I love BINGO!


Officially 2 months today!! 

So this week was busy busy busy. We had a lot of good things happen and it’s starting to pick up here. 



Monday was a normal P-day. That night we went out and saw Thom, the guy from like a month ago. He is still doing good.  The lesson was kinda crazy though.  We taught him about the priesthood and priesthood blessings and it went kinda south, but he is still interested and I’ll keep you updated on that. 


This morning at 10 Sister Romans, a lady in the ward had us over and we moved some boxes from her attic down to the house so she could do her Thanksgiving decorating . Man I thought my mom had a lot of decorations haha.  But, then she fed us breakfast and she is an amazing cook.  After that we had a lesson with Cheryl.  It went really well.  We watched The Restoration with her and talked about The Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith.  I know the Spirit was there. After that we went to lunch with Brother Lawrence, he’s 93 and still going strong, gives me inspiration to be like that.   He’s awesome! 

Later we had a lesson with Latashia again. We read some chapters in 2 Nephi. She is so great, she is preparing to go to the temple and do baptisms later this month and it is so great.  I love seeing how excited she gets. I wish we had a temple here in Richmond.... But that was great. 

That night we had a lesson with Bert and Sylvia.  They have been looking into the church for a while now and are such a nice couple.  He is super smart and always blows my mind.  President Anderson came with us and the lesson went really well.  I love talking to people and hearing about them and their life.  I know I say that a lot, but it’s really my favorite thing out here so far I think. 


Today we had a pretty normal day haha.  I don’t really remember what happened.  We went and visited people like usual.  For dinner we went to a members house, the Saunders.  She is from Brazil and he served there and so we had a Brazilian themed night.  Chicken, beans and rice.  I love that food, it made me think about my dad serving in Chile and that is what he got to eat all the time.  I would love that. 


Today was slow.  One of those days I just woke up exhausted.  We had weekly planning which was whatever and then we got a break and went to play BINGO.  Man I love going to do service.  The people there are great and me and the guy I was with won twice! haha It’s so great and I’ll definitely be playing bingo when I’m old. 

That night we went out to Goochland again. It’s nice to be in the city and then go out there every once in a while and talk to the "country" people.  I feel like I can actually say the word tractor and they actually know what I mean.  They are so great out there though, reminds me of being in my Buhl ward and all the people I grew up with.  But we talked to 3 families and taught Brandon who is starting to investigate the Church.  The lesson went really well and we talked with him a lot and I think he got a lot out of it. 


I woke up and studied 2 Nephi chapter 4.  It’s a great chapter and if you break it down there’s a lot to think about.  I also looked at that because that’s what we were talking to Latashia about.  We finished weekly planning because we didn’t get to do it the other day.  Then we went and had out regular studies with Latashia.  That night we went out with a member, Brother Hall.  It was really good.  We ended up going to a few houses and they weren’t home, but the last house we went to see we ended up staying and talking for a while.  The house was Brother Kaufman, he is so great and loves the missionaries.  We talked to him for a while and Brother Hall got along with him really well.  I’m really grateful we got to see him and it lightened my day a lot. 


Saturday morning our ward had a little girl getting baptized so we went like an hour early and filled the font for them. T he baptism was awesome and it was so cool to see.  I thought about my baptism a lot, and it reminded me a lot of Ally.  The rest of the day we had 2 little miracles.  The first one: Somehow we set up an appointment to go and see a girl the missionaries taught before, but we haven’t been able to get ahold of her.  Also with the lesson, we were able to get the Laurels class president to come to the lesson with us and help us teach her and invite her to mutual.  It was so great and it was so out of the blue and it went so great. 

The second one: we were a little lost that night after dinner on what to do.  We aren’t supposed to ride our bikes at night because the roads are so dangerous even in the day, so that limits our distance we can go at night.  We ended up deciding to go see Kyle, a new convert.  He is great, but he struggles coming to church sometimes.  We had a great lesson with him and talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ and what it all means to him.  He was super smart with the Book of Mormon and the Bible. But we set of a return appointment with him and it was just awesome because we were praying to find someone to teach that night. 


Church was great as usual.  There’s something about it that just calms me down and lets me relax even though we are always super busy at church.  We had 2 investigators come to church!  They both loved it and we are hoping to start teaching them soon.  The rest of the day we knocked some doors of referrals and some other contacts, but didn’t have any luck.  This week felt like a super regular missionary week.  Nothing super crazy, it just happened.  The leaves are falling like crazy, I wish I could remember to take more pictures... sorry.  And its starting to get colder and colder each day.  Thank you so much for all your love and prayers.