Happy Thanksgiving!

Blog 11/22

Monday was pretty fun.  We went to the church and played sports with the zone for most of the day.  We also made them a pancake lunch. 

Our night was really great.  Elder Day is going to the temple tomorrow in DC so we had Elder Bendel with us so I would have a comp when he leaves.  First we had dinner and a lesson with Norman, he's been baptized for like 3 months and is one of the most solid recent converts I know.  We told Elder Bendel he was an investigator and taught him the Restoration haha Elder Bendel was so confused! 

Later that night we had a lesson set with a lady we met last week.  We showed up and she wasn't there but her daughter was so we taught her daughter Shamika.  This was one of the most spirit filled lessons I've had in a while I think.  She was so prepared to hear the Restoration and had all the right questions.  It was so great.  In the end she was feeling the spirit so strong and I just asked her "How do you feel?" In her prayer at the end of the lesson she started crying and you could really tell she was feeling it.  I know Shamika is on date and could be baptized as soon as she gets her answer! 

Tuesday was also pretty good.  Elder Day went to the temple so I was with Elder Bendel.  We went to the botanical gardens and did service for a couple hours in the morning.  Then after that we went to our weekly meeting with President Mullins, the stake president. 

This afternoon we had another miracle while tracting.  The first couple doors we knocked on were all duds.  We even had one guy that wanted to bash with us and he honestly had no idea what he was talking about.  Well the very last house we knocked on that street was the miracle.  We met Levi who is also now on date!  We had an awesome Restoration lesson with him and again, he had all the perfect questions.  The spirit was great and he was so interested in the Book of Mormon.  He was definitely prepared by God. 

Tonight we had to drive down to Midlothian to pick up Elder Day.  Our ward mission leader Brother Fox came with us to a lesson with Kathy.  She has been feeling pretty bad because of her health and hasn't been out and about as much as usual so it was good for us to go over.  We had a pretty simple lesson on prayer.  Then Brother Fox took us down to Midlo.  It was kinda funny because there are a bunch of toll roads and we were scrambling for change in his car.  Brother Fox was happy cause we were able to get rid of all his penny's lol. 

After that we saw Bruce and Genita and had a pretty good little lesson with them.  They're getting a little better every time we go over there and hopefully they can come to church this week. 

Wednesday morning we had apartment inspections, yes mom I passed....  It’s really easy to keep your apartment clean when you're never here haha.  But then we went to district meeting and that was pretty good.  Elder Day and another sister are going home so they were able to bear their testimonies. 

After district meeting we did some knocking and then we were able to have a lesson with Bo and Iris.  We found them last week and this week when we saw them they actually read the Book of Mormon!  It was crazy!  But he read the first chapter and didn't really understand it.  He was trying to compare it to genesis and it wasn't making sense, lol.  Well we went over the introduction and helped them a lot and it was an awesome lesson. 

This evening we went to see a referral named Sarah.  She is awesome.  She is going through a lot of tough times lately and especially having a hard time medically.  We were actually sent over to give her a blessing but ended up teaching her the Restoration and about the Book of Mormon too and she invited us to come back.  She said she was going to come to church and was sooo into it, we definitely found one with her. 

Thursday morning we went to a district meeting in downtown and were able to hang out with those elders for a bit.  President Smith also came and was doing an interview in downtown so we had lunch with him which was great.  After that I went on exchanges with Downtown A with Elder Paxman.  Our afternoon was awesome.  We were able to go see one of their progressing investigators named James who is an older black guy that is a Kung Fu teacher.  We had a lesson on the Plan of Salvation and then I actually interviewed him for baptism!  He was just ready so we decided to do it.  Then we were able to take about 30 min and he taught us some karate moves and stuff.  We did some Chinese push-ups which were pretty hard, then mostly learned how to get out of a full nelson and if someone grabs your shirt how to beat them up lol.  Should be useful in downtown...  ;) but it was sweet. 

After that we had their coordination meeting and were able to plan for James’ baptism which I guess I’ll be speaking at haha. 

Friday morning we biked a ton.  I haven't really biked since Gayton so I was soo out of it.  So we did studies and stuff then biked to a nursing home and saw a referral, then alll the way across the area to a couple of appointments that all fell through.  So I got a good workout, haha. 

When I got back we did some weekly planning and tried seeing some people.  Tonight we went out with Brother Murrell and were able to see some people.  We saw Iris again who is having a tough time with Bo and thinking they may need to break up and she will go back to her home town.  She's really struggling and we are trying the best we can but she's not really listening and keeping commitments.  Then we saw Bruce and Genita who have been progressing a lot this last week or so.  We talked to them about coming to church and really, really hoped they would.  Then we saw Brother Cranney who has been really struggling.  He came home from work early today and needs some help to get straight.  It’s so tough to see someone that is in his situation and not be able to help them at all. 

Saturday morning we took Denis and saw Iris again.  She is still stressed out a lot and wasn't really listening to us but hopefully she can start to feel the spirit.  Sister Gill took us to pizza for lunch and that was awesome.  Our afternoon was kinda slow and we really didn't see anyone, and that's also how our evening was too.  We saw Norman and were able to have a lesson with him, but all the people we tried weren't home. 

Sunday was kinda slow.  We had church like normal and Elder Day was able to say goodbye to a lot of people there.  I’m glad I’m staying here and excited to keep working with this ward.  We went after church and were able to see a lot of the families in the ward that Elder Day is close to and say goodbye to them.  It’s been getting colder here and it’s really making me miss summer no matter how much I complain about it haha.  But, it has been a really good transfer here with Elder Day.  We have worked really hard and he has been a real champion to finish out his mission.  I learned a lot and I’m really excited to see what he does when he goes home.  Next week I’ll let you know who my new companion is and everything.  Love yall! Happy Thanksgiving! 

Elder Larson!