God's Perfect Timing

Blog 7/17


We had an awesome lesson with Angela.  We were driving from dinner and were heading one place, but I had a feeling like we should go to this other place and check on this guy that was never home and is kinda meh.  Well as we drove into the complex we saw Angela walking down the sidewalk and so we stopped and talked to her.  AGAIN she was like "you guys always show up at the perfect time" and we had a great talk about church, scriptures, prayer, and some other stuff.  She's really been having a hard time with her church lately because of some stuff that's been going on and asked us about it.  We explained how our church works and she seemed really excited to come check it out and I think she will be so happy there.  There are so many things I want to tell her all at once because she just has the perfect questions and thoughts, she's going to have her girls back soon and hopefully we can see them more often.


This morning we went and saw Danny and his daughter.  We told him about patriarchal blessings.  He was really, really interested and said it’s something he could really use right now.  I think that's true and that's why we talked about it.  I really love talking with him and he's really great at learning about new things.

Right after lunch we tracted this street of houses and really there was a lot of people home, super surprising haha.  But, we talked to a couple people that weren't interested but also this one older lady who was interested.  Her name was Elizabeth and she is Christian.  We told her about the Restoration and a little about the Book of Mormon and then she said we could come back, she seemed sorta interested and I think she will be open to us when we come back.

We had dinner with the Ackerts tonight and it was pretty great.  They're a part member and less active family.  The mom and kids are members and the husband isn't.  They're really neat and we had a good talk about prayer at the end, even the non-member dad was in on it.  We are going to go back on Friday and help them with some service and I'm really excited.

After that we tracted in to a guy named Ryan.  He's a history teacher and in charge of the youth at his church.  He knew a little about our church and was really good at learning and trying to see why we know what we know, but he had a really hard time with the Book of Mormon.  He loves the bible and was really wondering why we need more, if the bible is the word of God then why would God need to back himself up with the Book of Mormon.  We gave him about 3 or 4 different answers and he wasn’t really understanding what we were saying.  We're going to try and go back and see if he can study a little bit and so can we to find him a better answer.


We had district meeting first thing this morning at 10, and I thought it was pretty awesome.  We had a lot of good things we talked about, Elder Burila trained on How to Begin Teaching, then I trained and we did a little hands on lesson.  Everyone got 20 balloons and some tape to make the tallest balloon tower you could, but it had to be free standing, aka no chairs or walls or whatever.  Elder Edwards and I won, obviously, haha.

I related the balloons to our investigators, the tape to the gospel, the air in them to the spirit, and the more and more we can help them receive the gospel and have the spirit, the more they will progress and build their tower higher and higher.  Everyone loved it and we talked about how we can help them build their foundation and then go up from there in the gospel, that's why we're here isn't it.  Good meeting.

After the meeting we had a really awesome lesson with the Leonards.  Emily and Fred were really interested and the spirit was there really strong.  So we taught her the Plan of Salvation today.  I got a white board and drew it all out and we talked about it and she really loved it, she said it answered a lot of her questions and she was really getting into it so that made us really happy.  Good progress.

 We skipped dinner and went and had an unreal lesson with Felicia.  She's the lady I met on exchanges with Elder Campbell a long time ago and this is the first time we've been able to meet with her and actually meet her.  We basically taught the whole lesson by the spirit, but taught her a lot of stuff about the priesthood and authority and the Restoration.  She really feels the spirit and knows when she's feeling it which is awesome, it was a strong lesson and she's really interested, just not sure about baptism yet, I really love talking to her though, she's great.


This morning was kinda slow, we got up and went tracting a little before it got really hot, then we tried seeing a couple people that we haven't seen in a while but none of them answered.  We ate lunch at Dels, he made us enchiladas, they're pretty good.  Then after that we went home and did our weekly planning for a couple hours.  I wanted to do a really good weekly planning session so that if one of us got transferred the other one would be set up for a week.  We did that and I felt really productive.

After that we ran over and had a lesson with Sean, he's awesome and still so sincere, we talked about the church organization and how they run and stuff, he was really interested because of his background as a Catholic and said he wanted to come this Sunday! So we set it all up and we're going to have a member come pick him up and he was really excited.


