Little Miracles

Week 12/14/15


Today was great.  We started off with studies, it's still hard for me to get into them.  I just don’t remember scriptures at all and it's frustrating.  But we taught Latashia today.  We watched the talk "A Summer With Great Aunt Rose" by President Uchtdorf with her and talked about love.

Later that evening we went on splits with Brother Browning and Brother Robertson.  First we went with Brother Browning and had a lesson with Emani.  She is Latashia's daughter and has been investigating the Church for a while.  She is super smart and does really well at her reading.  We talked about Alma 32 which she read and she understood everything so well.  That lead into our lesson which we talked about reading our scriptures and praying.  She has a real special spirit and is ready, she just needs some of her questions answered.  It was a great lesson.   

After that we met up with Brother Robertson, who I went out with, while Elder Bronson stayed with Brother Browning.  We went out and visited part member families and people we had been focusing on.  Working with members and doing splits is the best.


Wednesday was my official 3 month mark!  Wahooo!  Today we had district meeting, pretty normal, nothing crazy happened there.  After the meeting we went on exchanges with the district leaders.  I stayed in Gayton and Elder Kinghorn (DL) came here with me.  It was a really productive day to be honest.  We went around for a couple hours and visited formers and potentials and we met a couple great people.  After that we had dinner.  Then we tracted from our dinner appointment to our lesson at 7:30.  We found a guy named Tanner that we taught on his doorstep.  We had a little lesson and he had some really good questions like "What makes you guys different from other Christians?"  We answered his question and gave him a Book of Mormon.  He seemed really interested and said he just wants truth.  We will definitely be going back there.   

At 7:30 we had a lesson with the Perkins.  They are recent converts and are so awesome.  We had a really great talk about why we need a Savior and some of the things we can do better each day to get closer to Him.  They are having us over on Christmas, I think, so that should be good.   


This morning was kind of hectic.  We weren’t sure what time we were going to be able to switch back companions so we were kind of winging it.  We got out by like 10:30 and went and tracted a street.  We tried to see one of our potentials but he must have been asleep still.  At like 11:30 or so we switched back.  Elder Bronson and I didn’t have BINGO today because the place we go was having a Christmas party tonight; so we ended up doing weekly planning.  Weekly planning is like the hardest part of the week, we get distracted so easily and it's so hard to focus, but it went ok.  After that we went to Brother Maldonados.  We had dinner and then we waited for Bible Study.  Nobody came so we decided to go see a family and share a Christmas message with them.  It turned out to be just what they needed! It's funny how the Lord works.   


For studies today I watched Elder Bednar's talk and President Uchtdorf’s talk from the Christmas Devotional.  They were awesome and you guys should go watch them if you haven’t. 

Then after lunch we finished weekly planning from yesterday...haha still not fun!  We had our regular Friday lesson with Latashia at 4.  We talked about patriarchal blessings which was awesome.  She seemed to really like the idea of having a map from God for your life.   

The rest of the night was full of miracles.  After the lesson with Latashia we invited her to the ward Christmas party that was tonight.  She seemed hesitant at first, but we got her and her family to come which was awesome. 

Then we went home and called and invited everyone we could think of to the party.  We called lots of people with no luck, but one of our calls was to Lori.  She is a lady that isn’t a member, but goes to our Relief Society book club, so she knows a lot of the ladies in the ward.  We met with her a while ago and gave her a Book of Mormon, but she wanted some time before we met again.  So anyways we invited Lori to come to the party and she said yes! It was awesome! 

We got to the party and it was really nice.  Everyone here says "The ward is just like a Utah ward" haha.  It's kind of true because there are tons of people from Utah here haha.  But, the party and program were really great.  Latashia and her family were there and we had another family we have been working with there!  Lori got there just before it ended, but it wasn’t a problem at all.  We got a bunch of the people she knows and they all just sat and talked while everyone else cleaned up from the party.  When everything had settled down we asked Lori if she wanted a tour of the church building.  This was our first church tour and it was awesome.  The spirit was so strong there.  We walked around talking about all the different rooms and paintings and things and we ended in the chapel.  We talked about the sacrament and the feeling was so peaceful and overwhelming.  It was such a good experience for Lori and I know she felt the spirit.   


Today was transfer calls so we were a little antsy.  We went around and visited a couple potential investigators and invited a couple people to church during the day.  I don’t really remember exactly what happened, sorry.  But the weather was gorgeous. [editors note: it was in the 70's for much of the week in his area] I was in a short sleeve shirt in December! Its really going to stink when it gets cold. 

After dinner we went to an apartment complex pretty close to our apartment and knocked on some former investigators doors.  We didn’t really talk to very many people which was unfortunate.   Transfer calls were supposed to start at 8, so we were waiting for the call.  It's pretty unusual for a trainer to stay with his trainee after the 3 months in our mission so we thought for sure it was coming, but it didn’t!  We waited from 8 till 9 while we were contacting and then for the rest of the night and we never got anything so we're staying together!  

I’m really excited to be staying in Gayton, especially for Christmas.  I think Elder Bronson and I will have an awesome transfer[editor's note: a "transfer" is about 6 weeks], we both have really high hopes.  Plus, I’m really excited that I don’t have to pack haha.  


Today was a great day, so many miracles.  So first of all we had 2 people at sacrament meeting which was awesome!  After church we had a lesson that ended up falling through; really frustrating but it happens.  We weren’t really sure what to do, so we called the Spanish Elders to see if they were going tracting.  They weren’t, but they reminded us of a baptism the Hermanas[Spanish speaking sister missionaries] were having later tonight.  It was perfect because we had a couple people we really wanted to go and see a baptism.  So we spent the next little bit biking around and calling people to invite them to the baptism.  We invited Emani and her sister and they said they would come!  

The baptism was after dinner.  It was scheduled for 6, but didn’t start till 6:30ish.  We were a little nervous because Emani was late getting there, but she showed up right as it started.  It was a great baptism, one of the coolest I’ve been to, and it was all in Spanish.  I had no idea what was being said, but I could totally feel the spirit in the room which was amazing.  After the baptism we talked to Emani and asked her if she had some different thoughts on if she wanted to be baptized now.  She said it was a little less scary and that we could work on it! Really awesome night.   

After the baptism we went out and tracted in a complex with the Spanish Elders.  We tried a door that was referred to us a while ago and nobody was home.  As we were walking down the street though we stopped and talked to this guy named Devan.  Devan is awesome! Meeting him was a miracle.  We talked to him about what it means to have Jesus Christ in his life and about the Atonement.  He really liked it and started a great conversation about prayer and the holy spirit.  He has had some struggles in life (don’t we all) and really had some questions, but has great faith.  We talked with him about the first part of the plan of salvation and the spirit was there so strongly.  Then right there on the street, we invited him to be baptized and receive the holy ghost.  He said YES! The spirit worked on Devan and I know that he was prepared by God.  He was so pumped to think about baptism and we are going back to teach him tomorrow.   

Last little miracle of the night was a call from a referral that the Spanish Elders had set on date then passed on to us.  Her name is Danny and she says she has no idea why but she really wants to hear what we have to say and thinks that it could be really good for her.  We haven’t met her, but the Spanish Elders say she is great.   

This week was pretty great.  Lots of little tender mercies from God and I’m beginning to recognize the spirit a lot more. 

Love you all and thank you for all your support!  

Elder Larson