God's Love

Blog 3/20/17

This week was really great and seemed to fly by.  I can’t believe general conference is right around the corner, time is cruising by.  But, this week we had a lot of lessons and also did some exchanges which was fun.  

Tuesday morning we got to teach Shawn who I found a while ago on exchanges with Elder Connors.  He’s pretty tight and it’s a lot of fun teaching him because he’s like the same age as us and he asks tons of good questions so we really get to teach to his needs.  We were able to go over the plan of salvation and review it with him because we already taught it to him last week.  We used the little cut outs thing (wish I had my felt board lol) but it was really good and it really helped him to visualize it, I think he could definitely be baptized if he keeps working with us.  He’s also moving in a little bit so he may have to continue lessons in Richmond.  

We also had interviews with President Smith which was awesome.  He’s a great man and I love interviews so much.  But after that we went to Meadowbrook for a baptismal interview.  Elder Knight did the interview, but we did exchanges so I got to go hang out with Elder Beazer for the day.  We walked around for the afternoon and talked to some people and had this guy try and bash with us which was so dumb.  He didn’t make any sense.  We went out to dinner with Elder and Sister Murri who are the senior couple in Meadowbrook and they work in the office.  They took us to dinner for Elder Beazer birthday and got some Pupusas which was good then we went out and taught a couple lessons with them that were really spiritual.  

Wednesday night we went out with Elder and Sister Baer and all of our lessons bummed out! Literally everyone canceled even the people we just stopped by after the cancelations.  But Thursday was a lot better, haha.

Thursday night we saw a couple families, one of them was Brother Doss who is a police officer and a convert but still has a hard time coming to church regularly because of work.  The lesson was really spiritual and we didn’t expect it.  We started out talking about temples but then as we talked more and more he really opened up to us and started talking about some of his struggles and we were able to set some goals with him and talk about how making some holy habits can really help him get closer to god.  

We also saw the Archers but their kids weren't there, which was ok.  We taught Sister and Brother archer about the Book of Mormon and just went over the Restoration with Brother Archer who's not a member.  The spirit was also really strong in this lesson and Sister Archer really felt it.  She bore her testimony and told us about how she came to know the Book of Mormon was true and it really reaffirmed my testimony.  They are amazing.  

We have really been focusing on the part member families which is slower but really paying off.  We got to teach another on Friday night.  Lorenzo is like 14 and is the only member in his family but his mom is really into religion but just doesn’t have time for church because of work.  She is really interested though and we have been able to teach her a bit lately.  We went over the Restoration with them and told them about the Book of Mormon.  Lorenzo helped us teach a little bit and he has a really big testimony, but is just a little quiet.  

Saturday we went to Appomattox which is Petersburg and did a blitz with the Elders there.  I went with Elder Cox and we biked around and tried seeing people but only had one real lesson.  The guy we did teach though was sweet.  It was a really simple Restoration lesson but he said he would read and pray that night and seemed really sincere about it.  

Lastly a really big miracle that happened this week was Sunday night when we were just out contacting some potentials and people we had talked to in the past couple weeks.  One of the guys we met was named Chris and he lives with his nephew who is the guy we were looking for but instead we found Chris.  Chris has had a really tough life, hjust got out of jail and has a history of drugs and just not a lot of good choices, but when we sat down to talk to him he has a really strong faith in Christ that he gained in jail.  

We kinda asked him what he felt like he was missing most in his life and he said he just didn’t feel love anymore, especially God’s love.  It was amazing as we talked though to see him really open up but relax and start to feel the love God has for him again.  About 1/2 way through the lesson we were able to show him and help him recognize for himself the love that God has for him and the spirit he was feeling.  When we asked him if he would be baptized and receive the Holy Ghost he literally jumped off of the couch and ran out of the room for a second and asked "You really wanna baptize me?" We are going to see him again tonight and help him understand how he can be clean again and what he can do to feel God’s love in his life.  He is definitely a "one" and I know God put him in our path.  

Besides that this week was great.  I didn’t write about all the in between stuff haha sorry.  This next week is the last week of the transfer so I’ll see of I’m staying in Hopewell again or leaving or what’s going to happen.  You never know.  Seems like I’ll be home in no time which is a really foreign thought.  I’m just going to love it while I can though.  

Love yall! 

Elder Tys Larson - VRM