Larray's Baptism

Blog 5/22/17

Wow this week flew by again!   I can’t believe it keeps going this fast!  So I’ll start off with a highlight for the week because it was just so awesome.  On Saturday we were able to go to Hopewell again and witness the baptism of Larray!  It was such a good baptism and you could really feel the spirit and the ward supporting her.  There were some awesome talks by some of the ladies we had at lessons and stuff and there were a good number of people from the ward there which was great.  One of the coolest parts for me was that her mom, who's not a member, was there from Connecticut supporting her.  She was assigned to give the closing prayer but before she did she bore an amazing testimony about how she had had been praying for Larray, as she had been going through some trials in her life, to help her to come closer to God.  She was so happy for her daughter and proud and I really hope the missionaries start teaching her because she seemed like a great lady.  But Larray's baptism was awesome and I’m so glad I got to know her and be there with her.  

We did a bunch of finding and service this week which kept us busy.  It’s been super hot here, like in the 80s and 90s.  We helped the high priest group leader stain part of his fence on Wednesday.  It was sooo hot but it was good to be outside haha.  

Another cool person we found this week was named Nita.  We were just tracting and we talked to her and introduced the Book of Mormon.  She was supposed to come to church but didn’t end up making it so we stopped by on Sunday and had the best lesson ever with her.  She had a family emergency and had to go out of town but got back Sunday morning.  We were able to catch her home and share the Plan of Salvation principles with her and talk about how the Book of Mormon and restored gospel will bring her peace in her life.  The spirit was so strong and she was almost in tears because she really could feel the truth of what we were saying.  It was an amazing lesson and I think she will be a really good investigator.  

We also taught a guy named Solomon who is from Africa.  He is super cool and studied a lot of different parts of religion but never ours.  We told him about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon and he was really interested, but as we talked he understood the different points of Christianity and actually understood the Apostasy, but he asked about the other religions and where they came from, which I’m still working on an answer.

Another highlight for the week was an extended MLC we had with Elder Anthony Perkins of the 70.  He had a day so he decided to come to our mission and be with us which was really cool.  We talked about so many good things but there were a couple cool things that stuck out.  The biggest one was about working with the members.  A couple of the stake presidents were there and we talked about how we can work with the ward council and the part member and unbaptized youth.  Another cool thing that he talked about was faith.  He had been thinking about faith and the cycle of faith which is {no faith>desire>action>witness>power} and talked about how we can come to have spiritual power and help our investigators to have the same.  It was really powerful hearing from him and being with all the MLC in the mission (including the district leaders).  On the way back we hit Bodillaz and got the best quesadillas ever, chicken, bacon, onion rings, French fries, BBW sauce, ranch and cheese.  Heaven in a tortilla.  

We also spoke in church!  They called us Thursday and told us we had the topic of love at home which was interesting since I feel like I haven’t been home in decades.   I talked about what  I know best which is teaching the gospel.  We always extend 3 commitments to our investigators which we use the acronym CPR, church pray read.  So I talked about that and how it can help us have love at home.  

Besides that we have just been working and trying to get the members in our area active in missionary work.  It’s been a good busy week and hopefully we can keep it up.  We haven't had WiFi I all day because the church got struck by lightning but hopefully we can snag some so I can send off emails.  Sorry if this is a scattered email, haha oh well guess you’ll have to deal with it!  

Love yall!    

Elder Tys Larson - VRM