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Weekly update 11/23/15

This week was pretty great, we taught a ton and it's going really good here in the VA. 


This morning we got up at 5:30 and biked to the church to help teach a seminary class.  The class was so great, we studied Exodus 6 where God calls Aaron and Moses to go talk to Pharaoh about letting the people out of bondage.  Sister Willis was the teacher who asked us to come and help teach.  We read through the stuff with her and her class and talked about how all of the things Moses goes through apply to missionary work and how stuff like that happens to us missionaries all the time.   

Later we taught Latashia.  She was so happy because she had just gone to the temple this last weekend to do baptisms for the first time!  It was awesome to see how pumped she got about the temple and she wants to go back.  It made me want to go, and also made me realize how grateful I am to have temples within minutes of my house.  Any of you Utah or Idaho folks, or anyone near a temple, go to the temple! 


This morning we had a district meeting.  It went pretty normal except I gave a training on diligence.  I mostly used the section in Preach my Gospel about it, but also the scripture D&C 75:2-5, and a part of a talk by President Uchtdorf "Waiting on the Road to Damascus" that says "The truth is, those who diligently seek to learn of Christ eventually will come to know Him.  They will personally receive a divine portrait of the Master".  I’ve really loved that talk lately and there’s a Mormon Message that is great that goes along with it.  Shoutout to my mom for showing me that talk.   

After district meeting Elder Bronson and I went on exchanges again with the district leader.  I ended up going to Glen Allen this time and I was with Elder Afemata.  Exchanges with pretty good, we ended up teaching a lot of people, but it was super weird not being in my area.  Kind of gave me that culture shock of coming back out again.  It poured rain that day, so I was soaked for most of the evening after biking around from place to place.  That night we had a baptismal interview with one of their investigators, but it ended up falling through which is always a bummer.   

 You can't really tell but I was soaked from the rain!

You can't really tell but I was soaked from the rain!


Thursday we ended up switching back to our regular areas pretty early in the morning.  Elder Bronson came to get me at like 10:30 or so.  Today was weekly planning so that was a little dry haha it's not my favorite part of the week.  At 2 we had BINGO like usual, the only thing about today is that it was pouring rain again so on our bike ride over there we both got drenched.  But we played with smiles just like normal.  Bingo is always something fun we like to do, the people there are always so interesting.   


We didn’t end up going to Goochland yesterday like normal so we planned to go today.  But that morning we taught Cheryl a lesson.  It went so great.  We talked about priesthood authority and she had lots of questions.  Its always so much easier to talk to someone with lots of questions so that was great.  On our way home from Cheryl’s we talked to 3 people on the street and handed out 3 Book of Mormons! One of the guys had talked to missionaries before, and the other ones were really nice.  Hopefully we can start to teach these people soon.   

Later we went to Goochland.  Brother Evans gave us a ride to Brother Maldonado’s for dinner.  After dinner we had like 4 houses we wanted to go visit, 2 of them were set appointments.  Well we drove there with Brother Maldonado and nobody was home, at any of the houses we wanted to go see.  We tried calling them all, but it seemed like everyone in the town had gone to the high school state football game.  We decided to go drive out to the far end of our area and visit a few people.  The first house we tried was completely empty, nobody home, a little discouraging.  We got back in the car and I wanted to go see another family, so I led us there.  I knew they were going to be home, I just had a feeling, and sure enough they were!  It was great, they were really nice and we were able to set up a return appointment for another time.  After that we drove about 50 minutes back to our apartment.  It reminded me of living in Idaho and driving home from Twin Falls.   


Today I woke up and was so tired, I’m not a morning person to begin with but I did not want to get up at all.  Today I was looking for a talk on LDS.org, and I thought I found it, but I clicked on something different.  I ended up studying an Ensign article called "Dealing With Stress and Discouragement" from February 1990.  It was a great talk, and I really love one of the quotes from Elder Neal A.  Maxwell in there:

“When in situations of stress, we wonder of there is any more in us to give.  We can be comforted to know that God, who knows our capacity perfectly, placed us here to succeed.  No one was foreordained to fail or be wicked.  When we have been weighed and found wanting, let us remember that we were measured before and we were found equal to our tasks.  And therefore, let us continue with more determined discipleship.  When we feel overwhelmed, let us recall the assurance that God will not over program us.  He will not press upon us more than we can bear." 

My mom sent me that quote, and I know its one of her favorites.  It's really great, and I know it's true.  But those are both great articles and quotes I loved.   

That day we had lunch with a member and a lesson with her too, It went great.  We had a service project with another member, but he got sick and so that got canceled.  Then, that evening we had another one of our potential lessons fall through so we were tracting while we were on our way to our next lesson.  We found this awesome girl and her boyfriend, her name is Kacey.  We knocked on the door and they let us in and we shared the restoration with them.  It went so great, and I could totally tell that they were prepared for that night for us.  We set up a return appointment for later next week and I’m really excited to go back.   


Church was good, pretty normal day there.  In priesthood we talked about the talk "What Lack I Yet" by Elder Lawrence.  It is such a good talk, but such a hard thing for everyone to do.

After church we went on splits with Brother Bleyl and his son Connor.  I went with Connor to some set lessons we had and it went really good.  The first house we went to they weren’t home which was ok because it showed Connor some of the downs of missionary work.  After that we went to an apartment complex and talked to a less active member.  At the same complex we got yelled at by an atheist guy and had a door slammed on us.  Then we had a lesson with a girl named Abigail.  We taught her about a week ago on the street and this was our first official lesson with her.  The lesson went really good and Connor was a huge help.  After that we went to see Latashia who was feeling under the weather.  We had a really good chat with her and It was cool to see how Connor opened up from the start of us going out to the end.  He even surprised him self about how much he knew, the splits were a great experience for all of us.  (Brother Burton make sure and get the kids to do that with the missionaries) 

After dinner we had a lesson with Joseph.  We had started reading the Book of Mormon with him and we were in 1 Nephi 2.  We went over chapter 1 and he didn’t really remember anything which worried me.  We read chapter 2 and he understands it, but he doesn’t see why any of the things we teach him are important.  Tonight we ended up dropping Joseph.  It was hard because he has such a sweet heart and is so sincere, he just doesn’t want to keep any commitments or change at all, aka he’s not progressing.  It was a good lesson for me to learn though.  Sometimes we have to do that, but I lean back on one of my favorite quotes that my family uses, "Faith in God includes faith in his timing".  With Joseph it wasn’t his time yet.  I know that other missionaries will be there when he is ready, and that they will help Joseph get to the temple.  God has a plan for all of us.  

Love you all!

Elder Larson