Hump Day! B-Day! Incredible Spiritual Highs!

Blog 9/12/2016


We had studies this morning and then we went over to Del’s for lunch because we just love Del!  He's really one of the best guys.  So we talked to him for a bit then the King George Elders met us there and we did a blitz for the rest of the day.  Basically that means that we were all in Hartwood but I was with Elder Shirley and Elder Maedgen was with Elder Rhinehart.

Elder Shirley and I tracted a ton.  It was really good but we didn't find that many people.  We did like 4 buildings in this one complex and then went to another place and knocked a bit.  It was pretty hot and nobody was answering so that was just a good time to talk to Elder Shirley.  We had a lesson with Fred though that was really good.  Fred was just kinda in a good mood today and we talked about a ton of things.  The Philadelphia Temple, service, then a lesson on Alma 48:11-13;17.  It's an awesome scripture and one that I've really loved on my mission because it's something that I've been striving for.  But, we talked to Fred about Moroni and then about some of the other prophets and how good of men they were and how we can become like them and be good priesthood holders.

We had a lesson with Danny too and that was ok.  We talked about grace and a scripture in 2 Nephi 25:23.  Lastly before dinner we had a lesson with the Gerbers and that was good.  They had just gotten back from their trip and it was also the first day of school for the kids here and they were pretty rowdy.  They went to this place in NC though and got to go gem mining and get some cool rocks and they showed them to us.

Tonight was a wreck and also a spiritual feast.  So first thing we got a text from Mike during dinner basically saying that he was not going to be baptized this Saturday and that he wouldn't be able to come to the fireside.  That was rough, but talking more with his friends who have been bringing him to church they said that he had told his parents and they weren't too happy when they found out.  So we really don't know much more than that, but I really think it's going to be ok and everything will work out fine.  We also found out that our other investigator who was going to come to the fireside wasn't able to make it.

Tonight we had a fireside though that was really, really awesome!  The spirit was so strong and it was all about investigators and about the Restoration.  Elder Kopischke of the 70 came and was the speaker and he really knows how to teach with the spirit, it was a lot about JSH vs 8-17ish.  He talked about the Restoration, he talked about being serious vs curious, and he talked about missionary work and people that want to join the church, the Book of Mormon and so forth.  It was really amazing and like I said I felt the spirit so strongly.  King George spent the night here so they could come to zone conference with us in the morning after that.


So today was also a spiritual overload.  We had a conference with 2 zones and Elder Kopischke and it was all about us.  He didn't really even have a plan he just let the spirit guide and pretty much the whole thing was learning and questions and stuff that we brought up about what we needed to learn to be better missionaries.  So first President and Sister Smith spoke and set the tone.  Sister Smith talked about how we need to work with our members and be equally yoked with them, then President Smith talked about acting and not being acted upon.  He also talked about how we need to have our own testimonies before we can go and share it with others.  They were pretty short but still really powerful. 

Then Elder Kopischke spoke for the rest of the day.  From the notes I had some of the things that stuck out to me were how we can feel liberated and joyful as missionaries, how we can be creative in our missionary work, and a better teaching method that is really inspired and simple, which I love.  It's really nothing new but just the way he says it makes it sound so new and shiny haha idk if you can use this in any of your classes or anything but it's cool. 

1.     Teach the principle

2.     Ask the question

3.     Testify

4.     Invite them to act. 

They can be in any order really and they need to be simple and powerful.  It was an amazing conference and I felt the spirit so strong, so pumped for this week now.

The rest of our day was good.  We saw Malik and he was kinda interested.  He is really nice and listens to us but is kind of a punk and doesn't really keep commitments but he really has a sincere heart and is really simple so I love teaching him.  Another good lesson was with John, our recent convert.  We also read the scriptures in Alma about Moroni and talked about the priesthood.  He is amazing and so ready to have the priesthood, he wants to go to the temple and is just loving the gospel.  Yeah he's great.


Today felt super long but there still really isn't that much to talk about.  That's how Thursday's are I guess.  We’ve been trying to talk to Mike and get back in contact with him but he's kinda ignoring us or something because we have no idea what's going on.  We did some weekly planning in the morning and during lunch time then we went to lunch with the White Oak Elders at Bennys (the big pizza place) and that was a blast.  Then Elder Maedgen had to go get his toe looked at for the final time and that was all good, seemed like everything worked out and it's all healed.

