Blog 2/26/17

Man this week freaking flew by, it was pretty busy and it feels like I was just sitting down to write yesterday.  So I dunno if I told you last week but we went bowling last week with our district and some other missionaries for like 2 hours last week and it was a blast.  I’m horribly out of practice but I’m working on it.  Monday night was also pretty fun with a member dinner and then we went and helped another member that was moving finish packing up some of their stuff.  Love service, I wish we got more of it. 

The rest of the week really picked up after this and Tuesday was pretty busy.  So the zone leaders have been assigned to start planning and conducting a 90 min portion of Zone Conferences where we used to not speak at those meetings.  So, we spent a lot of our week planning that out and it was weird for me, even though I’ve conducted a ton of these meetings, because I just didn’t know what to expect, haha.  We also had a lesson with Shawn, the guy Elder Connors and I found a couple weeks ago.  He’s a normal YSA aged kid who wants to live life.  He’s pretty interested though and I think if he gets into the Book of Mormon he will be able to progress.  We had a pretty good lesson though and read the first couple verses of the Book of Mormon with him to get him started and it was spirit filled. 

We also had a really awesome lesson with Leslie and her daughters about the Atonement.  It got really deep and I could feel the spirit super strong which was awesome, and I’m sure they could feel it too.  Leslie really gets it and wants to come closer to Christ, she really is awesome.  We also talked to her daughter a little bit about her foundation and what she believes and it was really good to start to understand her desires.  She really has a good heart and I hope that we can start helping her and teaching her too. 

Wednesday, we planned a little more and then had exchanges with the Swift Creek Elders, Colson and Kohler.  Elder Colson has only been out like 3 months and I got to go out with him which was a blast.  It’s always fun to be around a new missionary and just feel their excitement.  We went out most of the day and just contacted potentials and people that had been contacted in the past.  We ended up tracting into our bishop’s mom who's not a member which was really cool, she’s a sweet lady.  Then at night we went out with Elder Baer and saw Armine and Alex and then Sister Heacock.  The lesson with Armine was really good.  She has a really good understanding of the gospel but we have been going over the basics with her her so that her husband can listen along even though he didn't have the biggest desire.  I think that he listens to everything we talk about though.  We talked about the Book of Mormon introduction though and just went over the plot line, I always see it like a movie trailer.  Then we went to Sister Heacock’s and had a good talk with her about some of the things that have been going on in her life.  Without going into details I just have to say she is a really strong lady.  It was good to be there and support her. 

Thursday was also a super busy day.  We finished the plans for our portion of Zone Conference and then went out with Elder Baer the rest of the day.  We had a couple people cancel on us like usual but the rest of the day was really awesome. 

We were able to meet one of the families that we haven’t really gotten to know yet and had an amazing lesson.  They were baptized a long time ago and got out of the habits of the gospel and then to top it off they didn’t have any contact with ward members for wayyyy too long.  We were able to catch them home and sit down and talk about some of the gospel truths and also about what their goals are.  They want to get back, they just aren't sure how.  We also had a lesson with Robert and Dorothy.  He’s the member I set on date to be baptized lol...  but the lesson went amazing.  We read the introduction to the Book of Mormon and talked about it with Dorothy mostly because she's not a member.  She really loves Christ though and I think if she starts getting into it a little more she will really feel the spirit. 

Then Thursday night we went to Leslie's and talked about temples and read part of the Temples and Families pamphlet with her.  She had a question about it a while ago and we hadn't gotten to it yet.  I really love Leslie because she really does feel the spirit and tries to understand the things that God has put in front of her, she really desires do know what’s true. 

Friday we had our zone conference and the theme of it was inviting.  It was really great and I especially loved President Smith’s focus for part of it on the sacrament.  Really starting to grow a love for the sacrament in my life.  Elder Knight and I conducted our portion of the meeting and it went really well.  I think the best part of it was that there was a ton of participation which was good so they didn't have to hear me talking the whole time.  We did a couple role plays, talked about the baptismal invitation, and talked about baptismal calendars which the zone really loved. 

The rest of Friday and Saturday we went to Richmond and had exchanges with the assistants which was a blast.  The weather was perfect, like 60-70s so there were lots of people out and about.  The assistants work on VCU campus in the YSA ward so it was different talking to people my age, but a ton of fun.  We taught a couple lessons and were able to meet a lot of people. 

One really cool lesson we had was with a guy we contacted named Daniel.  He plays the organ at a church and was walking to go to a mass as we stopped him.  It was really neat to ask him about his beliefs and share the Restoration with him.  He really opened up to us and you could tell that he was feeling the spirit telling him the Book of Mormon was true. 

We also had a referral that we were trying to contact from the student housing.  We had a lesson with one of the recent converts before and she stayed and was going to talk to him with us.  Well when he came down he walked around, then went back inside without talking to us! Then he texted and told us to just leave it on the table and he would come back.  Well we wanted to talk to him and started bargaining a little bit but then it started dumping rain and hail! Well we couldn't go in the student dorms without an invite so we were stuck standing under an awning for 5 min till someone invited us in haha.  Then someone told us they knew the referral and would give him the book which was good enough for us.  We were soaked and it was a wild day but we had a ton of fun.  Hopefully I can serve on a campus coming up. 

We had another lesson with the Archers and it was amazing.  We started off talking about who God is and then talking about prayer and how we can get to know God.  They are really seeking and had tons of questions and talked a lot which was awesome.  They ended up coming to church as did Leslie and one other guy, whose wife is a member. 

Sunday for church Brother Maldonado and Maquela came down from Gayton ward to visit me and have lunch! It was a ton of fun seeing them and hearing about all the stuff that’s been going on in their lives.  That might be the last time I see them for a while so I’m really glad they came down. 

It was a super good week and I think this next week is going to be just as busy.  Hopefully we can keep up with it.  Anyways love yall! 

Elder Tys Larson - VRM