God Leads Us

Weekly Update 4/18/2016


Today was good, we had a few lessons after dinner, and one that flaked out on us.  The first one was with Thomas and Crystal.  They're great and are still thinking about being baptized but it's really hard for them because they've been doing what they're doing for so long.  We talked about the Word of Wisdom with them and they even committed to live it which is really cool since they're not members yet haha. 

After that we went and saw the Farmers.  They're doing better and it seems like they had a pretty good week.  We taught them about prayer and how important it is to have a relationship with God.  They understand it and know that it's important.  I shared Alma 34:17-28  a lot this week where it talks about prayer, it's just so important to always pray and thank God for what you have.


This morning we had district meeting.  It was good as usual and we talked about asking questions and how that can help our investigators.  After that we went to The Fishin' Pig which is this really good BBQ restaurant in Farmville!  So good!   

After that we went and tried to see Earnest but he wasn't there so we tried to see James but he also told us it would be better if we came a different day.  So we had 2 lessons cancel on us and our plans were kinda ruined haha but we had a backup plan, tracting.

And we actually had a miracle happen while we were tracting.  So it starts all the way back to my first week in this area....  Elder Leavitt and I were in church and this couple was sitting in the back row and they were visitors, but only Brother McKinley got to talk to them before they left and he only got their names and the street they live on, no house number.  So we tracted the street like twice and didn't find them.  Well Elder Thalman and I decide to go back and tract it again and lo and behold the first house we park by there’s a guy in the front and he is the father of the guy that visited.  He lives down the road and they're both pretty interested in talking to us! So we're gonna go back this week, but it was a really exciting miracle for me.

Then we had a couple more lessons that night.  The first one was a lady that we just talked to on the street by her house.  She has been going through a tough time and was really glad she found us so we're going to try and teach her later this week.

The second lesson we had was with Shamika and her mom Denice.  They have had a couple lessons with us but this was the first real one we had.  We talked about the Restoration and they were really responsive.


This morning Elder T had an appointment in Richmond so we went up there for a while then came home.

After we got home we went tracting and it was surprisingly productive.  The first house we went to was this really beat up house but there was an older guy and lady that were willing to listen to us.  We went over the Restoration with them and it was a pretty good lesson and they even said they would like to come to church.

After that we went to Crewe and went tracting.  We found this super Christian Baptist lady that was nice and talked to us for like 30 min.  We gave her a Book of Mormon and she was pretty interested in it.  She said she would read it which was really cool, so we're gonna go back and see her in a while.  She told us to go see one of her neighbors but when we did they were really not interested, haha, but that's ok.  While in Crewe we went and had a lesson with Sister Martin and her husband.  So we read the first chapter of the Book of Mormon with them and it was a good lesson.

After that we had our baptismal interviews with Jackie and Bucky.  They did good and we're having their baptism this Wednesday! 


This morning we went and helped Sister Nave, the one with the tiny house, with some insulation in the house.  It was pretty easy and we got almost the whole thing done.  It's actually kinda cool.  Then we went home and did our weekly planning which was pretty normal.  Then we tried to see a couple more people but nobody was there to talk.  Tonight was Big T's birthday so we went over for dinner and talked with them for a while, they're really great and should be going to the temple soon!  After we got home that night I cut Elder Thalman’s hair haha!  It was pretty fun and he said it wasn't the worst haircut he's gotten so that's a win for me!  Guess I get it from my mom ;) 


This morning we went to Crewe and tried to see a couple potentials.  The only one that was home was Andrew.  He's working on getting a house in Blackstone so he's been really busy, but after that he said we can meet more often.  He only had a couple minutes so we just talked about prayer and challenged him to talk to God.

Then we went and gave brother Leonard a blessing.  He hurt his back at work and has been in a lot of pain and on some good meds.  Elder Thalman gave the blessing and it was great as ever, really cool to see how the priesthood brings the spirit into a room.

Tonight we went and had a lesson with Jackie and Chloe.  Most of the lesson was just filling out papers for the baptism but we also watched a video and talked about trusting in God and about prayer.  It's really important to trust in God and it goes along with one of my favorite quotes "Faith in God includes faith in his timing”.


So today was good.  This morning we went to see Sherry.  She's been meeting with the missionaries and has a really hard time with the Book of Mormon.  She wanted proof that it's real and doesn't really understand faith.  It was a good meeting and we were there for like 40 min.

After that we were out tracting and our zone leaders called us and told us they were coming to Burkeville to do splits for the afternoon, so we kept tracting till they got there; didn't have a ton of success.  But once they came it was a blast.  We started out and split up, I went with Elder Whitely and Elder Thalman and Elder Taylor went together.  Elder Whitely and I went to Crewe and Burkeville and saw some of the people he taught when he was here.  We just had short lessons with them and saw some members.  Then we went to Farmer’s with the other 2 and had dinner.  It was a really good night and it was really fun to be with them.  Then to end the night we had one last lesson.

So the guy we taught is Bat.  So background: we were tracting and we ran into him, he's a super short little Asian dude from Vietnam.  He's really sincere and just wants to know which path is the right one to follow.  The lesson was good actually, but it was different than any I've ever had.  It's super cool teaching Bat because 1.  He doesn't speak English very well, 2 he is really curious and sincere and 3 he has the most basic belief in God, but that's all.  So we had to start with God.  He knows He's there but he doesn't know why or anything and so we even had to teach him that God is our Father and that He loves us.  That took up a lot of the lesson and I had to teach super simply so he could understand It.  Then we talked about what he wanted to know from God and why he wanted to learn.  I don't remember exactly what he said but something to the effect that he just wants to know the truth and what's right.  And then we talked about prophets and prayer.  We really tried to keep it the most basic ever because he doesn't have any background.  It's so cool teaching him though because he has no background.


Today was long but good.  We went to stake conference this morning with the Edgells and it was really good.  There were 2 members of the 70 there and they spoke and also President Wilson did.  I thought it was cool because I got out of it that we all need to have our own personal conversion, it's so important.  It was a good conference!

So today we had a couple lessons.  One of them was with Larry, he's the miracle guy we found.  He had a really sincere desire and believed the Book of Mormon could be true, then he said he would read it.  The lesson went really well and we’re definitely going back.

Tonight we had a lesson with Thomas and Crystal and it was mostly to invite them to Jackie and Buck’s baptism this week.  They're really excited to come and I think it's going to really help them feel the spirit.

Then we had a lesson with Jackie and the kids and talked about the baptism more and why we’re baptized.  It's really just good to stay up with them so they could feel the spirit.  We also cut Buck’s hair haha and taught him how to tie a tie.

Thank you for your love and support!  I love you all!

Elder Larson