Thinking About Jellybeans

Blog 5/8/17

Hello! Wow another good week in Hopewell.  But, first things first, I got a call Saturday night from my old companion Elder Lamarr and will be transferred Saturday.  Not sure where I’m going yet but I’m excited to find out.  It’s been a good run in Hopewell and I should be able to come back for the 2 baptisms we have coming up.  

Last Monday we had zone p-day and we played sports at the church.  We also have been doing a fitness challenge in our mission so we got to run a mile, do pushups, and sit-ups.  Let me tell you what, running gets a lot harder when you don’t do it a lot, haha.  

Larray is doing really well and we taught her a couple times this week.  She has really been getting into the lessons and the reading and even read a bit of the Gospel Principles book.  She can see the gospel changing her and so can her family.  Her mom is going to come all the way from Connecticut for her baptism which is super cool!  We had a really good lesson with her Tuesday and had a couple people from the ward come with us.  They bore really good testimony and Larray really felt the spirit.  We even taught her the Law of Chastity this week and she is sooo on board.  Everything is going great and I can’t wait till she gets baptized.  

We also taught Colton this week about the plan of salvation.  It’s so cool to see him and his dad grow together and when we teach Colton his dad starts to remember everything and the spirit really works on him.  He had a baseball tournament this weekend but it was really cool because he wanted to come to church so bad.  He’s really excited for baptism this week.  

We had another good lesson with Edward too.  He’s curious about our church but I think the more we meet with him he sees some things that are true and gets more serious.  We had a really good lesson with him about "salvation" and kinda went through what salvation really means.  It was so neat to read the scriptures about it and talk about how salvation isn’t just a one time event in our lives but it’s a lifelong journey.  We will all be resurrected because of Christ, we still need to partake of the ordinances of salvation to return to God’s presence.  

Friday we had exchanges with the Belmont Elders and had a couple lessons.  I went with Elder Kane, but his trainee Elder Buhler is a fireball!

He is just excited about life and I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone use the word "woah" more times than him.  One example that we were all cracking up was at a restaurant for dinner.  He was staring off and just kinda laughed to himself.  We asked him what was up and he said "Oh nothing, just thinking about all the jelly beans we have at home." Hahahahaha I about fell off my chair! Ok well maybe you had to be there...  

Saturday was a super slow day.  Not sure if it was because transfer calls were that night or we just had nothing going on.  Prince George was a ghost town.  But Sunday was great.  We had a stake conference broadcast presided over by Elder Oaks.  Well ok he was in SLC not in Richmond but it was still cool haha.  The whole North America north east region was a part of this broadcast and heard Elder Oaks, Elder Gong, Elder Perkins, and Sister Cordon speak.  

A couple highlights were from Elder Perkins talking about repentance.  He went through 8 different headlines from the Book of Mormon about people repenting and told us:

1.    Repentance is required of everyone for all his sins
2.    Repentance must be centered in Christ to change our natures
3.    Repentance is always followed by joy.  

Elder oaks talked about a lot of great things too but it really stuck out to me that he mentioned how we can help our less actives:

1.    Be their friend
2.    Listen and seek to understand concerns
3.    Help them feel God’s love for them by helping them feel their eternal possibilities
4.    Help them know we love them and they can return and we will love when they do 

It was so great to hear from an apostle of the Lord this week and I know that his words are true.  He also told us that "what we do and think about during the sacrament is a good indicator of whether we are converted to the gospel or the church." I know that I am striving to become more converted to this gospel every day and I see it bless my life.  I would challenge for all of you to take that challenge and think about your sacrament worship a little deeper.  

Well I guess next week we will find out where I ended up! Talk to you soon! 

Elder Tys Larson - VRM