Last Conference in the Field

Blog 4/3/17

Man alive I cant believe it’s already April and another General Conference is behind us! Couple April birthday shout outs first...  Happy birthday to my Dad and to Brooklyn on the 7th! Hope you have a great week and eat lots of cake for me! 

Next, before I get to my week, with Easter coming up you need to go see the #princeofpeace video.  Man, it’s perfect for getting you in the right spirit.  Share it with your friends, put it on on FB or Insta or whatever is the thing now. 

This week was great, super busy and spiritually filled.  I loved hearing the words of our prophets and especially learned a lot about the Holy Ghost, repentance and change, and seeking our potential.  It’s amazing to be able to hear from the leaders and prophets of the church and know that their words come directly from God.  

I have so much to say about conference but I think some of my favorite talks were from Elder Uchtdorf’s in priesthood, and also the general session.  He talked about ministering and serving others then talked about how love can motivate us to become more like God.  Love is what motivates us to serve others but also is the way that we can reach our potential because as we love God we are going to strive to keep His commandments.  Haha man there were so many good talks though!  

I also loved Elder Rasband’s talk about the Holy Ghost and having it in our lives.  First, striving to be worthy of it, second being willing to receive it, and third acting on promptings we receive.  I’m definitely going to set a goal to following the first prompting and being guided by the spirit, I loved the story he told about the missionaries in New York.  

Besides conference our week was great though.  We were able to teach and see miracles.  We also have some new missionaries in our zone which is a lot of fun, we even have sisters on bikes which is beginning to be a new trend in our mission.  

We had 2 really sweet lessons with Shawn this week and one of them was over Skype.  It’s so cool that we can connect with our investigators and members over social media now and I definitely think it will help him to progress now that we can see him more often.  He also came to conference for one of the sessions and it was really good to have him there and be able to look around the church but also the prophet spoke that session so he got to see that.  

We also saw the Archers this week and were able to read the 10 Commandments and talk about them with the family.  It was a good lesson and I think they are doing really well.  

Lastly we saw Colton and his dad this week.  Colton isn’t baptized and his dad hasn't been to church in a while.  We were able to watch a couple innings of one of Colton’s baseball games last week and it helped a ton because we were able to gain their trust.  The lesson was really good and we just introduced the Book of Mormon and parts of the Church and it even brought back memories to his dad of his testimony which was really touching.  

Josh and Brittany are doing well too and we talked about the Book of Mormon more with them and were able to invite them to start reading it.  Josh is really intelligent and has a sincere heart and I think that he will be baptized.  We also talked about giving their kids baby blessings at the end and I think it would be so cool if Josh could do that after he's baptized.  I think they watched conference too.  

Time is flying by and I’m just trying to love it.  The weather here has been unreal.  Like in the 60's and 70's with a little rain.  The pollen is starting to drop now though which means ill have allergies till sometimes in June when it stops.  

Love you all and hope you had a great conference!