Welcome to Mechanicsville!


Ok so what's going on fam!  Man this week was insane.  Seriously the weirdest week time wise, not even sure how to describe it.  So big news! My new area is the Mechanicsville Ward, which is on the east side of Richmond.  


Its sooo different here than up in Stafford, I would compare Stafford to Highland, honestly, and this is more like the city and stuff.  My new companion is Elder Jeremy Day and he is great.  

 Elder Day with Elder Larson

Elder Day with Elder Larson

He has been out for 2 years and is actually going home at the end of this transfer so in 5 weeks I’ll be sending him off.  Not sure how I feel about that but he's great and I’m hoping to learn a lot these next 5 weeks.  

Going to write my update a little bit differently this week maybe, not sure what's gonna come out of it but hopefully it’s good.  

Monday was pretty much just packing and saying goodbye to people, we hung out with the White Oak elders for part of the day and also went and saw Del.  Man I’m gonna miss that guy! Besides that we went and said goodbye to Brother Boyd and had dinner with him.  He's honestly the best and has really been a driving force for us in this area.  We also said goodbye to the Gerbers which was sad because I’ve been teaching them for the last 6 months, but hopefully they can keep it up and come to church with Elder Maedgen, love them.  

Oh, so while we were with White Oak, the Dudenhefers were upstairs remodeling their kitchen...  so we went to help them.  That's the video of Elder Burila running through the wall....  

Tuesday was transfer day.  In the morning I finished packing and then we went over to the Leonard’s and said goodbye.  They are one of the best families and I’m gonna miss them, hopefully they can keep on the same track, I know they can.  

 The Leonards

The Leonards

We drove down to the transfer meeting with Brother Boyd and had some lunch on the way.  He’s awesome and wanted to meet the new missionaries for Hartwood as soon as he could.  Like I said, I met Elder Day and then we went straight to our area.  We are in Richmond East which is more of the city area of Richmond stake.  Haha not sure how I feel about that.  

We tracked this afternoon, which was good.  The weather here has been perfect and I’m soo not excited for winter haha.  We were able to find a lady named Joyce though who is a miracle.  She is older and was just outside gardening when we went up and talked to her.  She told us that she was actually looking for a Book of Mormon to read, so we talked to her about what it was and a little bit of the Plan of Salvation also since she has lost some people close to her.  She's great and I feel she will be baptized.  

Tonight after dinner we also went to see Norman who is a recent convert and is super great.  He knows that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and we taught a guy named Lewis with him.  Lewis is just looking for somewhere that's true to put his faith in.  He’s not really finding his answers but it’s because he hasn't been looking with us yet haha.  We had a really powerful lesson with him.  Overall it was a pretty good first day in Mechanicsville.  I’m excited to start working in this new area.  

Wednesday morning we went to Chickahominy and had a training with Elder Tanner.  He’s now a district leader and its cool because he was my companion in the MTC.  We tracked for a good portion of the afternoon and also found another older lady.  Her name is Nell and she's 93!  She loves reading though and we gave her a Book of Mormon to read.  This evening we went out with a kid from the Spanish branch who lives in our ward boundaries named Christian.  He’s great.  We saw Paul, a kid who is from Sierra Leon and loves the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith.  He’s been a member for a couple of months.   

Then we went and had a lesson with 2 of our progressing investigators Bruce and Genita.  They are really sincere and want to know more, they just don't know what they want to know.  We talked about the basics of the gospel and reading the Book of Mormon.  We read the introduction with them and then committed them to come to church in 2 weeks!  It’s exhausting not knowing the area and being in a different place, I’m pooped, but there's nowhere else I’d rather be.  