We had dinner with the Weeds this evening and that was good.  John isn't a member but after dinner we had a really good lesson and read JSH 11-17 and a short video about them and talked about it.  Man he was really feeling the spirit but just didn't know it, it was awesome.  He was really, really curious about Joseph Smith’s story and how that all happened and it was a miracle because before this he hasn't really been into the church but this sparked his attention.

We also saw a guy named Brother Crossely.  He moved in recently and has been going through some tough times.  He's really awesome but has some sicknesses that make it though for him.  Really, really humble and super nice guy though.  We talked about scripture study and some other things and just got to know him and it was great.  Besides that nothing really happened.  It was a good day of just planning and then lessons.  So yeah the rest of my day was pretty normal though, nothing super awesome. 


[editors note: Today was Tyson’s year mark(hump day)!  Half way there and going strong.  We are grateful for all he has done, become and continues to have the desire to develop into and look forward to the next 365!]  

This morning we went to the dentist for the last time hopefully and I got my NTI thing.  It's basically a mouth guard that keeps your back teeth separated so you can't clench them or anything.  Hopefully it helps me sleep good and not have a sore mouth haha.

After that we went and did some service for the Gerbers.  They had a pallet of bricks that needed to be moved from the side to the back of their house and then we had a little lesson with them.  They're doing great and hopefully we can get a teaching schedule down pat now that school has started.  After that Elder Maedgen got me lunch at Chick-Fil-A and that was good, we went and hung out with Del, obviously, cause that's what we do every day for lunch it seems like.

After that we had a really cool lesson happen.  We were tracting and there was a lady out in the parking lot waiting for a bus and I had a feeling like I should go talk to her.  It turned out that she was interested in talking to us and we had an awesome lesson about the Restoration and she said we could come back and talk more some time.  So that was a cool prompting.  After that we tracted a lot of the day and we also saw the Taddeos and they are doing great.  They're an awesome family and it was fun to talk with them, we didn't even have to start teaching, they just asked us about something spiritual right off the bat.

Overall my hump day was pretty good, didn't really feel like that different of a day but it's so weird to think about how I'm going to have less days now than I've been our here.  Doesn't seem real.  HUMP DAY!


This morning we went over to see Malik and Brittany.  I guess it was her birthday and they went out partying and were really, really out of it, if you know what I mean.  It was really bad, like Brittany didn't remember any of the night and I have no idea why you would want to do that on your birthday, I like remembering things lol.  So we didn't get to teach them but hopefully we can catch them another time. 

After that we went to Danny’s and had a lesson with him, it was pretty chill and mostly talked about trying to start teaching his friend Chris.  After that we tracted.  It was dang hot today!  We tracted for most of the afternoon and tried to see people but nobody was really home and a couple of the people we had for return appts said to not come back, love that…

We had a meeting with Brother Boyd tonight and that was great.  He went to a meeting with Elder Kopischke also for the ward mission leaders and it really gave him a ton of good ideas and insights on how we can help the ward, in missionary terms you would say he has the fire, he was pretty pumped lol.  So yeah Brother Boyd really wants to help us out and I think the work here in the ward is gonna be unreal with everything he has in his head.  The missionaries can only do so much, like it's all about the members.

After that we went over to the Leonard’s and had a late lesson with them.  We talked about foreordination and how God made us all individual.  I really loved it and Brother Boyd really taught with the spirit and everyone was feeling it.  Progress.


Sacrament meeting was good, we had 2 investigators, John who is married to a member and comes every week and Alberto.  Alberto is a cousin of the Soderholmes and is visiting from out of the country.  He only speaks Spanish and when he came to gospel principles with them they translated and we had a lesson with just him.  He is really awesome and the spirit spoke through the translation so well, we talked about repentance and it was amazing.  The spirit was so strong and it was amazing, there is definitely no language barrier for the spirit.

After church we went and tried to see Brittany and Malik again but they weren't home so we went and tracted a little bit and really didn't find anyone.  We also saw the Dudenhefers for a bit right after church which was good, it was Matthews birthday (10 yro) so I gave him a tie that I bought that is like youth length and barely fits me haha.  Love them so much.

Then tonight we went back out and saw Katie Carnaghi, she's a YSA but the sisters have been having a hard time getting ahold of her and we see her all the time so we are gonna teach her for a bit then pass her off.  She's really awesome and even though she hasn't really had missionaries she's still wanting to be into the church and reads her Book of Mormon and stuff.  It's amazing.  we had some tracting time tonight and it was rough, not a lot of people home and it was late so nobody was really wanting to talk to us.

 Today was my birthday too and it was awesome.  I'll talk about it more next week I guess but I'm grateful for everyone here in VA and back home that made it amazing for me.  Love y'all!