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Week 2/15/16


So tonight after we did all of our p-day stuff we were just going around and contacting potential and former investigators and we ended up having a really good lesson with Shamika and Tamari.  We were actually looking for someone else and found them and they let us in.  We had a Restoration lesson with them and they both seemed really into it.  They had some really good questions too.  Neither of them had really gone to a church very much before and we invited them to come to church with us this week and they said they would.  But, better yet, we asked them if they wanted to be baptized and they both said they would! It was a really cool lesson and now we have 2 more people on date to come unto Christ.   


Today we had our first district meeting of the transfer so we drove 40 minutes up to Farmville to their building.  There are only 3 sets of elders in our district and we are all serving in branches with pretty large areas.  But the meeting was pretty good. I gave a training on finding people and talking to people which went fine and then after that we all went to lunch. 

That afternoon we were out all day trying to contact and see people around Burkeville because we don't get out there all the time.  It's hard contacting people during the weekdays sometimes because they all have to be responsible adults and have jobs.  People need to understand that what we have to give them is way more important than any job they could have ;) 

That night we had dinner and a lesson with the Jackie, Chloe, and Buckie.  We talked about the first part of the Plan of Salvation and we talked a lot about baptism.  They are all doing so good and are learning so well.  Chloe and Buckie want to be baptized really soon and I know that they are ready.  Such a blessing to have this great family.   


This morning our district had interviews with President Wilson which went really well, and then after that me and Elder Leavitt and our zone leaders had lunch with the President at a place next to the church.  It was really cool to sit down and talk to him about some of our investigators and his travels all over the world.   

After that we had another good day of driving all over and trying to visit people.  One random thing we found was this Tyson chicken farm which I though was kinda neat lol.   

Tonight we got to go on splits with 2 of the guys in our branch.  I got to go out with Brother Roark and see some members in the ward.  He's a farmer down here and it was a really good night out visiting people here. 


Today wasn't super eventful, lots of tracting.  But we did have a couple good lessons tonight.  We met with Shamika again and had a really good lesson with her.  She still wants to get baptized! We watched the restoration because she still wasn't really getting that stuff and it helped a lot.  She has some of the best questions, it was great.  Then after that we ran over and had a lesson with a the Farmers.  We watched the "Your Potential, Your Privilege" Mormon message which is one of my favorites.   


Today was another long day.  Almost 100 miles of driving and tracting and seeing people again.  We were out all day and it was cold! We met a couple people, but nobody that was really really interested.  Hopefully we can start to find some people to teach regularly.   


We had 6 hours of meetings today at church which was way long.  After that we got home and went to dinner with the Bodnariks.  They are a way cool family and they love the missionaries.  The branch here is so awesome.  Then we went out and contacted a couple people that have talked to the missionaries before.  It seemed like everyone that we knocked on was bunkered down for the snow we got today.   

The work is great here, I love the branch and all the people we are teaching are so ready for the gospel.  I love teaching and being a missionary, it's so great.

Love you all,

Elder Larson