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Blog 9/4/17

Wow, it’s so weird to be writing again I feel like I just wrote about my week and now I have to do it again.  Also super weird to think this is one of the last...  but let’s not think about that haha 

This week was really a blur so I’ll try to do the best I can to remember what’s been happening.  It’s been a really good week that started off with not a lot of plans and then we seemed to pull some stuff together.  

We have taught Xander and Alexis this week and it went awesome!  We reviewed the Restoration with them at the beginning and then talked about baptism and the Holy Ghost.  They are both really sincere kids that understand and want to be baptized.  They're pretty much committed to baptism we just need to start getting them to church!  They will come this next week, I know it.  One of the best parts of that lesson and this week was talking about how the Holy Ghost felt with people, it was kind of a theme.  The spirit is so amazing and we were really able to help people to discern how they feel the spirit so they can start recognizing it for themselves.  

We also had a bunch of great lessons with Vince and Hilary, they're doing sooo good.  Hilary has been reading the scriptures like crazy this week and it’s been making a huge difference, seriously it’s been making an enormous impact.  One lesson we talked about was turning away from the natural man.  Repentance really is about changing our nature, not just our actions.  

We also went on exchanges with the zone leaders and even though I didn't understand much, cause it was in Spanish, we still saw some miracles.  One of them was the first night when I was with Elder Barnes.  We were getting gas right before going home and it was a super sketchy gas station.  Only 1 pump worked and when we tried to get the receipt it made us go inside and talk to the cashier.  Well the attendant turned out to be Hispanic and we were able to talk to him and he was really interested!  That was cool.  We actually taught a bunch of lessons too and had some members come out with us.  

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We had a ton of people at church which was awesome.  Only 10 days left and I’m so excited to finish it out strong.  We had a good p-day doing Yoga with Brother Brockman in the morning.  Not sure if I talked about it before but we do yoga almost every Monday with him.  He loves working with missionaries and we've become pretty good friends.  I think I’m going over there on my birthday which should be unreal.  The rest of the day we just hung out with the zone and saw some stuff around Hopewell which I’ve already seen before haha.  

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Well I love yall! Can't believe next week is my last email...  see yall soon!