Thursday.  Oh man.  Today was in adventure to say the least.  So we had a meeting this morning for the stake with the zone leaders and the Sister training leaders.  The meeting was great but as we were leaving and were about 1/2 way home we realized that neither of us had the phone.  So we turned around, and went to the church again.  Looked in the car for like 10 min, then tried looking in the church...  Well we don't have keys to the stake center so we just did our weekly planning outside and waited for someone to show up and they did!  It was a prayer answered.  We looked inside, didn't find it, then back in the car, then said a prayer.  Well it was in the church in the weirdest spot ever, in the coat closet,  So we both just kinda laughed cause it was quite the ordeal.  

After that we went and picked up Elder Ghering because Elder Beazer is going to mid mission tonight.  We saw Ozwulf Fogg who is a kid who was baptized once and the missionaries forgot to send in his paperwork so we have to do it again haha.  His family is great and his dad is a convert as well.  Had a lesson with him going over the baptism and program and it was great.  

Tonight was also quite the night.  First we were going around seeing some less actives in an apartment complex.  We knocked on a door and met a guy named Brother Cranney.  He’s had a tough time lately and just is trying to stay on his feet.  He’s going through the ARP program and is working on just getting straight with that.  We had a great lesson with him and gave him a blessing at the end.  

Then we were tracting in the same complex and found a lady who has 3 kids.  We were just talking to her outside her apartment and she was talking about counting her blessings.  Well I was like "Hey we know a song about that, can we come in and sing with you and your family for 5 min and say a prayer?" She said yes!  We sang and had an amazing lesson with her, she is so ready for the gospel and has actually talked to missionaries before.  Sad thing is that she is moving in like 2 weeks.  But, God’s timing is perfect.  

Friday mornings we go to the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens and do service for a couple hours.  Man I loved that.  It was kinda a stressful week with the new area and not knowing anything, but getting out and getting dirty was therapy for me.  I may or may not have been pulling weeds in a patch of poison ivy....  haha guess I may be immune to it...  idk.  

While tracting we found another lady named Crystal who was also really prepared to receive the gospel.  She said she has questions about a lot of things and we gave her the Book of Mormon which has all the answers.  She just needs to find them.  We also went out with Brother Scott who is one of the coolest members.  We saw Joyce again and had a great lesson with her on the Restoration and more about the Book of Mormon.  She is really feeling the spirit and read her Book of Mormon over the week! 

Had another lesson with Paul who is one of the smartest kids ever.  He just loves Joseph Smith and it’s great.  Then ended the night with Kathy one of our investigators who is on date to be baptized.  We talked about the plan of salvation and she really loved it.  Coolest part was that she said she already believed most of it which is soooo true and most people just don't understand.

Saturday morning I went on exchanges with Elder Wilkinson for a couple hours while Elder Tanner and Day attended a baptism in a different area.  Elder Wilkinson is a new missionary and is great.  He’s just trying to figure out his purpose and we had a great talk and some good tracting time.  

The rest of our day was a lot of prep and stuff for the baptism for Ozzie.  We were supposed to have a church tour at 4 but that fell through.  The baptism was great and the spirit was definitely there.  We even had Kathy come and then we had a lesson with her afterwards which was great.  

 Right to Left: ?, Elder Day, Ozzie

Right to Left: ?, Elder Day, Ozzie

Sunday was also really good because we confirmed Ozzie in sacrament meeting.  You could definitely see a new light in him and it’s so good to see a family be all together in the gospel.  

We had a good amount of time after church that we knocked on doors.  We also went to see Jennifer, one of our investigators who is progressing.  She is having a lot of reservations about going to church, but she knows that she needs to come.  We talked a lot about that and the Book of Mormon.  

We went to dinner with a family in the ward and got some great Filipino food.  Then went to the church to see off a missionary in the ward who is leaving for Arizona tomorrow.  While we were there we were able to snag some priests to come out with us for the night and went and saw Jennifer again and talked to her about the youth groups for her 12 year old son.  Then we went to see Kathy again and had a lesson on the sacrament and repentance and feeling the holy ghost.  She really feels it and is on date for the 19th of November which will be awesome for her.  

Overall it was a great week here in the new area.  Hopefully it can just keep rolling like this week and the next transfer here with Elder Day will be awesome!