Laying the Foundation

Update for 5/9/2016


Today we had a lesson with Jill and Eric, they're investigators that the previous missionaries in Hartwood found and we haven't been able to teach them since we got here.  They're great and they love learning from the missionaries.  We went over and they had questions about the homework reading the last missionaries had given them so we went over It and talked about faith(it was Alma 32).  Then we were talking about prayer and they were having a hard time getting used to that too because they were raised to pray differently, so, we read the story of Enos and they really liked it.  So, their challenge was to pray every day, morning and night, for the next week and I think they're going to do great.


This morning we went tracting in some townhomes.  We knocked doors for about an hour and forty minutes and didn't have a single person talk to us.  But, then we were on out last set of houses that we were going to do and we found Teshawnda!  She was walking from her car into her house and we stopped her and started asking her questions and introducing the Restoration.  She thought it was awesome because just a little bit before she was reading her bible and she was actually walking back inside to finish the chapter she read so she was interested in what we're saying.  So we talked about the Restoration and about how there is more holy scripture God has revealed and asked her if she would like to read it and gave her a Book of Mormon.  She loved it and was pretty interested so we asked her to read and pray about it and we said a prayer right there on the sidewalk and asked her if we could come back another time and she said sure.  That was a cool little tender mercy for the morning.

This afternoon we met another really cool kid named Eric.  He's about our age and we were just out looking for potentials and he opened up one of the doors of an old investigator.  Well, he has been trying to get back into going to church and was actually pretty interested in what we had to say, so, we talked to him on his porch and told him about the Restoration and he loved it.  He had lots of good questions and totally agreed with all the things we said and even accepted the invitation to be baptized when he comes to know its true and learns a little more.

Tonight was good too.  We did find one cool person named Zoey but I'm not sure how actually interested she was.  Our lesson was more just like answering questions and comparing her beliefs to ours which was really fun, the only part she was really hung up on was the authority and the priesthood, which is really important.  She said we could come back in a couple weeks so hopefully we can start teaching her after that.


This morning we went tracting in some apartment complexes.  Like I've said before it's a little different here in the mornings because nobody is home because everyone commutes.  So we knocked on a lot of empty doors and weren't able to have a lesson, but we did set a couple return appointments which was good.  So after lunch we went and saw two of the return appointments, one didn't answer, one did and her name was Rosa.  She just moved in a little bit ago with her daughter and grandkids and hasn't been going to church because she just watches it on TV.  Well she was actually really excited about what we had to say and said that she would definitely read the Book of Mormon, and then we even set her on date to be baptized! It was great and hopefully we will be having a baptism coming up here.

After dinner we had a lesson with some old investigators but it ended up falling through because they weren't feeling good, so we're going to try them another time.  So, we went out and tried to see some less active members and other former investigators in an apartment complex but either they moved or they didn't have time to talk so we ended up tracting a bit too.  We did find one guy that we had a lesson with at the end of the night but he didn't seem very sincere, he kept just saying "I'll have to look that up", like he would check its validity on Google...  Well I don't think anyone can really check the validity of the First Vision unless they have faith, so hopefully he doesn't find anti stuff, but it was an ok lesson.


So tracting again this morning and we had another little miracle happen, we found Hannah.  She was so prepared to talk to us it was awesome.  But she was getting ready and only had a couple minutes so we taught her a really quick Restoration lesson, but focused on the Book of Mormon and it flowed so great, the spirit was definitely there.  She was really interested and said that she would read it and that she would think about being baptized so it was amazing.  Great way to start the day.

After that we had a scheduled lesson that canceled on us so we went and saw Del.  He's doing good and invited us back tomorrow to help him plant some roses.

Tonight we had dinner at Brother Boyd's house and then after that we had a meeting to discuss missionary stuff.  It was really good and the work here is going good.  We're going to start working on some less actives that are really close to coming back to church so I'm excited about that.


This morning we had zone meeting in Stafford, it was good and our zone is great.

After that driving home took forever! Haha I'm not used to this kind of traffic.  We drove there and it was about 10 miles and took us like 20 min.  On the way home it was about the same and took us almost an hour, and there wasn't an accident or anything haha.  But it was whatever.

After that we had a lesson with Jaylin and his mom.  They Jehovah’s Witnesses and we had a really good study with them.  The missionaries last time taught them the Plan of Salvation and they had a lot of questions about it.  It was really cool because we got to learn what they believe too!  But, it was also a challenge because they weren't too sure about modern revelation yet, so we couldn't use our references from the Book of Mormon, D&C, or Pearl of Great Price.  But it was a good lesson and we all learned a lot.

After that we went and helped Del with his rose garden and planted some roses, then he made us brisket for dinner and it was way good.  Then we went and saw the Leonard's.  We showed them this video by Elder Packer about the Plan of Salvation and how it's like a 3 act play.  Then we talked about the temple and how we can help them prepare to go to the temple.  It was a really good lesson and they're excited and said they're preparing to go.


So this morning we went and tracted for like 2 hours.  We had a lesson scheduled with a guy but it didn't happen.  During our tracting we didn't really talk to a ton of people except one Muslim guy that told us all about his faith and what they believe, so we questioned him about that stuff for like a half hour and it was kinda fun.  I love learning what other people know and why they believe what they believe.  He said he would read the Book of Mormon and take it to his studies so that was exciting because a lot of people of his faith have a hard time with other prophets.

After lunch we tried tracting in this one townhomes place but it was really not working out for us so we went and tried some other apartments and that had about the same outcome.  Nobody was really home for some reason.  So we went and tried to call some people to meet with and set up some appointments for next week on the phone.

After dinner we went and tried to see a list of referrals and less actives that were out in the country area.  We didn't talk to a lot of people but there were some that opened the door but were busy so we just got to introduce ourselves which was still good.  At the end of the night we had 20 min or so left so we went and tried to meet with Steven, but he wasn't there so we tracted around his place.  We got like 4 people to say we could come back another time but nobody let us in.  Today we didn't end up having a lesson but I know that we tried and that's just how it goes some days.


Church was good today, it was weird sitting there listening to all the Mother's Day talks without a mom on the pew but it was still good.  The ward here is great and we're still trying to get to know everyone.

We had a lesson this afternoon with the Demarees and it was great.  We're going to be cutting a tree down for a lady in the ward this Wednesday so we asked him if he would be able to help and he said sure, then we watched the "Lift" Mormon Message and they really liked it.  I love that video and how it talks about how service heals the soul.

Then we went and had dinner with the Gessels and also skyped home at their house.  It was awesome! Love skyping haha, it's definitely one of the best times of the year for missionaries. 

So grateful for my family and Brooklyn and all the support from everyone.  It's kinda weird because I only have 2 skypes left on my mission.  Love y'all and I'll talk to you next week!

Elder Larson