Happy 4th!

Blog 7/3/2017

Wow this week was crazy good as usual! Honestly I can’t remember all that happened haha its gonna be a tough week writing. 

First off Tuesday we had zone conference which was awesome.  The theme was Faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement which was really revelatory.   I learned so much about faith but also in my studies I was able to study it which is where I got a lot of good stuff.  Hope is the fuel for your faith and faith is the action.  The difference between having faith and not having faith can be a game changer.  One thing the spirit taught me is the how sometimes thinking realistically isn't always being faithful, it’s a lack of faith.  You just have to trust God and the promptings he gives you even if it doesn’t seem right in your head.  So, faith is really important yall!  Love President Smith, he’s one of my heroes. 

Ok so last week we found a guy named Devonte who we've been teaching a lot...  literally every day, which is sick.  I still have a little bit of doubts but he has a read desire to change.  One cool experience was when we were going to give him a church tour.  We got there with Brother Green and he said he had other stuff to do with his friends so we rescheduled it for the next day.  Well the next morning we got a call from him while I was in the shower and he told us his night was really bad and he regretted it and wished he would have come with us instead and asked if we could see him right away.  Well we were able to set up a church tour like an hour later and he loved it.  As soon as he saw the font we talked about baptism and he wanted to be baptized so we are working on it.  He also came to church and loved that and met a ton of people.  So yeah hopefully he’s going places. 

We also taught Gloria this week and talked about baptism.  She is really close and wants to be baptized but has a lot of things holding her back mentally.  She's so ready but is nervous and has a lot of family stuff going on.  She fasted on Sunday and really loves church so we will talk to her about it this week and see what her feelings about it are.  She's the best. 

Lastly we had a lesson with Hillary and Vince on the Plan of Salvation and that was great, they were really into it.  The best part was at the end though when she said the prayer and just opened her heart to God.  It was such a powerful experience and it’s so cool to see people really connect with heaven.  Love that family. 

Well besides that it was a really awesome week but I’m losing motivation to write because I can hear basketballs bouncing in the background here.  We had a killer yoga session with all the elders this morning and it’s been real.  Elder Brown is doing amazing!  He is learning his material so fast and really learning how to follow the spirit which is critical.  It’s so good to have a greenie who has so much faith.  Love the kid. 

HAPPY 4TH! See yall soon! 

Elder Larson