This morning was pretty great, we got up and did stuff then left at 8:30 to go help the Ackerts (part member family) with some service.  We got there and Sister Ackert made us a big breakfast and then we went outside and moved a bunch of pretty heavy logs into a shed.  We would drive the lawnmower into the woods, then load 4 of them into a little trailer, then drive them to the shed and unload them and stack them.  We probably did like 40 or so loads and I was so tired haha it was really hot and we were sore and it was great.  That took till lunch time and we went home and ate and changed and stuff.

We did even more service this afternoon, this time in our white shirts and ties.  We were out looking for people to teach and then got a call from the King George Elders, they had someone that was moving into our area so we went over and helped them for about an hour and it was great.  It was soooo hot today I was sweating through my shirts haha I think I showered like 3 times and it was just so miserable but it felt so good at the same time because we were out serving.

Lastly for our night we had the best Plan of Salvation lesson with a lady named Chandler.  The sister missionaries taught her the first 2 lessons and then we started teaching her and it was so great.  She's super smart in the bible and other religions and had a ton of awesome questions about the Plan of Salvation.  She said it answered a lot of her questions and wants to learn more, so we're going to go back next Tuesday.  That whiteboard I bought is working wonders, haha


Today went by super fast, our morning was slow and not a lot happened but the afternoons was better.  We went and had a lesson with Danny in the afternoon.  It was a really good lesson and he's really excited about getting his patriarchal blessing.  We're trying to help him move along in the priesthood too, like getting him to bless the sacrament and stuff.  Today we talked about D&C 84 and the Oath and Covenant of the priesthood, it's really important stuff and kinda tells priesthood holders what's expected of them and what blessing can come from being worthy.  It was really good and hopefully he can be ordained an elder relatively soon, that would be awesome.

We had dinner at the Putmans and it was great as usual.  She made this really awesome cheesecake.  Her rule is that when you go home and get married, send her a wedding announcement for the temple and she will send you the recipe haha.  Totally gonna do that!

Then the rest of our night was pretty awesome, we took 3 investigators and went to watch a baptism for another set of missionaries.  It was a really good service and we took Josh (member), his girlfriend, his co-worker, and her roommate.  They all liked it and definitely felt the spirit, also coolest thing is that right as we left there was a double rainbow over the church and I thought it was just the coolest sign from God.  Really amazing to bring these people to see a baptism and hopefully they can all talk to us and understand the importance of it so maybe some day they can be baptized too.

So the big news for his week was transfer calls!  So during the baptism we got a call from President Smith...  he told Elder Edwards that he would be transferred to a new area, then he told me that I would be staying in Hartwood but also that I would be training a new missionary!  I'm really excited for this opportunity and I know that it will make me an even better missionary.  I'm excited to serve even more!  Next week y'all will get to know who my new companion is.


So this morning was good, Sean texted us and said that he wouldn't be able to make it to church today but that he would love to talk to us this week so hopefully everything is alright.  Besides that, church was good and Elder Edwards bore his testimony and stuff in sacrament meeting.  Really a normal day at church except everyone wanted us to come to their house and say goodbye at some point and feed us haha it was great.  Our third hour lesson was on family history which I really got into.  It was really funny because my dad sent me a life story of my Grandpa Ludvig Larson and I read it this morning.  Really cool to see the history of where you come from and it kinda made me wanna get into it now.

After church we went right home and changed then went right out because we had a bunch of people to see and not a lot of time.  We went and saw the Leonards first and it was kinda tender.  We had a little lesson and Elder Edwards talked to them and said his goodbyes and we took some pictures.  We also saw the Gessels tonight after dinner and that was fun, the kids love Elder Edwards and it was the same routine as the Leonards. 

We had dinner with the Altorfers and that was awesome, we got pretty close with them so Edwards wanted to see them.  We watched the talk from the last conference by Elder Holland and it just reminded me how much I love that talk, "With the gift of the Atonement of Jesus Christ and the strength of heaven to help us, we can improve, and the great thing about the gospel is we get credit for trying, even if we don’t always succeed."

After dinner we went and said goodbye to the Olbeters and then the Gerber kids.  We played Uno with the Gerber kids and it was really great to talk with them, we've really become close with them.

Overall it was a good week and I think because of transfer calls it flew by.  I'm really excited for this next transfer and working really hard with my new companion, wish me luck!  Love you all!

Elder Larson