An Incredible Week!

Blog 5/1 

I can’t even express how great this week was.  There were soooo many miracles that have been happening the last 2 weeks!  To start off Monday and Tuesday we had some really good lessons with part member families.  One of them was a military family.  The dad hasn't been active since he was a teen but we showed up one day and he told us his daughters have been asking him about baptism and religious stuff which he though was strange because they aren't a very religious family.  Well we got to teach them a little bit and just get their understanding and their goals which was really good.  

Well the next day we taught Aiden, Kody and their mom and had a really good lesson with them about prophets and Aiden is still on track to be baptized whenever he feels, he’s just nervous about the water.

Wednesday was a really amazing day.  We were walking down the street in the morning and this car passes so we wave and the car slows down and the guy in the passenger seat hops out and comes and talks to us.  Well his grandpa was a Mormon and we were able to talk and read a couple scriptures with him and then as soon as we invited him to see us again he told us he had to go and just walked away! Hahahah not sure what was going on there.  

We had interviews with President Smith later that afternoon and it was awesome.  I talked to him about goal setting and he told me how goals are made up of the resolve, and structure.  So I’ve been re-evaluating my goals and trying to figure out how I can make them more meaningful.  

We also had a sweet lesson with Colton and his dad Wednesday night at the church before mutual.  We sat down and his dad said "I have a couple questions, can we say a prayer?" Well he had been reading his scriptures ever since we last taught them sunday he had read all of First Nephi! Colton had also been reading a bit and then we had a really great talk about the scriptures and why they are important.  Then we had a talk about faith and repentance and were able to do a baptismal calendar with him and he set his date for May 13th! He and his dad are really excited and determined to meet that date and are working really hard to be ready.  

Thursday morning we had a lesson with a referral we got last weekend she is great! She had been taught by missionaries for about 5 years in the ‘90s but then moved.  We had a great lesson with her about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon and she is probably the happiest person I’ve ever met.  But when it got more spiritual she really felt and recognized the spirit and told us she already knew what we were saying was true, she has a lot of potential to be baptized soon.  

Lastly we had 2 really good lessons with Larray.  She hadn't been contacting us back at the first of the week so we decided to go over there with Elder Baer on Thursday.  She let us right in and told us she had been having some doubts but had read her Book of Mormon and that us coming back was probably a sign.   Well we had an unreal lesson with her and talked about how she was feeling and her goals.  She didn’t really have anything she was searching for so we told her she needed to pray about that and find her reason for reading and praying and changing her life.  We left her with a Plan of Salvation pamphlet and then left and that was a super good lesson.  Well when we went back on Saturday for another lesson it was even better.  

Saturday when we got there she asked if we could say a prayer and start which was weird, but cool.  Well we asked her if she had any questions, like usual, and she opened her Plan of Salvation pamphlet and there’s an "Additional Study" section in the back that nobody does and she actually did it!!! So, she had read the whole pamphlet and had 2 questions about it which were super good about the Spirit World and also about our purpose in this life.  We did a review of the plan with her and the spirit was so strong, she was literally just smiling the whole time because she was loving it so much and just feeling the spirit so strong! Well about 1/2 way through we talked about baptism and the Holy Ghost and she wants to be baptized!  She told us she would pray about either the 13th of May or the 20th.  That was an unreal lesson and she is such a sweet spirit.  

Sooo Sunday she came to church!  We had our Mission President there(I’ll talk about that in a sec.), but she loved it again! She told us she had decided on the 20th and had told her mom who lives in Connecticut and her mom is going to get on a bus and come down for the baptism!  We had an amazing service and she told a couple people she was going to be baptized and it just made my day.  

Sunday we also had President Smith at church with us which was a huge blessing.  He conducted the third hour 5th Sunday lesson and it was so cool.  We set it up like a Zone Conference and told all of our members to sit in groups of 4.  Then we went through scenarios the whole time and talked about how they can present the gospel as a member missionary in every day situations.  It was so powerful and we felt a really strong spirt while we were there.  

Lastly, a funny story with a picture!  Saturday we did a lot of service helping build that fence from last week and also helping someone pack to move.  Well while moving a big wooden dresser with Elder Knight I guess I got down a little bit too low and ripped my shorts! Yeah it was pretty bad haha but its definitely something I’ll remember! 

Well off to another lesson with Larray! I’ll fill yall in more next week! 

Love Elder Larson