lesson with them and it was good.  We talked about conference and it was sooo good because they actually watched it and got so much out of it.  Love them. 


Today was super busy and we moved tons of stuff this week.  We went this morning and helped one of the office elders move stuff into the new apartment for the sisters.  The Hartwood ward is gonna have elders and sisters now and so we set up their apartment.  It’s super nice and I’m super sore from moving all this stuff lately, haha. 

We were supposed to see the Gerbers today but they didn’t show up and so we just went and did weekly planning.  This evening we went out with Jason Scotto and saw some people.  We tracted first and were able to teach this guy named Carlos who bashed with us at first then we were able to start teaching him.  He’s pretty interested and he has a lot of things he actually does know about the Church. 

After that we went and saw Sharron and did a baptismal calendar with her.  She’s really moving along and should be baptized in the coming weeks.  It was awesome and she really feels the spirit. 


We had interviews with President Smith this morning and it was awesome.  So inspired and I know that he is really leading this mission through the spirit.  He kinda told me that I’m leaving in the interview which was ok, I knew it was coming but we had a really, really great talk. 

We helped Brother Holcombe with some service and then went and saw some people.  Had a lesson with the Taddeos and it was great.  They’re an awesome family. 

The rest of the evening was long.  Elder Maedgen wanted to work on his street contacting so we walked around 3 apartment complexes all night and just talked to people.  It was sooo long, but sooo good.  We got some appointments with people and Elder Maedgen is definitely growing.  I love that kid.  So determined. 


After studies I got a call from the bishop and he asked me if I could speak tomorrow in sacrament meeting about general conference.  Sooo, I said yes sir and started prepping my talk, haha!

We also went to the Gerbers and did some tracting today.  They’re awesome and we kinda just talked about how I could be leaving and stuff.  We had a lesson with the Weeds tonight.  Then I got the call when we got home.  We were upstairs with the Dudenhefers and President called me.  He wants me to be a zone leader and leave the area.  I’m nervous, but I’m also really excited and feel so trusted by God. 


Today was awesome.  We had Mike walk into the chapel!  It was great to see him and I know that he will be baptized soon.  I gave my talk and it felt pretty good.  That night we had a lesson with Mike, that was really great.  I also had the chance to go around and say goodbye to a few people before I leave on Tuesday.

It has been a long, crazy weekend and I’m dead tired.  Looking forward to the new adventure to come.  It will stretch me, but I know it’s where I’m supposed to serve and will work hard and do my best.  I’ll let you know where I’m at as soon as I can.

Love you all!

Elder Larson