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Blog 2/6/2017

Hey everyone!  So I had a pretty good week, but first off I wanted to give a big shout out to my best friend in the whole world Brooklyn Chase for getting her mission call to Hong Kong.  So proud of her and the choice she has made.  I know she will do great serving the people there and will be an amazing missionary.  I definitely know that I wouldn't be where I am without her!  Love ya B!

Tuesday and Wednesday were completely filled with meetings it was soo lame haha.  Ok not really, I learned a lot of cool things, but still not the most fun thing in the world.  Tuesday we had a coordination meeting, then we went straight to district meeting and that was really good.  Elder Burila is doing a great job as a DL and it’s a lot of fun to just be around other missionaries.  Then after that we went home, took the other missionaries home, grabbed our bags and left again and drove up to Richmond.  Tuesday night we had Zone Leader training which was really cool.  President had all of the zone leaders and the assistants over to his house and we had a meeting that was pretty relaxed and a lot of fun.  We started off with dinner and just got to hang out and talk which was a lot of fun.  I’ve gotten to serve around a lot of these guys before so seeing them was cool.  Then we all went down stairs and had a devotional where the senior missionaries spoke to us.  The topics were a lot about leadership, true manhood, and then lastly the temple.  Elder Baer has served 4 missions, been in many callings, and has been a temple president before so he talked to us about the temple and it was great.  His title was "How to keep the temple in your everyday lives."  One of the most revelatory things I learned is that when we take the sacrament we renew all of our covenants, not just the ones at baptism, but the ones at the temple too.  Obviously, we don’t get to go to the temple all the time but hearing this was so cool.  I cannot wait to go to the temple again someday.  After that we just hung out and talked and shared stories. 

Wednesday we had MLC .  A lot of our meeting was focused on the training that we had at that broadcast thing last week talking about the doctrine of Christ.  We also talked about the "Mission Training Plan" which is basically the topics and activities that are going to be happening at zone conferences and meetings.  Then we talked about some of the policies that have been changed recently like the new schedule, how we do exchanges, transfers, and things like that.  It’s a really long meeting from like 10-5 and there is just so much info haha my brain was pretty dead. 

 MCL February 2017

MCL February 2017

That night though we saw Sister Heacock and it was good.  She is a single mom and is having a hard time.  It’s kinda stressful for me because I don’t know what to say to her all the time because her trials are just so big and there’s really nothing we can do except teach her the gospel.  The spirit definitely helps us out when we don't know what to say. 

Thursday we woke up and Elder LaMarr wasn't feeling good so we kinda took it easy in the morning.  He took a pretty hefty nap and we did weekly planning like usual.  Since all of our investigators have dropped off the map and it’s really not working to find new ones weekly planning is really, really lame lately hah.  During the afternoon Elder Baer took us out and we tried seeing a bunch of people. 

Leslie is doing awesome and she was pretty much the best thing that happened this week haha.  We have been having really awesome lessons with her and tonight we went over with Elder Baer and talked about prayer.  We switched it up and read in the Bible from the intercessory prayer in john 17 and it was soo spiritual.  Leslie is really great at asking questions and learning from our questions so as we were reading we had a great conversation.  Then we read the Bible dictionary definition of prayer and talked about the unity between us and God and Christ and talked about receiving answers to our prayers. 

She also came to a baptism with us on Saturday up in Meadowbrook and it was amazing.  She is really on her way to baptism herself and seeing this baptism was really good for her.  I’m so glad I’ve  been able to meet her and teach her.  Oh yeah and then she came to church again!  She loves it has the best time in relief society.  So cool. 

Umm let’s see, Friday we did exchanges with Swift Creek and I got to hang out with Elder Burila again! 

We had a pretty slow day since we were on bikes and just riding around Hopewell trying people.  We tracted a pretty ghetto part of town and a lot of people didn’t want to talk to us there.  Pretty much just walked around and talked to people all day.  Haha one of the funniest things was this car we found that was all decked out with Cowboys stuff, I’ll send the video. 

Then we found this lady down the street who was sooo crazy.  She is a Born Again and we were just talking to her about normal stuff and she would throw everything out of wack.  We couldn't even get a word in.  After that we went out with Elder Baer again and taught the Bennetts and then Leslie which I already talked about. 

Saturday morning Elder LaMarr was feeling crappy again so we took it pretty easy.  The rest of the day we just went around seeing people and then went to the baptism with Leslie.  She is sooo great. 

Sunday was a really cool day personally for me.  It was fast and testimony meeting.  We got to go to Fort Lee again and attend the military branch.  There were probably 20 soldiers there and a lot of them got up and bore their testimonies.  Because of the difficulty of getting to church some of them were late so they missed the sacrament but we were able to go after the meeting in a janitorial closet in the back and bless it and give it to them.  It was so cool to see the dedication of these soldiers who are all around my own age. 

We had another lesson with Sister Heacock tonight and Elder Baer came with us.  It was a really good lesson and we talked about family prayers.  Overall it was a good week and I this next week is the last week of the transfer.  So crazy how time flies.  Almost at 17 months.  Elder Bronson goes home this week and its insane!  Love that man, he made me the missionary I am today. 

Love yall 

Elder Tys Larson - VRM